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By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun celebrate with a double page spread attacking and smearing those who opposed it:

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THE SUN SAYS We should salute the Government and Culture Secretary Matt Hancock – they have saved the free Press

THE Government, and Culture Secretary Matt Hancock, have saved the free Press from near-extinction. We salute them.

The winners, aside from every newspaper in the land, are the public. You still live in a country where crooked, self-serving politicians are scrutinised by journalists without state censorship.

Ed Miliband’s “Leveson 2” inquiry would have been a pointless waste of public money motivated by sour grapes.

A few Tories supported it out of naked self-interest. Shame on them.

More MPs backed away from Tom Watson’s sinister “Section 40” bid to force papers into the death grip of Max Mosley’s Press-hating Impress crew.

Watson’s sole aim was revenge against papers critical of Labour. He finally bottled out of a vote he knew he would lose. A malevolent conspiracy theorist, bully and liar . . . now a coward to boot.

But the Labour lardbucket ­will not give up. Nor will his orgy-loving benefactor Mosley, nor Miliband, nor Hacked Off Hugh nor their weird, obsessive acolytes.

The Tories will have to defend Press freedom again. They can begin by repealing Section 40, as their manifesto pledged.

And then celebrate the defeat of censorship by demanding those they disagree with are censored:

Lords’ lunacy

THE Lords’ latest sickening insult to democracy has surely hammered the final nail in the unelected chamber’s coffin.

Their vote to stay in the single market is beyond belief in its stupidity, arrogance and insane ­willingness to expose the country to dangerous instability.

It would mean surrendering control over immigration for ever — and never actually “leaving” the EU.
That is not Government policy, nor Labour policy. Nor, plainly, is it the will of the Brexit majority which voted for the opposite.

The Lords’ role is to tweak and advise on laws, not impose entirely contrary policies because they don’t like how the country votes. They are telling 17.4million people: “You don’t count. We do.”

How do they imagine Leavers would react if the biggest vote in our history was negated by unelected, ermine-clad party stooges, some on EU pensions?

We genuinely fear the consequences.

It was the Lords, too, who began the attempt to muzzle the Press. They are rotting our democracy from within
By youngian
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No Sun readers wanted to comment on this story. I'm surprised it was even published although its in the travel section.
HOLS HIKE The cost of a holiday has risen 20% in a year – but bargains can still be found

FAMILIES feeling the squeeze will have noticed that things are even more expensive when they manage to escape Britain for a foreign holiday.

Taking the same holiday this year as you did last year will cost you 20 per cent more.

Travel companies are blaming the price hikes on the “Brexit Effect”.

They say that food, drink, hotel bills and travel costs are now going to cost the average family more, because the value of the pound has dropped steadily since Brexit was announced.

The pound had dropped by 18 per cent against the dollar and 11 per cent against the Euro by March 2017.

There are, however, places where it’s going to be cheaper to holiday than others - as the cost of the pound has actually risen in certain places.

Nimblefins found that the average cost of a holiday per person is £69 per person per day, but if you take a trip to Slovakia, the average cost is just £40.

Meanwhile Turkey costs just £47 per day - good news especially as the pound has risen by 14 per cent there.

Bulgaria costs £49 per day, Malta and Spain cost £62 and France costs £65. ... ent:Travel
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Boris Johnson’s customs option is the only one that achieves a meaningful Brexit

IF Theresa May is now leaning towards a meaningful Brexit, fantastic.

The customs option Boris Johnson is championing is the only one that achieves it.

The Tories are five points ahead in the polls and heavily reliant on Leavers.

Mrs May is widening the credibility gap against the pitiful Corbyn.

Both leads could be wiped out overnight by choosing the non-Brexit of a “customs partnership” that prevents us from becoming the independent global free-trader the PM says she wants.

The Sun is wary, to say the least, of extending the transition period to get the technology for the Boris option in place at the Irish border.

We fear ­indefinite drift.

But rather a temporary, limited delay than the permanent catastrophe of leaving Britain impotently wriggling on the EU’s hook.

We are aghast, though, that the Government has made so few preparations to leave with no deal.

It’s not a result we want — but MUST be a credible option.

Remainers hate the Boris idea.

Why? It means a clean break.

And Brussels says it won’t work.

Being Remainers, they swallow that guff whole.

But there is evidence it WOULD work.

If Mrs May’s Remainer aide Olly Robbins withheld it, as alleged, he is in trouble.

The new power to trade globally, beyond the EU and unhindered by it, must be a red line.

It is the future . . . a Brexit Leavers can live with.

The disastrous alternative delights Remainers.

It’s a gateway to keeping us in.

Celebrated too early?
Press wreckers

IT will be an outrage if peers make MPs vote AGAIN on a second Leveson Inquiry.

They only rejected this colossal waste of time and money on Wednesday.

That wasn’t good enough for Labour’s Press-loathing zealots, or some ­unelected ­fellow travellers in the Lords.

Demanding that MPs yet again consider reversing a Tory manifesto commitment, now upheld by a Commons majority, is a disgraceful abuse of Parliamentary process.

How much longer must our democracy suffer these wreckers?

Tom Watson will be cock-a-hoop.

Ed Miliband too.

How revolting that the one issue that truly arouses them is revenge on a critical Press.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Another tantrum:

THE SUN SAYS The House of Lords will try to muzzle the free press — but we can’t allow it and anyone who values liberty should agree

ON Monday the House of Lords will attempt to muzzle Britain’s free Press.

MPs struck out Ed Miliband’s “Leveson 2” public inquiry proposal last week. It took only days for peers to resurrect it.

Another inquiry would be an obscene waste of time and money and serves no purpose. The public do not want it. Even The Guardian opposes it.

It’s not hard to see why some peers might have a vested interest in silencing the media.

Some have been exposed by the Press for wrongdoing — whether it was fiddling their expenses or having extra-marital affairs.

And many of the Labour peers rooting for it believe their party has been unfairly covered in the media.

They want newspapers they can tame into giving them an easy ride. Well, that is not the role of the Press in a democracy.

The Leveson inquiry and subsequent police probes cost taxpayers more than £48million after dozens of failed trials against journalists.

Leveson’s 2012 report ran to 1,987 pages and contained over a million words. What do these peers seriously think is left to learn?

They are foolish, too, to think the media landscape looks as it once did. Today, Facebook and Google dominate. Most newspapers belong to IPSO, a self-funded, independent regulator that holds the Press to account more than any regulator before.

Then again, this is not really about probing the relationship between cops and the Press, or phone-hacking. That is a Trojan horse.

These politicians, with their celebrity pals at Hacked Off, really just want to see newspapers neutered. This must not be allowed to happen.

Traditionally, the House of Lords respects the Government’s manifesto commitments. The Tory manifesto said they would not pursue the second part of Leveson. That peers have so recklessly binned a constitutional convention is disgraceful.

Britain has slumped in the global ranking for free speech. In the past four years, we have fallen from 30th to 40th. “Leveson 2” would mean we shamefully fall even further.

Our free Press may not be perfect, but it noisily holds power to account. Our country is all the better for it.

No one who values liberty would have it any other way.
By youngian
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News about Israel in the Sun today
CORB'S 'VISION BAN Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tried to get Eurovision winner Israel banned from contest

JEREMY Corbyn faces fresh anti-Semitism questions today after it emerged he tried to get Eurovision winner Israel banned from the whole contest.

The hard left Labour leader wanted to disqualify the Jewish state from all European sporting and cultural events.

He mounted the controversial bid while a backbench MP, joining forces with a fellow bitter critic of Israel, Lib Dem MP Bob Russell, to sponsor a Commons motion to enforce the move in November 2010, Parliament documents reveal.

The bid would also have seen the Mediterranean country thrown out of European club football competitions such as the Champions League, as well as the European Cup.

Angry MPs last night attacked the proposal and said it suggested a “sinister” attitude toward the Jewish state.

The revelation risks reigniting long running tensions within the Labour Party over Mr Corbyn’s failure to tackle its anti-Semitism scourge. ... anned-ban/
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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while the nation is divided and Brexit negotiations are struggling — THEY are largely to blame, for laying siege to the referendum result itself.

Their every word stokes division, helps Brussels and harms Britain.

:lol: :lol:

THE SUN SAYS David Miliband’s arrogance to try and return to UK politics and tell us how to handle Brexit is repugnant

THE arrogance of David Miliband and his diehard Remainer chums is repugnant.

The banana-waving bighead, famous only for bottling one leadership challenge before losing to his little brother and stomping off to New York, now demands we heed his every utterance on Brexit.

And his considered view, alongside Nick Clegg and Tory Nicky Morgan, is we shouldn’t do it.

Sure, we can pretend to leave — but stay in both the customs union and single market, surrendering control of immigration.

They call this tired old argument “Soft Brexit”. Leaving ANY part of the EU is “Hard Brexit” now. It is laughable.

Who do they imagine would tell 17.4million people their votes were to be ignored?

Not Miliband, hiding in Manhattan.

These Remain ultras are blind to the obvious: that the story has moved on.

And that — while the nation is divided and Brexit negotiations are struggling — THEY are largely to blame, for laying siege to the referendum result itself.

Their every word stokes division, helps Brussels and harms Britain.

Back the Press

MPs must kill the second Leveson Inquiry.

There is simply no case in this new, transformed media landscape — far more tightly regulated, yet dominated by UNREGULATED tech giants — for yet another public examination into alleged wrongdoing long ago. That view unites The Sun and the Guardian.

It was dismal seeing one ill-informed peer after another misjudge an issue they clearly had no desire to grasp, then outrageously voting to defy the elected chamber’s decision of just days ago.

For Labour, Leveson 2 would settle a score against critical newspapers like The Sun. For a few Tory MPs too it is a personal grudge.

But their duty is to their constituents.

A rerun of the 2011 inquiry is a pointless, vastly expensive irrelevance now.

All Tories should stand behind their manifesto. And we urge the DUP not to saddle the Government with a new ­burden to which it is staunchly opposed.

There are many better ways of spending public money and voters know it.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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They somehow managed to turn the wedding into a pro Brexit, Remainer bashing rant:

THE SUN SAYS Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding celebrates everything good Britain has to offer

THE Royal Wedding was a celebration of everything Britain has to offer.

Among the tradition and pomp, it was a modern and multi-racial ceremony, which showed Britain today as a warm and welcoming nation.

Despite what Remain naysayers claim, Brexit Britain is open, tolerant and full of patriotism from all walks of life. May that never change.

The immense global interest in the wedding was a reminder, too, of our standing on the world stage.

Around the planet, an estimated two billion viewers of all colours and creeds watched, transfixed by our history, culture and traditions.

How many other countries could pull in such ratings?

It was a stark reminder that Britain is an outward-looking, adaptable and unique nation. Brexit negotiators should remember this.

An exciting new era awaits the happy couple, and us, as a truly global Great Britain.

I think they'll find their own readers weren't so keen on the multi cultural wedding.
By Andy McDandy
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I think it was Doug Stanhope who said that what the rest of the world (or maybe just the US) is saying, is "You still have princes and princesses? Living in fucking CASTLES?".
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