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By The Weeping Angel
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Cyclist wrote:
Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:02 am
I know who Kirsty Gallacher is. I don't understand why LJB posted that response to my observation that our strong and stable prime monster bears a remarkable resemblance to the late Mark McManus
Possibly because I wasn't posting it in response to your observation, but I was making my own observation. Why is it everything I post is subject to this level of questioning?
By bluebellnutter
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There is an interesting insight into the Sun mindset to be seen in the pane about Kirsty Gallagher humping Jack Whitehall.

Here we see two people successful in their fields (one sports journalism, one stand-up comedy). The man is shown in a small picture in what looks like a standard publicity shot cropped at the neck line but clearly with a shirt on. By contrast, she is shown in a likely air-brushed lads mag shoot from 10-15 years ago wearing not much clothing. She also qualifies for an addition to her name of "Thirsty Kirsty" despite no clarification being given on why she's thirsty or what she's thirsty for.

Essentially, the underlying assumption the reader is asked to draw is "floozy dolly bird humps successful man". Which is both sexist and questionable in it's news content. Their public interest justification would be, I imagine, pretty flimsy. The entire purpose of the story appears to be "phwoar look at 'er, that Jack's a lad ain't he? I'd smash her back doors in oi oi" etc. etc.
By Boiler
And of course, things have to rhyme for the mouth breathers of the Sun.

Rather like a certain blogger's tedious and repetitive use of "the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog" and "Nigel 'Thirsty' Farage".
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Playing both sides as they try very hard to point out they aren't agreeing with Corbyn:

Time for calm

THE Prime Minister was right to bomb the Syrian regime after its assault on civilians.

But with that complete, it is time for Mrs May, President Trump and President Macron to offer a strategy to calm tensions between the superpowers.

Clearly no one should hide behind woolly words about “peaceful solutions” when a rogue dictator gasses children.

The refusal of the Russian and Syrian regimes to let inspectors do their work shows the absurdity of Jeremy Corbyn’s calls for an independent probe.

But there is no benefit to anybody in Moscow, London, Paris or Washington pouring more fuel on the tinderbox.

Cool heads must now prevail. It is time for real diplomacy.

Fuming that they weren't given the juicy gossip details:

Silence in court

THE CPS have again kept vital evidence about celebrity misbehaviour confidential.

At his sentencing for drink-driving yesterday, details of the case against Ant McPartlin were not revealed in court. We may never know how the TV host came to be so far over the limit.

This flies in the face of the principle of open justice.

Ant’s behaviour could have been used as a cautionary example for others.

This cover-up means there’s no chance of that happening.
By Daley Mayle
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It's good old fashioned journalism* Andy
Who was he drinking with
What was he drinking
When did he start drinking
Where was he drinking
Why was he drinking so much
How are we supposed to spin this story for another couple of weeks without the juicy stuff?

* © All newspapers when they claim a public interest in their sleb story (except when it's the BBC doing the same thing, natch).
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Rod Liddle. He never did like blacks much.

Old Vic's new lead

THE new director of the Young Vic in London is Kwame Kwei-Armah.

In between moaning about Brexit, he’s been outlining the theatre’s new programme.

Coming right up will be black activist Danai Gurira’s play The Convert, which deals with “the impact of colonialism on Black identity”. And another play, Things of Dry Hours, which is about a black communist agitator.

That’ll really pack ’em in, Kwame old son.

I suppose it’s racist to point out that 87 per cent of our population is white and might occasionally like to watch stuff that has direct relevance to their own lives.

And here he is in The Spectator addressing his attack on the Welsh:

A joke about Welsh vowels is a hate crime, say the tuppenny panjandrums ... njandrums/
I had a taste of what the pine martens might expect a week or so back. I made a joke about the Welsh language, lightly suggesting that it was largely devoid of vowels — neither an original nor terribly wounding observation, I would have thought. Oh, and I also mentioned that the Severn Bridge connected their rain-sodden valleys with the first world.

It was a joke. But ooh, the Welsh went bananas. Except that it wasn’t the Welsh, of course, but the tuppenny panjandrums, largely from within Plaid Cymru, who preside over them. Screaming ‘Hate crime! Hate crime!’

It started with a dunderhead called Arfon Jones, who is the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner. First he tried to get me prosecuted (and failed), then petitioned the Independent Press Standards Office, which cheerfully refused to entertain his complaint. ‘Morally repugnant’ was Arfon’s verdict on me. In what possible sense, you halfwit? Then the rest of them piled in, with demands for the matter to be debated in Parliament or the National Assembly of Wales, with one bloke wondering what ‘legal redress’ Wales might have. None, you imbecile. It was a joke.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun, who have taken great delight in comparing Corbyn to Stalin, is outraged than May has been compared to Nazi's.

THE SUN SAYS Lord Kerslake is a Reich idiot for comparing the government’s policies to Nazi Germany

LORD Kerslake should be ashamed of himself for comparing the Government’s policies to Nazi Germany.

That vicious regime was responsible for a World War, the systematic murder of millions of Jews and other minorities, and is a byword for evil of the most unimaginable kind.

To put the Prime Minister in that company is not just overblown rhetoric; it is an outrageous slur on a woman that, whatever your politics, has made public service her life’s work.

Kerslake, meanwhile, is a publicity-hungry timeserver who climbed into the top job in the Civil Service simply by hanging around long enough.

His tenure at the ministry for local government contributed to a housing crisis that will take decades to solve.

Bungalow Bob, so named because there’s nothing upstairs, presents himself as some kind of impartial mandarin. Yeah, right. He was an adviser to Jeremy Corbyn, though the BBC barely managed to mention it.

Far from the second coming of the Third Reich, this country is a friend to those who want to come here and build a life. Michael Gove was laughed at by the usual suspects for describing this as a “friendly country” for immigrants.

If you want to work hard, get on and build your life here then nowhere in the world will open its arms wider.

From Irish to Caribbean to Ugandan to Asian immigrants, new communities have settled here and are now as much a part of Britain as Winston Churchill.

The Windrush debacle has shown up years of incompetence at the Home Office. Those affected must be helped. With Brexit approaching, that has to change — because the 3million EU citizens we’ve already welcomed deserve certainty that they can stay.

Kerslake should apologise.

If you want to work hard, get on and build your life here then nowhere in the world will open its arms wider.

From Irish to Caribbean to Ugandan to Asian immigrants, new communities have settled here and are now as much a part of Britain as Winston Churchill.
Yeah, and you and your readers have spent the last few years screaming "kick them out. We're full", you colossal fuckwits.

Lords a-leeching

IT should be no surprise that unelected Peers are no fans of democracy.

As they proved again on Wednesday when they voted to keep the UK shackled to the EU’s restrictive customs union, these museum pieces still haven’t got over the fact that 17.4million people voted for a new, global future.

Every single former Cabinet Secretary is now set on trying to thwart Brexit. If that doesn’t prove what their mates in the taxpayer teat-sucking Civil Service think about the hard-working Brits who want out, we don’t know what does.

Reform is desperately needed. Those comfy red benches need fewer, and better, people sat on them.

Those comfy red benches need fewer, and better, people sat on them.
Better = People that agree with us.
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