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Roy's uncovered a disturbing new trend in the media; Tory proprietors are appointing Tory editors
Osborne's new job confirms disturbing Tory dominance of the media
From Johnson to Gove, Tories are revelling in their links to papers, and proprietors no longer try to hide their rightwing views

However, seen from a wider political perspective, the appointment confirms a trend towards a “big C” Conservative media dominance that has disturbing democratic implications.

High-profile Tory MPs are revelling in their links to newspapers and, for their part, newspaper owners do not seek to conceal the connections. Rightwing proprietors and politicians are out and proud.

So Boris Johnson is the blue-eyed boy at the Daily Telegraph. Michael Gove enjoys working for the Times, doing an interview with Donald Trump while accompanied by Rupert Murdoch.

Lebedev, who also owns the online-only Independent, has not previously suggested an allegiance to the Conservative party and it is hard not to wonder if he displays a political naiveté in his Osborne appointment. ... ny-lebedev" onclick=";return false;
If only the former KGB officer and international plutocrat was as worldly wise as Roy Greenslade.
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