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By Boiler
Anything to distract from the Russia and Arcuri reports, eh Boris?

Seriously, it's quite obvious he wants to leave a bricks-and-mortar memorial behind for him, his poisonous family and all his illegitimate kids when he dies, so why not just knock Nelson's Column down and put a 200-foot tall statue of himself in Trafalgar Square?

This nonsensical idea also has another problem - the Irish railways are a different gauge to us. It's quite feasible to have rolling stock that can adjust for gauge, but...

Where does Cumface get all his dead cats from?
By Dan
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#598484 ... -inspired/

Seems fine on the surface - paying tribute to a popular and obviously much loved entertainer after her tragic death.

Never taking into consideration that sticking the knife in when she was down, never leaving her alone when she was struggling and crucifying her in the court where they and social media are the judge and jury may have consequences.

Even if you never watched anything that Caroline Flack presented, her death was a senseless tragedy quite probably caused by the cult of celebrity - pain sells.
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