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By Kreuzberger
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Boiler wrote:
Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:37 pm
Well, Fenton's pet Fuckwit has posted a 22-point comment to this piece. ... s-way.html
CNTRL+C / CNTRL+V . (I just ran a random snippet through the Googles.)
By The Weeping Angel
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Fenton and the fuckwit have drunk a lot of kool-aid. In a way it's quite sad a few years ago Fenton warned about Jounralists becoming propagandists for political parties citing Guido and yet Fenton has ended up becoming the very thing he accused Guido of being a propagandist for a political party dressed up as a jounralist.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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So Hope not Hate has 'lost its way' by opposing the re-selection of Williamson and calling out his racism. They 'may be anti-fascist or they may not'.

Fenton now officially a supporter of antisemitism. The Kool-Aid has been fully drunk.

If you read this Tim, and I know you pop in, give your fucking head a shake.
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By The Weeping Angel
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I found this when trawling through his blog. ... posed.html
It's kind of weird because I have never heard Collier's voice before. I have seen stills of him shouting, and I have seen his picture on Twitter and they've all made him look like some Phil Mitchell type hardman.

Hearing him speak, he sounds like my Uncle. Permanently confused when he has to explain himself and wondering why his reasons just don't wash.

Shout out to Boiler in the mailwatchforum. I know you check in looking to moan. And Malcolm, give your head a shake mate. You've ruined that forum.
Also it just goes to show how Tim has zero self-awareness.
As the questioner said, you fight anti-Semitism, you fight it everywhere. You give it a free pass anywhere, you let it fester, you let it grow, you let it get worse, you let it get out of control. And David Collier is prepared to do just that.
Well Tim was happy to give Chris Williamson a free pass.
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By Watchman
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At comment on a Fenton item today,

Stanley Hardy said...
Piers vs Carole reminds me of Malcolm vs Winegums from the mailwatch forum back in the day.
Carole seems to be dealing with it better than Winegums did. He was a real loss to that site and it has only descended in to madness since.

So is this Stanley Hardy a mate of Oliver Laurel?
By Andy McDandy
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#596729 ... d.html?m=1

Looks like Fenton's in a bit of trouble. Despite criticism of his blog, he's more right than he is wrong. If you want to help out, see article.
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