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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Not a blog, but a devastating forensic analysis of the Mail in the New Yorker.

This has to be basic reading for all Mailwatchers, in the same way that when they had a bit of integrity the Liberals used to present each leader, on election, with a copy of JS MIll's On Liberty.

I won't quote from it, there's just too much interesting stuff. ... ntPage=all" onclick=";return false;

I'd be interested to see how Mailwatchwatchtwat rebuts this...
By Bones McCoy
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Interesting summary of the tanker driver's situation (surprisingly from Conservative home)

you see the rules are we can DRIVE for 9 hours this does not include OTHER WORK.

Each delivery we have it'll take me 20mins to load the different product ammounts onto the 6 pots our tanks have. Once at destination they give 45 mins to get on forecourt do paperwork, We can have up to 4 seperate deliveries a day, remembering you have to come back to fill up each time

( fuel deliveries require a legal document to be filled out by site, and the tanker driver as i sign each product and ammount into tanks ) then deliver product generally carrying up to 40,000 litres We can only discharge 2 pots at a time due to Vapour release from Diesel tanks, and vapour recovery from petrol tanks.

The fuel is gravity fed into underground tanks at up to a 1000 litres a min .Obviously we Must make sure right product goes in right tank, not only that each pot will have different ammounts of product so Ullages have to be correct, fuel has to fit into space in tank, if read incorrect an overfill can occur, where product will eventually be spilled. Spilling just 5 litres will result in site closure and fire brigade being called.

End of delivery tanker must be checked and empty, as when going back to reload. if I have left product in a pot, lets say THE POT hold 6000 and i've not drained it properly and i've missed 100litres of Diesel in it. My next delivery that pot needs to have 5000 of petrol. So I programme the accuload system product required and ammount and begin to load. Unaware i'm contaminating 5000 litres of product.. which could then be delivered into a stations tank some holding up to 75,000 litres. = crossover INSTANT DISMISSAL and which could lead to prosecution, the same way a normal Crossover would... just like the public do everyday, if i'm distracted or RUSHED I could connect the Diesel to the Unleaded tank = Major Crossover the only thing then that could help me then would only be if I spotted it quickly and shut the garage down. This has led to Fatalities where customers have filled up with contaminated product, drove onto motorway and the car cut out. The Tanker Driver Technician was done for Manslaughter.

Our shift pattern is a rotating Day / Night shift we work 12 hour days 10.45m nights. Starting 5am Days and 5pm on nights. We get the min legal requirement for rest between change form day to night. For example last week I worked Mon Tue Wed on days Thursday off then back in Fr Sat Sun Mon night..
Finishing Tues morning for about 4am Then back in on days Thurs Fri Sat Sun.

It truly is relentless but you find any of us complaining about them money, when we came to this job we didn't do 12 hours but the basic like most people.. and that basic would get me 34k a year Oh how a lot of us would want to go back to that truly.

We now do these times not by choice but my forced overtime, all because they got rid of drivers and tankers making us work longer to cover. I don't want to work 60 - 70 hours a week.

The other main issue for me and in the simplest terms are job times. If a job done legally and safely is given 4 hours lets say Sandbach service from Birmingham. How can that time be changed to 3 and half hours? where do I make that time up?

Now the companies will say Officially if the driver hasn't got time he drop that delivery... what they don't want to tell you is that would mean you go down to Basic hours 9 ( remember they routed for 12 ) so in your head you've just lost 3 hours pay and on top of that they will fine us 15 pound for dropping it. SO what does it encourage drivers to do... break the law. To which caught it's the drivers fault not theirs.

And as for pensions, I'm affraid I haven't got one, the final salary ones went 4 years ago, and the new ones aren't worth investing in, because when the contract comes up to tender you cannot be sure the employer your with will win it. If they don't we don't lose our jobs, the new company take over us lock stock and barrell, but wont honour old pension.

Sorry for little rant and the length of post I got carried away Oh ps rates of pay it is a Flat Rate £15 ph that includes Bank Holidays Nights etc,

Holidays now you'll love this 31 a year BUT we can only book 5 working days off, they make us put Holidays days in on rest days which again pimps up the money. We Don't Want This
By Tubby Isaacs
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See also (minus rubbish on the NUM):
However, it is not at all clear that the cost or availability of petrol in Britain is impeded in a significant way by the militant behaviour of tanker drivers, or the unwillingness of tanker drivers to adopt 21st century working practices, unlike the coal miners of the NUM. Why are the tanker drivers threatening to strike? Their strike is not about pay, but about EU health and safety rules. Under European law, drivers are limited to nine hours on the road each day, but petrol companies demand they make a set number of deliveries every day, or face their pay being docked. They can either comply with restrictive health and safety laws, or lose pay. This is clearly not the textbook unreasonable strike, and just because workers are members of a union, their complaints are not wrong. ... e-pat.html" onclick=";return false;
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Excellent blog post at Latent Existence on Ian Dunkin' Smith's 'compassionate conservatism'... ... e-all-day/" onclick=";return false;
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Micheal Rosen v Capitalism ... html?m=1Mi" onclick=";return false;
I was born in 1946 and so have spent all my life under the protection of the kind of social policy that my parents (born in 1919) dreamed of - and indeed worked to bring about. At the core of it are free schools, free health, child benefit, unemployment benefit, free higher education and a free social service system. Added in, was some degree of state-run transport and heavy industry. Various versions of this social policy were won and brought in during the middle years of the twentieth century across western Europe and north America. (Let's leave Communist countries out of it for the moment.)

We have to be clear: a combination of governments and leading capitalists across this western landscape are saying over and over again 'we' can't afford to have this any more.' How curious! To take the example of Britain in this, they want us to believe that a Britain in 1946, shackled by debt, bomb damage and labour shortage could afford this, but a Britain in 2012 capable of producing massive wealth cannot?! Yes, that is precisely what they want us to believe and the servile commentators foist this nonsense on us morning, noon and night.
Read it all, it's good.
By ezinra
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Steven Baxter is semi-retiring his excellent blog Enemies of reason. If you've never read A day with the Daily Mail, now's the time! He's giving up the blog for the now-familiar reason of exhaustion and exasperation in dealing with comments:
What isn't as positive is when people just read the headline, and decide they'll fly down to the comments box and tell you you're a cock. Or when people read a sentence or two, then tell you they only read a sentence or two, and didn't read the rest, but they've decided they know what you've written. Or when people just tell you you're scum. Or a cunt. Or whatever. That's not so much fun, in my experience, but your mileage may vary. Or when people so wilfully get the wrong end of the stick of what you're saying that you face the choice of ponderously explaining the same tonal shift to 100 different people in a row on Twitter, or you just go out for a long walk and leave your phone off. Christ knows I try and do the first thing, but I want to do the second one so much.
Interestingly, Baxter says that the quality of his writing has suffered from having to read and moderate comments, and then justify himself on twitter. I get the impression that many other good bloggers are giving up or getting bogged down in the endless, circular, entry-level arguments he describes. That's a shame and has to be bad for so-called internet democracy. Baxter's conclusion sums up the problem:
If you like, you can just say that I'm a stupid privileged liberal elite arsehole who thinks he's above criticism. I don't have a problem with that. But I do have a problem with discussing it for hours afterwards. I don't have the energy, and I don't have the time, and it's not for me. I'm sorry, but there it is.
By new puritan
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Good post from Chris Dillow on the 'crony capitalism' fallacy.
Supporters of free markets seem to be increasingly vocal in their opposition to corporatism or crony capitalism. Whilst I wholly welcome this, I fear that the demand for a proper free market economy without cronyism or special favours is as unachievably utopian as the wildest leftist fantasy. ... alism.html" onclick=";return false;
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