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By Kreuzberger
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If there was ever a "good" or even remotely wholesome side to the popular press, most of us, I am sure, would credit that to MGN.

In a sense, I have personally been able to set to one side Piers Morgan as an aberration. After all, no organisation of this size is ever going to be exclusively populated by saints. Phone-hacking? Hmm, not so sure. The cracks were beginning to show and you began to wonder really whether they are any better than the rest of that pack of rats.

And now this weekend's "revelations."

The sexuality of Nicholas Chamberlain, Bishop of Grantham, has been known for some time within the Church but he felt the need last week to broadcast it from the rooftops. Had he not, The Sunday Mirror, we hear, would have done it for him.

And that then brings us on to Keith Vaz. He has done nothing illegal and has displayed not one iota of hypocrisy. That should be the end of it, as the Editors' Code Of Practice makes abundantly clear.
2. *Privacy
i) Everyone is entitled to respect for his or her private and family life, home, health and correspondence, including digital communications.

ii) Editors will be expected to justify intrusions into any individual's private life without consent. Account will be taken of the complainant's own public disclosures of information.

iii) It is unacceptable to photograph individuals, without their consent, in public or private places where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.
Every word of Section 2 applies to the Vas case. Lloyd Embley has a lot of explaining to do.
By Kreuzberger
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And this is where Greenslade, a former editor at MGN, ties himself in to a knot.
But, however much one sympathises with Vaz, it is undeniable that he is compromised by his special position as the chair of a commons committee tasked with making recommendations about prostitution.
All members of both Houses and presently also MEPs make laws. From prostitution to premises licensing to the output of hairdryers, that's what they do. It's their job. Is Greenslade going to argue that only baldies can legislate about hairdryers because they have no material interest in the subject?
By Kreuzberger
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mojojojo wrote:Erm, I think you'll find the EU legislates regarding hairdryers and THATS WHY WE TOOK ARE COUNTRY BACK.
Haha! (I did make mention of MEPs though in the original post.)
I agree with you on this Kreuz. I have been getting The Mirror for years, I cant be arsed with the Guardian, and I don't want right wing shit, so its a sort of default choice.

It was a decent left leaning, campaigning paper for a very long time, from about the war until Maxwell ballsed it up, and Piers Moron continued, but in recent years I think it has been edging back towards its earlier status but I am disappointed with the Vaz story and the bishop.
By mattomac
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It was also the paper that suggested a Gay footballer would come out in the summer.

I guess said gay footballer was able to get an injunction or something.

Shame as people like Kevin Maguire are always worth a read.

To be fair I thought Vaz who was involved in that report on prostitution probably should have stepped down but I'm not sure why it needs to be all over the front of the papers. As for the Bishop? Is that anyones concern bar his and his boyfriends.
By PaulOnBooks
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Anyone know anything about Trinity Mirror getting into bed with Desmond?

10 January 2017

Trinity Mirror plc

Response to media speculation

The Board of Trinity Mirror plc notes the recent media speculation and confirms that it is at an early stage of discussions towards taking a minority interest in a new company comprising certain of Northern & Shell's assets.

No offer has been made and there is no certainty that any agreement will be reached.

A further announcement will be made if and when appropriate.

The person who arranged for the release of this announcement on behalf of Trinity Mirror was Vijay Vaghela, Group Finance Director and Company Secretary.
The two just don't fit at all. The Mirror, left leaning, pro Europe, liberalish, and reasonably sensible being joined with the Express, which is just utter shite - eee look at all these forrins, oooh int weather shocking, eee int Nigel Farage great, ooo aren't the Royals lovely?
By Kreuzberger
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:I don't see this as some sort of title merger, the Mirror group are just investing in one of the few profitable print papers. I doubt that politics comes near to entering into it.
Aye, I thought we had covered that, way up-thread.

Furthermore, as a part of Trinity, The Mirror is pretty unique in that it exists to make money for its wide shareholder base. If running 100 stories a day about hamsters delivered a return, that is what they would do.
By Bones McCoy
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Naked woman with webbed toes found sopping wet near lake claims to be MERMAID called Joanna ... d-10166504

Wasnt this the subplot form Local Hero involving Danny (Peter Capaldi) and Marina (Jenny Seagrove)?

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