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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Just an important reminder that this is all the fault of Remainers. Definitely not Brexiters.

Blame game

IT is staggering to hear Remainer pundits inside their Remainer bubble blame Brexit-backing politicians for the current chaos.

A Remainer PM with her Remainer Chancellor and Remainer friends entrusted a Remainer civil servant to negotiate Brexit.

For show, three successive Leavers were made Brexit Secretary, then sidelined. Two quit in protest.

Remain ultras working for a billionaire Remainer’s campaign to rerun the referendum openly conspired with the EU to destroy our negotiating position.

Remainer politicians, campaigners and journalists outnumbered Brexiters four to one on virtually all TV news shows, heaping bile on Brexit.

And Mrs May’s deal would still have lost on Tuesday even if every single Leaver had backed it — because a Tory Remainer hardcore prefer the horrific chaos of a second referendum.

Leave MPs aren’t the “hardliners” in this battle, unless it is hardline to fulfil a democratic mandate as promised.

This fiasco is not of their making.

Kick in ballots

YOU’D have thought from social media that there was a national clamour for a second referendum. There isn’t.

Even the number of MPs backing it so far is utterly disproportionate to the noise they make. But it will grow.

And we are fascinated to know what Brexit option they would graciously allow Leavers to vote for. If any.

It couldn’t be No Deal, if Remainer MPs intend to make that “illegal”.

Nor could it be Mrs May’s deal. How could MPs overwhelmingly condemn that, then make it the sole Leave choice?

A second referendum before the first result is enacted would be a grotesque enough assault on our democracy.

Wait till you see how the “people’s vote” cult frame the question on the ballot paper.

I also just wanted to go back to this for a second. This was one of their many editorials ranting about the 'Nanny State' when it comes to obesity and food. As I said at the time:

Ranting away about obesity again and sneering at every single idea that is put forward to tackle it. They very rarely suggest something themselves and when they do it's always this:
The focus should be on a relentless education campaign informing people what’s in their food and how many calories a day they should aim at.

So, as usual they demand education and information about how many calories a day they should aim for. That is the only suggestion The Sun ever makes during these rants.

Here is their reaction to exactly what they called for:

IMAG8762-20190117-125238745.jpg (248.24 KiB) Viewed 1293 times

There we go then. They sneer at absolutely every suggestion to tackle obesity and their only suggestion is - " informing people what’s in their food and how many calories a day they should aim at.".

Then, when that happens, they sneer at that too and start waffling on about "Nanny State" again.
By youngian
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Remain ultras working for a billionaire Remainer’s campaign to rerun the referendum

You mean George Soros the internationalist Jewish financier pulling the strings?
Remainer politicians, campaigners and journalists outnumbered Brexiters four to one on virtually all TV news shows, heaping bile on Brexit.

They are? Don't believe you but would love to.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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They're absolutely fuming today:

THE SUN SAYS Leaver MPs must fight and not cave in — No Deal Brexit is not national suicide

NO Deal is not national suicide. Ruling it out is. Here’s why:

It’s not just that opting to Remain instead of Leave as the default on March 29 betrays the referendum result.

It’s that we will have fallen into Brussels’ trap and lost their game of chicken.

The surest route out of all this chaos is to win the support of the DUP and Tory Brexiteers for Theresa May’s deal.

It has other flaws, but the Irish backstop is fatal — dividing Britain from Northern Ireland and crushing our ambitions for independent global trade.

Our dismal Chancellor Philip ­Hammond, a politician with zero drive, optimism or negotiating acumen, feebly moans it is a “waste of time” demanding from Brussels a time-limit on the backstop or an exit from it.

That is typical defeatism from a man who has done everything to nullify Brexit and minimise vital No Deal preparations.

It is very far from a waste of time.

The EU now have every incentive to make their deal with Mrs May work — but only if No Deal is our fallback.

Why? Because the eurozone is in huge trouble.

Germany is almost in recession. Its giant firms admit they are “staring into the abyss” of a No Deal. Ireland would be severely hit.

If we kill that possibility off, if we tell them that we’ll effectively Remain by default, that’s it: We lose.

That’s why Remainers, from Nick Boles to Hammond himself, are so keen on it.

Corbyn is too because he is paralysed by indecision and just needs something to say.

But the Cabinet and those MPs, Tory and Labour, who know Brexit must happen need to wake up right now.

They are being played like fiddles by Brussels, aided by Parliament’s Remainers and a Commons Speaker gone rogue.

They must not cave in. They must fight — or the public will never forgive them.

Blockhead MPs

IS anyone seriously looking for a “consensus” on Brexit?

What concessions have any opposition leaders offered Theresa May? They all just demand a second referendum and/or No Deal “taken off the table”.

Yes, the Government is sticking to its guns too. But there’s a difference:
It is backed by the moral force of a national referendum it has a duty to honour.

Berc of week

IN case there was any doubt about the nauseating Remain bias of Commons Speaker John Bercow, his new accolade extinguishes it.

The continental Press have named the pompous little toad “European of the Week”.

How proud he must be.

Let’s hope his local Tories speed up their plans to oust him as an MP.

He is not the gatekeeper of our democracy. He violates it.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Time for Dominic Grieve to get a kicking. The newspaper that champions Man Of The People Rees-Mogg says Grieve "doesn’t give a damn about the little people, of course, being a grand QC and former Attorney General."

THE SUN SAYS Tory plotters need to understand the concept of winning and losing and not hand victory to those defeated in the Brexit referendum

WHAT is it about the simple concept of winning and losing that the wretched Tory plotters cannot grasp?

Not only do they want to hand victory to those defeated in the referendum — they want to do so via a minority of MPs hijacking Brexit, dictating terms to the Government and forcing a vote to ­suspend our Article 50 notice.

It is an insane attempt to upend the ancient political principle that a Government with a majority governs. It is a bid for power without a mandate.

Shifty Dominic Grieve fancies himself as a Remain superhero, outwitting the Government to rob 17.4million voters.

He doesn’t give a damn about the little people, of course, being a grand QC and former Attorney General.

But Grieve is doing catastrophic harm to his party, to Parliament and our democracy. History won’t be kind to him.

The Government he is destabilising is the only prayer Leavers have.

Their betrayal by Labour is close, and inevitable.

Labour’s Brexit chief Keir Starmer now admits that he aims to secure a second referendum — then campaign, and vote, for Remain.

If that’s not Corbyn’s policy, why isn’t Starmer fired?

All the chaos brings Theresa May ever closer to an election.

One in which every Tory Remainer plotting to kill Brexit must be deselected and replaced.

With candidates who stay loyal to voters and make promises they intend to keep.

And as usual when The Sun are in a bad mood they do the customary attack on "virtue-signalling" Khan:

Night Mayor

SADIQ Khan’s “poll tax” on drivers looks like the biggest disaster of his inglorious tenure as London Mayor.

We know he is a lightweight who prefers virtue-signalling to fixing the city’s problems. But this insane pollution charge could prove fatal to his prospects.

Not only is his scheme, to hammer drivers in his Ultra Low Emissions Zone, vastly expensive to set up, it will barely improve air quality. All those who cannot replace their old car with a “cleaner” new model will be clobbered.

Which of course hits the lowest-paid hardest. And, naturally, other left-wing councils nationwide are following suit.

How very “progressive” it all is.

And a bit of reliable "sport are troops":

Heroes' snub

NO ONE expects a flag-waving jamboree on the 50th anniversary of troops being deployed to Northern Ireland. But why would the MoD not mark it at all?

It is a snub of a piece with the hounding of veterans over their actions decades ago.

It stems from a corrosive political correctness in modern politicians’ attitudes towards our role in the Troubles, where 1,441 troops died quelling the IRA’s campaign of slaughter.

Labour may be led by pensioner revolutionaries who supported the terrorists.

That’s no reason for the Tories to forget who the good guys were — and their bravery in securing the peace.
By MisterMuncher
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It is a snub of a piece with the hounding of veterans over their actions decades
Yes. Quite. What's a bit of light terrorism, equipping terrorists with arms and intelligence, building a few car bombs, withdrawing law enforcement prior to terrorists attacks and a few tens of piddling little murders to get worked up about? It was a long time ago.

Fuck off.
By Andy McDandy
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Times and circumstances change. It wasn't appropriate in 1999, or an issue in 2009. But now the narrative in news reporting on the right has gone back to "uppity Micks". Also, deification of the military has been steadily on the grow.
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