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By Boiler
bluebellnutter wrote:How can you be "mostly naked", isn't it one of those either / or things? And at what point does "mostly" start? Then when does it morph into "partially"?
Depends where the toffee wrappers and this morning's papers fit in.
By Bones McCoy
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Picked up the Daily Record while waiting at the Barbers.

Powerful pro-Labour editorial.
No real pussyfooting about Independence.
The main thrust was "Who do you want setting the UK's direction for the next 5 years.
Key point was Who do you want representing you for Brexit: Tired old show-pony Boris - who'd have us at war with Spain, or Kier Starmer QC (Awffy clever chap).
By Daley Mayle
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The Express was once a half-decent newspaper.

Will there be the same demands for an Ofcom invesigation into Trinity Mirror's integrity like they're carrying out with Murdoch's attempts to buy the remaining shares in Sky News? After all, there's still ongoing investigations into phone hacking by the Mirror and The People.
It would be interesting to see what they would do with the Express and Daily Star if they did take them over. As Daley said, the Express was, at one time, not too bad. Mum and Dad used to get it and I remember it seeming to be reasonably sensible in the 60s and 70s, and once more, briefly in the 90s, before Desmond got hold of it and turned it into a joke.

Basically, the Express and Star are sort of half hearted Mail/Sun competitors, aimed at the same general markets, although the Express is much more stupid and a bit less malicious than The Mail(apart from that uber arsehole Leo McKinstry) whereas the Star is little more than a borderline porn mag.

If it was me I would close the Star down and make the Express a sort of middle of the road extension of the Mirror, filling a gap in the market between the Mirror and the Independent/I on the left-ish, Liberal side.
By MisterMuncher
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Not to argue for the sake of arguing, but I'd be much more inclined to work on the Star and sunset the Express. As you say, they compete for Sun and Mail readers respectively, and I imagine the former is younger, less entrenched, and possibly has more underlying tolerance than the latter.

The political content of the Sun isn't what sells it, in the main. It's just there to seep in after tits and football. Maybe football is the one to pursue?
Yes, MM, interesting idea. Presume the Mrs Brady market Express readers would probably go to the Mail, The Star being a kind of lads mag, maybe introduce a little more liberal thought alongside tits, football and showbiz gossip?
By Andy McDandy
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It wasn't too bad even for the first few years under Desmond. The change came when he was refused permission to buy the Telegraph, and he turned on Tony Blair with a vengeance. That was when the rumours started flying that he was stripping the paper of staff, freezing salaries, and starting his dual obsessions of Euro-hatred and Islamophobia.

Is there room for a mid-market left-leaning tabloid? Well, the I certainly occupies that ground. But seeing that the Express has in recent years got rid of so many readers that it now caters seemingly only for the bewildered and bigoted, a change in stance could see them desert in droves and kill the paper stone dead.

As for the Star, it's always been tits, football and weird world stuff. In recent years though it's concentrated on slebs and reality TV too. Easy to report - just transcribe what you see on TV and make up the rest.

PS somewhere I saw the Express and Star described respectively as "The Mail off its meds" and "The Sun on crack". :lol:
By bluebellnutter
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Worth pointing out, of course, is that the Star is also technically a rival to the Mirror, which plays in the same space as the Sun. Would they really introduce basically another version of the Mirror?
I suppose there is a small amount of overlap in the Star/Mirror but the Mirror IS a newspaper, it's more than just celeb gossip, whereas the Star is really more of a Sport competitor. As Andy said, the I seems to fill the gap between the Mirror and the Guardian/Independent so is there room for the two titles?

Suspect the bigots and idiots who now make up the bulk of the Express readership would go to the Mail, possibly a few to the Sun, The Star would probably go in three ways, a few to the Mirror, some to the Sun, mostly to the Sport/Mayfair/Fiesta :D
By Big Arnold
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