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By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun accuses Corbyn of using the Russia hit to score political points, while using the Russia hit to score political points...
THE SUN SAYS Theresa May proves she is tough with her response to the Russian spy attack — and Jeremy Corbyn has never sunk lower

THERESA May’s response to the Russian chemical weapons attack was admirably tough.

Never has the gulf between her and Jeremy Corbyn seemed wider.

The Prime Minister gave Moscow 24 hours to explain the “reckless and despicable act” before she takes “extensive measures” against Putin’s regime.

That is absolutely right — and we trust the civilised world will unite behind us.

Both sides of the Commons nodded as Mrs May reeled off the Kremlin’s crimes and aggressions long before the attempted assassinations in Salisbury.

Then Corbyn hideously misjudged the mood, choosing this sombre national moment to advance Labour’s interests.

First, a rant about Russians “funding the Tory Party”. Then some waffle on police and NHS staffing. Then feebly preferring “robust dialogue” to action.

No prizes for guessing why he prefers appeasing Russia.

He admires it, as he did the Soviet Union. He still backs its UK-based propaganda station RT. His top aides are Kremlin cheerleaders.

Never has Corbyn sunk lower. His snarky petulance triggered protests from his own backbenches. His front bench slumped in justified shame.

It is now all but confirmed that Russia attempted murders on our soil using an illegal nerve agent. Thank heaven we have a PM who gets how grave that is — not an old fool who’d invite Putin in for a cuppa.

They still haven't forgiven Public Health England for looking at ways to tackle obesity after The Sun demands we tackle obesity:

Gold meddlers

WHAT is the point of the monstrous £4.5billion-a-year quango Public Health England?

Consider their big announcement after Salisbury: food firms, they said, must slash the calories in our meals.

Two days later they declared the risk from the chemical weapon negligible. Then, a full week after the attack, they suddenly urged locals to wash everything.

What is this 5,500-strong nanny-state army good for, except hectoring us on our diets or issuing facile advice?

And which matters more? Bullying the low-paid whose grub they disapprove of? Or keeping us all safe from toxic weapons?

And they're extremely angry with Vince for saying Brexit is mostly about people disliking immigration after Brexiters made in clear Brexit is about people disliking immigration:

Vince wince

VINCE Cable’s “racist” jibe at Brexit ­voters was clueless, disgusting, ageist, self-defeating and wildly irresponsible.

If he believes the referendum was won by old voters nostalgic for a white Britain he has never troubled himself to learn what motivated 17.4million people.

Lazy insults simply foster hate and harden hearts FOR Brexit.

Arguably the Lib Dem leader’s most toxic assertion is that old people’s votes somehow count less than young ­people’s. He cannot believe that tripe.

He is contorting logic to defend his bare-faced U-turn in backing the second referendum he once condemned.

A former Business Secretary should be better than this.
By bluebellnutter
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Yeah...I can't help thinking 25-30 years from now one of Jim Bowen and Stephen Hawking will be an awful lot more remembered than the other...
By Kreuzberger
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bluebellnutter wrote:
Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:34 pm
Yeah...I can't help thinking 25-30 years from now one of Jim Bowen and Stephen Hawking will be an awful lot more remembered than the other...
"That spaz with the funny voice and the cosmologist". Welcome to the Wapping dichotomy.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun Says:

Theresa May rises to Russia challenge as Jeremy Corbyn falls in line with Kremlin

THERESA May has risen to the Russia crisis as we hoped and as a Prime Minister must.

It is a national embarrassment that the opposition have failed so shamefully to do the same.

The PM has expelled 23 spies, ordered a crackdown on pro-Putin oligarchs and barred our officials, politicians or Royals from the World Cup.

Assets will be frozen. Russian gangsters’ days of running amok in London will end.

Some argue that’s not enough. But it’s just a start. Further action already under way cannot be made public. And Mrs May has given herself room for harsher measures to counter the inevitable Russian response.

Faced with a chemical weapons atrocity on our soil, she was decisive and resolute.

A blameless Russia would have given heartfelt assurances and a credible explanation of how their nerve agent came to be used and why they even possessed it. Instead, as Mrs May said, they reacted with “sarcasm and contempt”.

But Jeremy Corbyn, instructed by his Trotskyite aide Seumas Milne, sickeningly parroted the Kremlin line.

He backed Putin’s risible lies over our own scientists. He wanted more proof. He wanted Moscow to test the nerve agent, as it asked. He idiotically pointed his finger at “Foreign Office cuts”.

Maybe, just maybe, yesterday spelled the beginning of the end of this rancid incarnation of the Labour Party.

Here was its leader, the puppet of vile apologists for the old Soviet Union and Russia’s modern thugocracy, excusing Putin while a supportive MP sat behind him clutching a communist newspaper.

This is not one of his ancient treacheries, like backing the IRA. Right now, in real time, voters young and old can see him side with a hostile power against Britain. Imagine Corbyn in No10, refusing to act, defending Putin.

But it is no good Labour “moderates” pleading that he doesn’t speak for them. His position is their party’s. How can they stay on Corbyn’s benches? Or honestly campaign for him to take power?

They already knew he would destroy the economy. Now they see their leader standing up for a gangster regime that sends assassins to Britain.

They are swimming in Corbyn’s sewer. What remains of their self-respect?

Every day they shore him up they betray their own values and Britain’s.

Rod Liddle

Yet again, young girls were being abused in Telford — and yet again, nobody seemed to care

NOTHING changes. You think it will – but it doesn’t. Things just go on the same.

It is estimated that up to 1,000 young, mainly white girls have been raped, sexually abused, abducted, trafficked and some even murdered in Telford, Shrops.

The abusers are said to be “Asian”. Except “Asian” doesn’t quite do it. The vile men are not Filipino or Japanese. They are once again reported to be largely Muslim, and largely from Pakistan.

One little girl, Lucy Lowe, was repeatedly raped. It’s alleged she was forced to take the morning-after pill and have abortions. Later the Muslim gangsters burned down her house. They killed her — and her mother and sister.

The abuse of young white girls by Muslim men apparently began in the 1980s. It took the police more than 20 years to tackle it. The social services departments didn’t seem to care, either.

Nobody cared. People were too worried about being seen as racist. So nothing got done, for years and years.

Any of this ring a bell?

Yep, exactly the same thing happened in Rotherham, South Yorks. Years of abuse went uncovered because the authorities didn’t want to upset Muslims. Political correctness stopped them doing their jobs properly.

They were more concerned about keeping the local Muslims happy and not inflaming local opinion than they were about the hundreds of young girls that had been raped. And the same story was repeated across the country. In Derby, in Oxford, in Bradford, in Burnley. Almost always Muslim men. Almost exclusively white girls.

And still nothing has changed. Have you seen much about the horrible Telford business on your BBC News programmes? Nope, me neither. It simply hasn’t figured.

They don’t want to report it in case it stirs up anger against the Muslim community. So they’ve pretty much ignored it altogether. It didn’t even feature on their online news pages.

This decrepit, politically biased, institution is way past its sell-by date. It is not fit for purpose.

And it is part of the problem. The very attitude shown by the BBC is why these appalling crimes were not uncovered in the first place.

Don’t expect the Labour Party to say very much, either. Indeed, anyone in the party who dares to question why this sort of abuse and rape takes place is likely to get fired.

That happened to Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham. She dared to ask why it was that some Muslim men seemed to feel they could get away with raping and abusing underage white girls.

She wrote a piece about it for The Sun.

Corbyn sacked her. The bearded cretin said that her words could “incite Islamophobia and stigmatise entire communities. That is wrong, dangerous and must be condemned”.

So better to just let the abuse continue, then, Jezza? Has this hopeless clown said anything about Telford? Not a word.

Just as with Rotherham, we are reaping what we have sown. We let in far too many backwards, ignorant, Muslim men and failed to get them to integrate. And we turned a blind eye to the most horrific abuse.

And we’re still doing it. You think things might change, but they never do. Everything stays the same.


THE right-wing Canadian vlogger Lauren Southern was refused entry to the UK.She got interrogated at Calais and told to sling her hook by the Home Office.

They said her presence here was “not conducive to the public good”. Arrogant tossers. I have a feeling the Home Office is not conducive to the public good.

OK, her views are pretty unpleasant and she was apparently here to meet a white nationalist group.

But we let in jihadi after jihadi, thousands of them.

So many the useless Home Office has lost count. People who want to blow us up.

And they stop Southern, right, because she’s said a few nasty – and true – things about South Africa’s awful government.

Freedom of speech is diminishing by the week in this country.

Russia's gangsters must leave Britain (He's a bit more aware of the alt-Right's view on this and tries to juggle it a bit, and ends up inadvertently agreeing with Corbyn)

RUSSIA is an undemocratic gangster state.

And quite a lot of its gangsters are over here. The sooner we get rid of them – ie, before Putin does – the better.

But I don’t see the point of shrieking ultimatums at the Russian govern-ment. What did Theresa May expect them to do?

Fess up – “Da, eets a fair cop, gov, and no mistake.”

And there are still plenty of questions to be asked about Salisbury.

If it was – as the experts say – an incredibly powerful nerve agent more lethal than VX, how come nobody died?

The tiniest pin head of VX can kill a man in seconds.

Let’s find out all the facts first. And then, when we have the evidence, present it to the world and impose more sanctions on that ghastly country.


MY cab driver the other night was a bloke from eastern Turkey.

He told me over the course of our short journey that Islam was the world’s most peaceful religion.

There was no trouble between Sunni and Shia. That was all made up by Britain and the USA.

It was also Britain and the USA which tried to have the Turkish president overthrown. And Britain and the USA which was responsible for the war in Yemen. And for everything else bad which has ever happened in the world.

Why do these halfwits come here if they hate everything about the country?

What is it about a well-run, affluent democracy these people do like?
By Bones McCoy
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Lauren Southern

All the usual suspects turning out to support her "Conservative views": Farage, Joseph Watson, Steven Woolfs, Breitbarters.
Most other media describe her as "Far right".

A quick check through her activities will help you decide. ... cal_career

Finished last with 0.9% of the vote in a district won by the Conservatives: Does that sound like a Conservative or a Far right? ... _NGO_ships

Down in Sunny Italy with Hatey Katie last summer. Arrested.
Southern revealed that Patreon had deleted her account out of concerns about her "raising funds in order to take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life."
By The Weeping Angel
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Daley Mayle wrote:
Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:12 pm
The bit about the BBC not reporting the Telford abuse story first broken by the Sunday Mirror is an out and out lie.
On another forum someone pointed out that one of the girls was interviewed on the Victoria Derbyshire show said the men who abused her had different accents and were White, Black and Asian. To quote Tony Clark from Between the Lines "it makes me think it's a piss poor excuse for bashing Pakis"
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