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By davidjay
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To paraphrase Spitting Image from many years ago:

"What do we want?"
"A revolution!"
"When do we want it?"
"About ten past seven would be nice. Just after dinner and I could pop along when I take the dog for a walk before Coronation Street comes on."
By KevS
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I do fear however, for anyone from overseas. You just know some poor sod, in say, Northampton is going to come a cropper because a twat thinks he's responsible for the EU, even though he's actually Peruvian.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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This just sounds like desperate pleading for their readers to keep believing them:

THE SUN SAYS The Government must get off its knees, fight for Britain and unite the country behind Brexit

IT’S not quite too late, but the Government needs a dramatic shift in its Brexit approach both here and abroad.

In fairness Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has already begun, genuinely standing up to the EU for the first time.

Despite what sneering Remainers claim, Britain is an equal in these negotiations. Let’s act like it.

Our huge economic power, and the might of the City and its importance to the EU, give us enormous clout if only Theresa May would wield it.

First SHE must believe in it. She must sell Brexit to the public as the golden opportunity it is, to make Britain a prosperous independent country out in the wider world where 90 per cent of future growth will take place.

We have a vast ocean of talent. We have nine universities in the world’s top 50, dwarfing the rest of Europe combined. The EU fears our success.

The PM will never talk round the ­hysterical “People’s Vote” brigade clamouring to annul the first People’s Vote they lost in 2016. But millions of more sensible folk are ready to be enthused about creating a new partnership both with the EU AND the rest of the world.

All they currently hear are unchallenged and absurd Remainer scares about the dire consequences of Brexit, especially a no-deal on WTO rules.

None of it should hold any fear for us.

And being ready for no-deal, mentally and physically, is vital to get from the EU what we always wanted: a trade deal that frees us from Brussels.

The Government must get off its knees, fight for Britain and unite it behind Brexit.
By youngian
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unite the country behind Brexit
Despite what sneering Remainers claim, Britain is an equal in these negotiations. Let’s act like it.
Not a good way to unite the country by calling half of the electorate sneering because they can do Maths. (1 Vs 27=Shit show for 1).
We have a vast ocean of talent. We have nine universities in the world’s top 50, dwarfing the rest of Europe combined.
The Sun must be desperate if its enlisting the know nothing metropolitan students with their worthless degrees in lefty studies.
By Dan
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David Jason gave a hypothetical scenario about what Del Boy would do in a Brexit situation. Knowing his character, he stated that Del would not care for the ins and outs and positives and negatives of the political argument but he would try and make a few quid out of the situation and exploit the climate to sell Brexit related merchandise to Leavers and Remainers alike.

Today's Sun Said not only implies that Jason is strongly pro Brexit and that Del would be but have actually used Del Boy's wheeling and dealing as an analogy for how Britain should deal with the EU. "He who dares, Rodders" and an opportunity for Britain to "deal with the world " (we do and Jason never said that) and make money for the country.

I said months ago that they actually see negotiations as a Del Boy, Mickey Pearce type spit-on-your-hand-and-shake, luvvly jubbly, 'ave it round to ya by teatime, we've earned a few bob here Rodney, deal rather than the mess of complicated international trade relations and politics that it really is.

Or rather, they don't but they want their readers to so a suicidal Brexit that benefits Murdoch and only Murdoch is pushed through.

I don't think they get that the comedy from the show is that nearly all of Del Boy's big ideas end up going drastically wrong because he ends up in too deep with no real idea of how to play with the big boys. Sound familiar?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The editorial Dan is referring to above:

Give ’em Del

DAVID Jason reckons Del Boy would have been relaxed about Brexit.

Of course he would. After all, South London’s finest never had much time for a racket — or at least, one he wasn’t running himself.

And Trotters Independent Traders always understood that connections with far-flung markets were just as important as those next door — after all, it was New York, Paris, Peckham.

It might even be an idea to send Del off to Brussels to negotiate.

Let’s be honest: he wouldn’t cough up £39billion for a dodgy deal, would he?

And if Emmanuel Macron asked for any more concessions? Au contraire, Monsieur President.

When it comes to negotiations, he who dares, Rodders, he who dares…

And the rest of today's Sun Says, where they dress up their attempted take-down of a commercial rival as a moralistic stance against Fake News, for the ten millionth time:

THE SUN SAYS Facebook act like they’re above the law — they’ve created a digital Wild West giving free rein to trolls and extremist groups

WE shouldn’t be surprised that Facebook bosses are preventing police pursuing a prime suspect in a murder case.

These outlaws have long given up any responsibility for the digital Wild West they’ve created.

Their platform is polluted from top to bottom, giving trolls free rein and letting every extremist group under the sun publish despicable propaganda.

The previous Culture Secretary Matt Hancock was the first to genuinely talk tough to the tech firms and demand that they mend their ways.

Yes, it’s vital that our privacy is protected. We’d never want authorities to have a free pass to snoop into our lives.

But when cops are confident that the missing piece to a case can be found online, it is outrageous that web giants don’t work with them to investigate.

They act as if they’re above the law.

Let’s see about that.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Rod Liddle


Immigrants, Muslims, Leftie Teachers AND the BBC

This is basically just a rant about immigrants, fuck all to do with Green Belt land:

Think it’s right to build houses on our green spaces — maybe you should just belt up

THE Government is planning to rip up our green belts and pave them over ready for housing.

If it goes ahead with this, it will be the greatest act of vandalism against the British countryside in 200 years.

It will also cost the Conservative Party hundreds of thousands of votes — perhaps millions.

Because the people who live next to our beautiful open spaces tend to vote Tory.

And they like looking at trees and fields rather than a Barratt estate.

This is a crowded country and becoming ever more so. We’re losing more and more of our natural wildlife. Our open spaces diminish daily.

And now the Government is being forced into building countless millions of homes. Why?

We’re told we have a housing crisis. You might find this puzzling when you consider the birth rate in Britain has been dropping, not rising.

The answer, of course, is immigration. We’ve been letting in half a million people every year for almost 15 years.

The politicians try to tell you it’s nothing to do with our housing crisis — but they are lying. Lying to themselves and to you.

One top academic expert, Oxford demographer David Coleman, reckons immigration is 85 per cent responsible for the rise in the UK’s population between 2000 and 2015.

And the other figures you might find a bit chilling.

Did you know, for example, that a whopping 28 per cent of all births in the UK are to foreign-born women? And the figure in London is a staggering 60 per cent.

If you find an indigenous British person in London, say hello to him for me and wish him the best. He’s the last of a dying breed. White Brits are a minority in our capital.

It’s not just that. The birth rate for British people is 1.75. The birth rate for immigrants is 2.06. That’s a very big difference.

So not only do we let in half a million per year, but they have more kids and so doubly contribute to population growth and the need for new houses.

Oh, and the need for lots of other very expensive stuff, such as schools, hospitals, welfare benefits and so on.

We MUST call a halt to immigration. The overwhelming majority of the population thinks we need much tougher controls.

And there are many people who think that immigration has not made the country any better, but actually made it worse.

Cut the numbers coming in to 10,000 per year and our housing crisis would begin to lessen, given that 300,000 or so people emigrate every year.

A net decrease in the population would massively reduce the need for new housing.

Because unless we do that, the bulldozers will be moving in. The fields, hedges and woodland will be ripped up. The roads will be laid and the peace and quiet shattered.

And this will not be a green and pleasant land for much longer.

Bojo's burka bother

Our former Foreign Secretary is in trouble for having said that Muslim women wearing the full burka look like postboxes, or bank robbers.

But that’s pretty much what most think, isn’t it?

Boris was against banning the burka. But increasingly I think we should follow most of our European friends and outlaw the ridiculous garment in public places.

Lack of remembrance

Almost half of British 18 to 24 year olds don’t know when World War One took place, according to a survey.

And hardly any of them could name the prime minister – David Lloyd George – who led us to victory.

But it’s not really their fault, is it? Truth is, they’re not taught stuff like this any more.

The history curriculum has been pretty much stripped of things which shows Britain in a good light, or British people being the victims of aggression.

Instead, they learn very dubious arguments about slavery and colonialism.

It’s a dangerous thing. When you lose a sense of pride in your nation, you also start to lose respect for its authority and its laws.

And you raise a generation of perpetually whining airheads who understand nothing of the sacrifices made by Britons in the past.

Beeb’s out of touch

The BBC is about to spend more than two million quid on a propaganda campaign to make you pay its licence fee.

This is as opposed to the rest of its budget, which is spent on a propaganda campaign to convince you that all immigration is good, Israel is evil and Brexit a catastrophe.

Fewer and fewer people watch the BBC.

The licence fee has become an absurdity – an unjust tax which growing numbers of people simply refuse to pay.
By youngian
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Dan wrote:
Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:24 am
I don't think they get that the comedy from the show is that nearly all of Del Boy's big ideas end up going drastically wrong because he ends up in too deep with no real idea of how to play with the big boys. Sound familiar?
Everything was simple to Del; Chandelier cleaning, flogging cheap lots of AM car radios, bottling mineral water (we'll give him that).

My mum and dad were born in the early thirties and they knew shit about WWI as it wasn't a popular topic of conversation in their childhood. And I doubt those that do know anything about WWI voted for Brexit.
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