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By Samanfur
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I was reading this month's GQ earlier. As well as an interview with Charlie Brooker and a bit more information on that electric E-Type Jaguar, it contains a two page article by Tony Parsons. He's railing against the evils of "historical correctness", and how "history shouldn't be a safe space", and we shouldn't pull down statues.

It's all based around an opening anecdote about how he put his snowflake of a teenage daughter off watching Reach for the Sky by telling her that Douglas Bader had a dog called Nigger.

The entire article is wound around this anecdote, right down to closing statements about what we shouldn't be allowed to do to statues of Douglas Bader and this dog.

I'm sure that you can see why I'm a bit annoyed by this. Maybe if Parsons spent a bit more time engaging with history instead of whinging about it (especially given how much he likes to wave his dad's war record around for the peanut gallery), he'd know that he's talking about the wrong bloody dog and the wrong bloody pilot.

And nobody at editorial level seems to've either noticed or cared. I don't know whether they lack the knowledge to, they're not allowed to, or whether they just waved the article through on the grounds that it's by TONY PARSONS, who has book deals and a newspaper column, and therefore has to know what he's talking about.

But people will believe that crap. And he's been allowed to lie about it. And he's probably putting people off finding out the truth. And as someone with an actual journalism qualification, academic history qualifications and a simple smidge of intellectual curiosity, it annoys me.

If anyone happens to know that Bader did in fact give his dog the same name as Guy Gibson's, you're welcome to correct my ignorance.

But as far as I know, Bader's dog was a labrador cross named Grace, and the only references I can find otherwise are 'From The Messageboards' types having to be corrected for making the same mistake, when whining about how "the PC brigade" keep having the film cut.
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By youngian
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What did the young sneery metropolitan punk writer Tony Parsons have to say about the old farts and their war stories? Has he moved back to the Essex of his childhood (a smart village nearby) and gone through a cynical reinvention?
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By Andy McDandy
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He went to the Telegraph in the early 1990s and never looked back. I'm guessing he was one of those punks who saw voting for Thatcher as a revolutionary act.

I still smile when thinking about a column he wrote for the Morgan-era Mirror, in which he railed against a new memorial for soldiers shot for cowardice (or PTSD as we'd say today). Where were the memorials to the soldiers who did their duty and killed Jerries, he asked.

The next week he rather angrily laid into all the readers who replied "start at the Cenotaph, mate". They were apparently all missing the point. Classic columnist shit, convinced of his own righteousness and the power of his words.
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