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Mercer is responding to his Brexit breakdown by writing Andy McNab boys-own novelettes

I was in a Special Forces Operations room somewhere in southern Afghanistan watching the situation unfold.

A Royal Marines patrol had been hit hard in a follow-up on an IED strike that had severely injured one of their colleagues. They had extracted the casualty at such a pace that his legs were left behind – severed in the blast. The Taliban were dancing, holding the Marines legs above their heads – a call had come in to launch our Special Forces Task Group to recover them.

The men were angry – they wanted to go on the job. The Squadron Commander was not convinced.

“I cannot lose a lifter (CH47 Chinook) over a pair of f——— legs,” he kept saying. “You think the lad would want that?”

“I think you’re wrong,” said one of the lads. “I know you do,” he replied.

I had an MQ9 Reaper on station, and was watching over the scene. I wanted to drop one on the whole lot of them and put an end to the macabre scene. “We’re not going. We’re not doing it. Let it go,” said the Squadron Commander. ... GCTPVKXNOA
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The technically illiterate Sun are waffling on about "shutting down" social media:

Shut vile sites

WEB firms think they’re untouchable.

Vulnerable Molly Russell faced a flood of self-harm images on Instagram and Pinterest — helping drive her to suicide.

The sites haven’t done enough to stop a repeat of this tragedy.

And the power of the web giants is only growing. Last week, Facebook revealed plans to merge Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger into the world’s largest social network.

Enough. We need action now.

So well done Matt Hancock for threatening the nuclear option. He warns companies could be shut down if they continue to fuel a suicide epidemic.

Britain must be a world leader in holding the tech Goliaths to account.

No more kids should suffer Molly’s fate.

After spending months threatening civil disorder The Sun now scoff at the idea of civil disorder and call it "fear-mongering":

Stand firm, PM

MARTIAL law? Come off it.

Claims that Britain will need military intervention in a No Deal Brexit are the most ridiculous fear-mongering yet.

No Deal would be a challenge — but Britain would get through it and thrive.

Panicked civil servants should listen to the Queen. As Her Majesty said, seeking common ground will take us far.

Because even if No Deal isn’t ideal, it must stay on the table.

When Theresa May heads back to Brussels, the EU need to know we’re serious about walking away if they don’t fix the ridiculous backstop.

That’s why Yvette Cooper’s parliamentary power grab is so dangerous.

If MPs delay Brexit fearing No Deal, Britain’s hand will be weaker, making a second referendum a real danger.

It’s also worrying that Mrs May told allies she could never go for No Deal.

Stand firm, Prime Minister — and don’t crumble to the prophets of doom.

Hail tax heroes

BOSSES at tax-dodging firms like Starbucks should read of Britain’s biggest taxpayers — and hang their heads in shame.

Some firms will go to any lengths to slash their tax bills. But there are dozens of patriotic tycoons who shell out nine-figure sums to the state every year.

James Dyson — a hate figure for the left over Brexit — paid £128million last year, enough to fund 5,000 nurses.

That’s 30 TIMES the size of Amazon’s UK tax payment.

Entrepreneurs who give back to society represent the best of British.

Kick out racists

RACISM has no place in football.

Bigotry reared its head at the weekend as Millwall fans chanted vile slogans during their game against Everton.

In Italy, clubs are forced to play behind closed doors if their fans spout racist bile at players or rival supporters.

Let’s do the same here.
By bluebellnutter
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Closing down vile institutions that propagate hatred and bile?

I can think of one which could be killed off for a start...
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun, on numerous occasions, have gone ballistic at Remainer MP's who are in a Leave constituency. They accuse them of betraying their constituents which should result in them losing their job.

Today, they ask Leave MP's in Remain constituency to betray their constituents...

THE Sun today urges every MP to stop Labour-backed Remainers’ shameful bid to destroy Brexit.

Not just MPs in Leave constituencies. All those who respect our democracy, their election promises and the votes they then took in Parliament.

Unbelievable how brazen they're becoming in their complete and utter double standards and hypocrisy. They really do rely on their readers to be too thick to notice them changing their view on a daily basis.

THE SUN SAYS The Sun urges MPs to stop Labour-backed Remainers KILLING Brexit and shamefully betraying 17.4m Leave voters
THE Sun today urges every MP to stop Labour-backed Remainers’ shameful bid to destroy Brexit.

Not just MPs in Leave constituencies. All those who respect our democracy, their election promises and the votes they then took in Parliament.

If on Tuesday Jeremy Corbyn’s party helps to pass Yvette Cooper’s amendment to the Withdrawal Agreement, Labour will own the probable destruction of the biggest democratic mandate in our history and the betrayal of 17.4million voters.

Cooper and Tory Remainer Nick Boles claim they merely want to allow Parliament to override the Government and “postpone” Brexit from March 29 if no deal can be found with the EU.

That is transparent rubbish. Brexit is scheduled to happen on that date by law. They will have blocked it — and it could then become permanent, as Remainer plotters hope and intend.

They offer no plan other than to delay. But they know it will buy them time not for better terms from the EU but for THEIR alternatives: a second referendum, the disastrous “Norway Plus” non-Brexit, even the scrapping of Article 50.

Its immediate effect will be to destroy the Government’s leverage just as the EU is wobbling, its economies in crisis and its own fear of No Deal spreading.

Theresa May is desperate to improve her deal with changes to the Irish backstop that can win over backbench Brexiters and the DUP. Cooper’s sabotage would tell Brussels: “Relax . . . offer May nothing. No Deal won’t happen.”

The EU can then sit back and watch Britain tear itself apart, maybe in a General Election, maybe the second referendum Brussels has always craved.

No wonder it’s supported by the ­“people’s vote” mob, the SNP and the Lib-Dems, all dedicated to reversing Brexit at any cost. And Andrew Adonis, the pitiably unhinged Remainer peer.

Cooper’s 2017 election leaflets promised her Leave-voting West Yorkshire constituency she would never try to block Brexit. Why has trust in politicians been destroyed? Look no further than that lie, or similar ones by Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry.

The Sun can see the case for a short delay after March 29, only if necessary to rush through laws needed for Brexit after an exit deal has been approved.

But not to postpone through fear of No Deal. Or to allow time to halt Brexit.

If MPs DO defeat Cooper, Tory Brexiters will need to wake up. They are still fighting among themselves about the changes they want on the backstop. But they MUST give Mrs May ammunition to take into a new battle with Brussels.

And if they are still thinking No Deal is the alternative, they are making a high-risk gamble. Even if Remainers fail on Tuesday they are likely in the end to scupper No Deal, and probably Brexit, by collapsing the Government.

This is a moment of truth too for rogue Speaker John Bercow. He has already torn up ancient rules to skew debate towards his Remainer friends. There will be hell to pay if he handicaps the Government’s position further.

Brexit could suffer a mortal blow tonight. No MP who values our ancient democracy should vote to inflict it.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Safe Timber wrote:Unbelievable how brazen they're becoming in their complete and utter double standards and hypocrisy. They really do rely on their readers to be too thick to notice them changing their view on a daily basis.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun are jubilant today. Obvious they see last nights votes as a success but unless I'm missing something they lost on something that's very important to them. Just yesterday they were raging over the possibility of "No Deal" being ruled out, which they claim will mean we've lost all leverage. Surely that's exactly what the passed Spelman amendment does? So I'm a bit confused about why they're celebrating when the one single thing they claim is essential, the ability to leave without a deal, has been quashed?

THE SUN SAYS Theresa May must know precisely what she is demanding from the EU following her Commons victory

WHAT an amazing night for Theresa May.

After a crushing defeat a fortnight ago, she has won a vote sending her back to Brussels with a firm mandate to demand more from the Brexit deal.

The EU can stonewall all it likes. But every binding Remainer motion to impede or delay Brexit was defeated.

And there is no point Brussels bleating about the Withdrawal Agreement being set in stone. We know it isn’t. Some EU figures have admitted it isn’t. They could tweak the text, time-limit the backstop or find another solution.

They choose not to. And they will stick to that as long as they believe Parliament’s Remainers will ultimately strip the Government of its only negotiating leverage, the threat to just walk away.

Remainers, some in Cabinet, may well yet do that. Nonetheless last night should sow doubt in Brussels’ minds.

The victorious Brady amendment demands a vital, legally binding change to the Irish backstop before the PM’s deal can pass, just as The Sun called for. Even a dejected Corbyn has conceded he now needs to talk to Mrs May.

The PM needs to know precisely what she’s demanding from Brussels — and we’re far from confident the EU will see reason. It is still more likely Brexit will be delayed, softened to a point that could tear the Tories apart or halted.

But, after last night’s staggering turnaround, who knows?
By Abernathy
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The Spelman/Dromey amendment has no binding legal status. Bit like the 2016 referendum result. Except they'll just ignore the Spelman/Dromey amendment instead of fetishising it into the immutable will of the people.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Today The Sun have completed their U-turn and declared that they "don't want a No Deal Brexit". So they've gone from "walk away without a deal" to "No Deal isn't our first choice but we back it" to not wanting a No Deal and claiming it would "unleash misery and chaos" and they only want to use it as a threat.

Do not flinch

IT is vital that the Tories reflect on their new unity and vow to maintain it. Because it could all be reversed in a fortnight — and the EU is counting on it.

That’s why, despite the world watching to see if it is capable of reasonable ­compromise, its eurocrats remained so pig-headedly defiant yesterday.

Their confected rage and ridiculous pretence at still being confused over what Britain wants are stalling tactics.

The hope being that in the new round of votes on February 14 Tory Remainers, some in Cabinet, blink first. That this time they back a motion preventing us leaving without a deal on March 29, setting up the potential reversal of Brexit.

They must not. The cost to the country and their party will be catastrophic.

The Sun does not want No Deal but the threat of it is our greatest leverage. We must not give it up.

It is equally dangerous if Brexiteers overplay their hand. They have pushed Theresa May in the right direction — but they must now be realistic. If the EU does finally offer some meaningful legal commitment on the backstop they must take it.

The PM’s deal will be softer than they want. But hold out for more and Brexit could be lost. A Remainer-stuffed ­Parliament may see to that, however bullish eurosceptic MPs are today.

Meanwhile, two things must happen: While No Deal is still possible we must turbo-charge our preparations for it.

And Brussels must be left in no doubt . . . not one penny of our exit bill will be paid if it happens.

Liability Leo

IRELAND’S naive PM Leo Varadkar will deserve much of the blame for the misery and chaos No Deal would unleash on his people and across Europe.

“We could find ourselves in 10 or 12 weeks’ time needing to find a lot of money to save people’s jobs,” he admits.

It is time, then, for him to stop posing as a hardman and do the right thing.

It is absurd hyperbole to claim Ireland would be betrayed by giving us a legally binding escape option from the backstop at some hypothetical future point.

A hard border will happen only if EU obstinacy pushes us into No Deal. It will then be needed rapidly, as Brussels says.

Varadkar’s continued posturing is suicidal. It’s time to be a real statesman.

Let's get tough

THERESA May needs her most experienced, hard-bitten negotiators in Brussels.

The EU is now represented by Martin ­Selmayr, the bullying German eurocrat bent on punishing Britain. So it is vital we deploy the legal skills of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox alongside tough Kiwi trade expert Crawford Falconer.

Forget the europhile civil servant Olly Robbins.

We need heavier hitters.

And then just Rod Liddle being Rod Liddle:

'Turd' is putting it mildly

SCOTTISH politician Ross Greer has already been called a “ginger turd” by Piers Morgan, and I don’t think I can improve on that. But it’s his ignorance and stupidity that staggers – rather than his hatred for Great Britain, which is something we’re used to from north of the border.

Greer described Winston Churchill as a white supremacist, a mass murderer and a racist, and likened him to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. He says he is simply challenging the “myth” of Churchill. No, Ross, you’re not.

You’re just pig ignorant, with a very poor grasp of history. Of course Churchill was racist. Just about everybody was of his age at that time.

If you can’t see the importance of Churchill to winning the Second World War – against REAL racists, REAL mass murderers – when Britain stood alone, then you lack all sense of context and proportion.

The more I think about it, the more I reckon “ginger turd” was an understatement

Borderline white supremacist language in this one:

Culture club's a big hit

THIS cultural appropriation business is getting out of hand. Marks & Spencer has been slammed by leftie nutters with nothing better to do with their time. For selling a biryani wrap.

They say it’s not authentic. Well of course it’s not bleedin’ authentic. This is the UK, not Mumbai. Singer Katy Perry was attacked for wearing a kimono because she isn’t Japanese.

White people in the US get criticised for wearing training shoes or sporting afros – that’s appropriating black culture, apparently. Though I think it was white folks who invented training shoes. Thing is, cultural appropriation is brilliant.

It’s the way we have of sharing our respective cultures. think it’s wonderful that countries outside Europe and the US have “culturally appropriated” democracy, sanitisation, railways, computers and so on. I wish more would do the same.

Message is clear

SOMALIA is the most corrupt country in the world, according to a list compiled by a group called Transparency International.

Not a great surprise, is it? Nor to see most of the rest of Africa hogging the bottom quarter of the world table.

It’s bad governance and corruption that is keeping Africa poor – not colonialism. You can tell that the compilers of the report are lefties, though.

Asked what countries were becoming more corrupt recently, they named the US, Hungary and Brazil. All three have elected right-wing governments.

As I was reading his usual bollocks I thought to myself that nearly every single time his columns are in some way related to race and/or racism. He's obsessed. I suppose it isn't a surprise considering he's a proven racist but it really is all he seems to talk about:

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By MisterMuncher
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I like that. The negative things about Africa aye obviously true. The negative things about right-wingers are obviously false. From the same report, by the same people.

It's not so much cognitive dissonance as thinking in Tritones.
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