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This is the first time Dacre and Murdoch have backed the wrong horse (although the Mail didn't back Blair their influence was pervasive). Is this a watershed moment? And if the bastards are on the run what next to help speed them on their way? Half of switching UKIP voters moving to Corbyn must have been a bitter blow. Expect the Mail to step up their war on social media especially as its brainwashing the kids.
The "Crush the Saboteurs" one really seems to have been a mis-fire and has been appropriated by a lot of people to use against them.
Think Dacre/The Mail will go full on Fuhrer in the bunker, circa April 1945 mode, screaming, ranting, removed from reality and chewing the carpet. The Sun is totally unprincipled and bends with the wind. If the Tories lose the plot big time and the Corbyn led Labour party gets a lot of traction with the public it will be "we loved Jez all along"

No one cares about the Express, it's like a senile elderly relative who doesn't know what day it is properly
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