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Day 2 of George's tenure at the Standard


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Fair to say it doesn't appear he's going to give the Government an easy ride.
Whenever I see the headlines, I conjure an extra character from Drop the Dead Donkey.
A chief executive who makes occasional appearances.

Picture the head office of Reynholm Industries (IT Crowd) - after Reynholm Junior takes over.
Instead of the scruffy waster, there's Gideon behind the desk, cuddling a mound of marching powder the size of the Beckton alps.
Fozzy wrote:Gideon seems to be enjoying himself.
Can you blame him? In his position I think I'd indulge in a sport of Schadenfreude myself.
Evening Standard comment: Britain deserves better than this horror show ... 23806.html" onclick=";return false;
Like the Living Dead in a second-rate horror film, the premiership of Theresa May staggers on oblivious. This was not supposed to be in the script.

It was universally acknowledged by Tory MPs after her disastrous, wooden performance in the election campaign that she could never lead them in to an election again. To stave off an immediate execution in June, she adopted two tactics.

First, like King Charles I before her, she offered up the heads of her deeply unpopular advisers instead. “It wasn’t my fault that I’ve alienated my entire Cabinet and produced a vote-destroying manifesto, it was theirs,” she pleaded.

Second, she told Tory MPs: “You don’t have to go to the trouble of getting rid of me, I’ll jump before I’m pushed.” Or at least that’s what the Tory parliamentary party thought they heard when she said to them on the Monday after the election: “I will serve as long as you want me.”

The settled assumption until this week was that Mrs May would soak up all the damage to the party’s reputation coming in the Brexit negotiations and then hand the premiership over in the summer of 2019 to an unsullied successor.

This morning, those MPs have woken up to discover that Mrs May wants to go on and on — an announcement that appropriately came on a visit close to North Korea.
And that's only the start of it.
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