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Hawking has said that Jez should go, commenters spEke ther bRanEs...
itsneverourfaultlfc, liverpool, United Kingdom, 32 minutes ago
That Hawkins fella has to much time on his hands
idiotfighter, Newport, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago
So Stephen Hawking is not quite the genius we all thought. I suppose that's what comes with spending your life dealing with such surreal areas of research, it just spills over into real life.
Private51, Ratland, Ukraine, about 2 hours ago
At least Corbyn cares about British labour and settled immigrants... With all due respect I cannot think of someone more out of touch with labouring in Britain than Mr. Hawking.
jack231288, London, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
Never heard of this guy before.
Fitzlan, London, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
Who cares what this loser says .
Nigel55, Southampton, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
Shock horror. University lecturing type academic Hawking is a Socialist Labour supporter. What a surprise, not! Another reason not to vote Labour if you needed one. Hawking is an embarrassing parody of himself nowadays, milking for all he is worth his handicap and computerised voice
OutspokenYorkshire, Leeds, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago
SuperDec.. That's the whole point of a theory you numpty! A theory can never be proven to be "right" hence why it's THEORY.
Only in Britain could possibly the most significant thinker in his field for a generation be pilloried for being intelligent...
Are they Daily Mail comments?!

Hawking has certainly taken a kicking from Mailites before but I'd have thought they'd be applauding him for this. Or are they 'worst rated' comments?

It's amazing how many people of genuine stature can suddenly becoming public enemy number 1 simply by saying something that doesn't fit the narrative. We saw it a lot during the Brexit run up.
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