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By Andy McDandy
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It's based on whether they like or dislike the person, and the likely public interest/opinion.

In the case of Cliff Richard, there was also the BBC bashing angle. But broadly speaking, Cliff fans are the sorts who still buy newspapers.
By mr angry manchester
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And Christopher Jeffries, the landlord of a girl who disappeared in Bristol a few years ago, sorry, cant remember her name.

He was a bit funny looking, so the tabloids had him down as guilty straight away, even though it turned out that he had nothing to do with it at all.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun Says:

Going after social media...for a change. (I'd be willing to bet they've happily used the Russian Fake News in their own stories in the past)

Web giants should be fined huge sums for every damaging post they publish

NO ONE should be shocked that Russia deploys hackers, trolls and bots aiming to undermine the West and skew elections.

It’s what unscrupulous leaders like Vladimir Putin do.

What SHOULD shock us is that US tech giants not only publish this material but profit from it.

Facebook hosted hundreds of bogus Kremlin-backed accounts which spread 80,000 racially divisive messages and faked news before the US election. It was paid handsomely for 3,000 ads too.

It has technology advanced enough to censor every ­nipple, but apparently not to spot ­political ads bought in roubles.

Twitter, meanwhile, has thousands of Russian-created fake accounts it has failed to vet. Google’s YouTube hosts bogus channels run by Kremlin agents.

Theresa May is right to warn Putin off. But the web giants should be fined huge sums for every damaging post they publish from his covert operatives.

Until then they will not be stopped.

An angry rant about Jeremy Corbyn:

Deep in the red

THINK the Tories have problems? Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist utopia Venezuela finally ran out of cash, as hard-left regimes always do.

It is now welching on its international debts — and its remaining oil assets may be seized worldwide.

We shudder to imagine what could come next for its citizens. They are already starving, eating pets, scavenging from bins and helpless to disease.

This, in Corbyn’s words, is “a better way of doing things”.

For a handy guide on how to swiftly achieve it here, read his alluring election manifesto of limitless spending, nationalisations and punitive, job-destroying, anti-enterprise taxes.

Corbyn is kept afloat by naïve young fans and a hardcore of Corbynite MPs — a motley crew of class-war morons, ­racists, misogynists and vile, ranting hate-mongers like Emma Dent Coad.

This once-great party of the workers is lost forever to middle-class metropolitan Marxists, bone-headedly wedded to an economic theory which unfailingly brings poverty, starvation and death.

D’oh, Jeremy Corbyn!

Defending Boris again:

Mum ransom

MUM Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is, we now know, simply a hostage of Iran with a specific price on her head.

Boris Johnson’s gaffe was irrelevant, and the fury directed at him by his political enemies just self-serving hot air.

For decades Iran’s regime has wrongfully arrested innocent dual-nationality citizens to advance its interests. It is not bothered how false its charges look.

It has made clear to our officials that it has no intention of freeing Nazanin without hundreds of millions of pounds being paid and other concessions met.

By clamouring for the Foreign Secretary’s head our MPs demean themselves.

The real villains are in Tehran.
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