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By The Weeping Angel
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An excellent piece on the awful Ash Sarkar one of Bastani's acolytes.

Sarkar is infamous with the Jewish community for her fervent and repeated defense of anti-Semitism. In 2018 Sarkar praised those who desecrated the last remaining wall of Warsaw Ghetto with graffiti saying “Free Gaza”. That such an act is anti-Semitic is obvious: imagine daubing “Fuck ISIS” on a memorial to the victims of the Christchurch Islamophobic murders. Sarkar would loudly condemn such a heinous act but Sarkar applies different standards to Jews, bizarrely claiming those appalled by anti-Semitism were merely trying to “shut down dissenting voices”.
But who these dissenting voices? Sarkar never says. Jewdas a British hard-left anti-Capitalist, fanatically anti-Zionist pro-Corbyn Jewish group, which described Israel as “a steaming pile of sewage which needs to be properly disposed of” condemned the graffiti.
By The Red Arrow
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Tim's on it.

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