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By Boiler
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Anything to distract from the Russia and Arcuri reports, eh Boris?

Seriously, it's quite obvious he wants to leave a bricks-and-mortar memorial behind for him, his poisonous family and all his illegitimate kids when he dies, so why not just knock Nelson's Column down and put a 200-foot tall statue of himself in Trafalgar Square?

This nonsensical idea also has another problem - the Irish railways are a different gauge to us. It's quite feasible to have rolling stock that can adjust for gauge, but...

Where does Cumface get all his dead cats from?
By Dan
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#598484 ... -inspired/

Seems fine on the surface - paying tribute to a popular and obviously much loved entertainer after her tragic death.

Never taking into consideration that sticking the knife in when she was down, never leaving her alone when she was struggling and crucifying her in the court where they and social media are the judge and jury may have consequences.

Even if you never watched anything that Caroline Flack presented, her death was a senseless tragedy quite probably caused by the cult of celebrity - pain sells.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Caroline Flack’s energy, kindness and huge talent made her one in a million

HEALTH minister Matt Hancock is right when he says “we must do much more as a society to look out for each other, whether online or off”.

The coming days after Caroline Flack’s tragic passing will not only be one of grief, but reflection — as to how Britain lost one of its brightest stars.

Caroline’s energy, kindness and huge talent made her one in a million, and a massive favourite with people of all ages and among our team at The Sun.

Charities like the Samaritans who work to prevent suicide say there are usually many complex reasons for why someone chooses to take their own life.

It is rarely due to one particular factor.

Certainly, there will be hard questions for the Crown Prosecution Service.

Why did it push forward with Caroline’s case?

Her boyfriend wanted to drop the charges, and her management team have said she was vulnerable.

From our close family, to friends, to neighbours, we can all positively impact on others’ wellbeing.

Whether it’s asking if someone is OK, or offering an ear for a chat, even the smallest act may make a difference.

We may never know the true causes of Caroline’s death, but if there’s anything we can take from this terrible tragedy, it’s remembering to reach out.

BBC freed

AT last. The Government has a plan to revolutionise the BBC.

After months of speculation, senior figures say they’re “not bluffing” about changes, with the licence fee due to be axed in favour of a subscription model.

But this will not be the death knell that many on the left and right fear.

On the contrary, it will give the BBC a new lease of life, with viewers having more stake than ever before in what shows they watch. Or don’t watch.

It means the BBC can finally start to reflect the general public’s views.

The BBC will always be a beloved British institution.

But it’s one that needs to modernise too.

No defence

SO much for a strong post-Brexit Britain.

Due to delays in making new frigates, our navy is about to become smaller than Italy’s.

The total number of our frigates and destroyers will stand at 15 by the mid 2020s — despite the Government saying they would never have less than 19.

Given that Iran attempted to obstruct a British oil tanker last year, this is a desperate state of affairs.

Territory such as the Falklands will have limited defence.

It’s an open invitation to our enemies, and frankly, a little embarrassing.

With an upcoming defence review this year, Chancellor Rishi Sunak must put the navy top of his priority list.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Oh dear. Trouble in paradise?
On this occasion, Boris must ignore Dominic Cummings and use his common sense.

THE SUN SAYS Punishing hard-working Brits by hiking fuel tax is a sure way for Boris Johnson to lose votes

PUNISHING hard-working people for going about their daily business is a sure way to haemorrhage votes.

So why on earth is Boris Johnson’s top adviser considering hiking the fuel tax?

For smart city types blessed with excellent transport links, the increase would be a nuisance.

But for the Prime Minister’s new wave of voters who switched to Tory — ordinary grafters living in towns and villages — it’d be downright disastrous.

Everywhere you look, these people are being hammered by the cost of living.

Millions of Brits work hard day and night, yet come home to brown envelopes with yet more demands to pay. Energy bills, council tax, parking costs, phone bills, food bills — up, up, up.

Of course, it’s great that the Government is investing £5billion in bus and cycling routes to make life that bit cheaper for commuters. That’s exactly the sort of policy we’ve been calling for.

But it can’t come at the expense of Britain’s 37 million drivers. On this occasion, Boris must ignore Dominic Cummings and use his common sense.

Whacking voters with a whopping great tax for the privilege of taking their kids to school won’t make him any friends.

Home squatters

DOES the shamelessness of fatcat property developers know no bounds?

Thanks to soaring house prices and rent, record numbers of young adults in their 20s and 30s live with their parents.

Councils are doing their bit: nine out of ten planning permission requests are now granted.

And the Government has stepped in with a plan to make houses 30 per cent cheaper for local first-time buyers, which could be a game-changer.

But they’re swimming upstream, as property developers are doing all they can to make the crisis WORSE.

Instead of rushing to build new homes as soon as planning permission is granted, these greedy parasites are sitting on over one million plots of land waiting for their value to increase.

Squirrelling away planning permissions while Brits pay through the nose to have a roof over their heads is the height of immorality.

The Government must act now to stop the deceitful practice.

EU’s relics

WITH crushing predictability, EU officials are rehashing the well-worn arguments over the Elgin Marbles.

Doesn’t Brussels have a few more pressing concerns?

The British Museum has done a wonderful job of preserving these fabulous sculptures for the world for centuries.

Puffed-up Eurocrats might think they’re playing hardball.

But to us, it looks like they’ve lost their marbles.
By youngian
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WITH crushing predictability, EU officials are rehashing the well-worn arguments over the Elgin Marbles.

Does the Sun really still not know how this works (bureaucrats do as they’re told, elected governments provide the agenda) or is just their stupid readers? The fact that the UK has so little to offer Greece they’re prepared to go to the wire on this issue should ring alarm bells.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Just for the record; the Far Right terror attack in Germany didn't make the first few pages of The Sun. It was reported in a small section of page 22.

There has been a rise in far right hate in Germany since Angela Merkel let in more than a million refugees and migrants.

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