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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Wherein we note, for the delectation of our peers, the thoughts of assorted bloggers.

Mailwatch Partners & Contributors

Angry Mob The reality of Mail Online ‘news’

Enemies of Reason Anton Vowl's blog

Bloggerheads Tim Ireland's site

ExpressWatch How immigrants stole our homes

Our own Five Chinese Crackers on the Migration Watch libel case against Sally Bercow.

The Sun Lies A mediawatch site concentrating on The Sun

Tabloid Watch 'Irresponsible and cynical'
Mail columnist Sandra Parsons has written about X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd:

Adam Bienkov A Mailwatch contributor's blog, particularly covering London politics

Chris Coltrane The writer and comedian blogs

Big Daddy Merk This site's founder blogs about a variety of interesting things, and Shropshire

D-Notice A blog encompassing many facets of the media and political worlds

Dave Cross Dave's personal and news blogging site

Kate Griffin A freelance journalist blogs

Blurred Clarity Actor Daniel Hoffman-Gill on life

Hannah Mudge Hannah's blog, with a notable helping of womens' issues and feminism

Raincoat Optimism Carl P gives views from his 'labour supporter's armchair'

Nadia Knows... In which Nadia Saint tackles poor journalism

Septic Isle Self-described 'Rapidly decomposing leftist fashion blogging from someone somewhere'

Sim-O Sim-O's great media and political blog

Other great blogs
Atomic Spin Daily Mail fails to tell difference between fact and fiction - in a docu-drama about the capture of Prince Harry by the Taliban...

Exclarotive Exclarotive's informative media blog

Only That In You on Mail Elf 'n Safety

Press Not Sorry Obsessed with weight - how The Mail gets it's kicks

Please add more that you know.
By bluebellnutter
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Alan Sugar has done a survey on Facebook of Britain's Most Hated Newspapers.

Guess what?
Backlash... ... itter.html" onclick=";return false;
By bluebellnutter
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Another one from Atomic Spin about the Daily Express, just for balance... ... -of-money/" onclick=";return false;
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