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By satnav
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What is all this nonsense about.


I think it is one thing to ask for volunteers to help with testing but I'm not sure I'd be over thrilled to a volunteer administering a vaccine.

It also seems rather ironic that a paper that helped to drive thousands of EU doctors and nurses out of the NHS is now desperate to find volunteers to plug the gap.
By Boiler
The words "Needle stick injury" come to mind here. I remember coming home from an acupuncture session once wondering what the jabbing sensation near my waistband was.

You guessed it. Mercifully, the fucker didn't break.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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I inject myself about 1k times a year. Am I qualified to handle and dispense an extremely fragile vaccine to vulnerable people in sterile conditions? Amifuck.

Now look at at the Sun demographic. Sanitary isn't a word I'd use. Alongside literate, cautious, comforting, flexible, resourceful and reliable.
By Andy McDandy
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They'll love it. Standing around in a hi-vis vest barking orders at people in a car park. Before Brexit only woke lefty gold plated pensions council workers had such privilege.
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