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By MisterMuncher
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Don't know of many kids breaking bones playing Fortnite...

If only someone hadn't spent 20-odd years convincing parents there were dangerous paedos and murderous brown people on every street corner. Perhaps some kind of media conglomerate that whilst massive, has been caught rather flat-footed by the last two decades of changes within their sector, and now lashes blindly at anything that takes eyes off their shit. Good thing there's no-one like that *here*
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By Andy McDandy
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Their appeal is to older people who don't quite get technology, and who are pissed off that younger folk aren't hanging on their every utterance.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Congratulations to the Independents, but you can’t build the foundation of a party on trying to reverse Brexit

OUR congratulations to the Gang of Seven for finally mustering the courage to drag themselves out of the sewer that is ­Corbyn’s Labour.

But there is a fatal flaw in the Remainers’ pitch to the nation.

You cannot “build a new politics” when your foundation stone is an attempt to reverse the biggest democratic mandate in our history.

That is not a respectable position. And it immediately repels 17.4million Leavers, plus many Remainers who know the referendum result must be fulfilled.

Nor can you credibly demand a ­second Brexit vote while refusing to call by-elections in your own seats.​​

In 2017 these MPs won majorities for Labour on Corbyn’s pro-Brexit manifesto. They have dumped both.

They cannot argue Britain needs another referendum without accepting that their own constituencies have a far more urgent claim for a second vote on them.

All that said, we did not disagree with a word as they tore apart Corbyn, his Communist acolytes and the vicious hard-Left sycophants whose sanctimonious hatred pollutes public debate.

Labour is now a racist party. Its deranged economics would reduce us to hardship beyond Britain’s experience.

It loathes the West and sides instinctively with our enemies, even terrorists.

But The Sun has said all this from the moment Corbyn became leader in 2015.

Why did it take Brexit for the Seven to finally walk? How could they stomach the rest of it so long?

That goes tenfold for the scores of Corbyn-hating “moderates” still left. How can Tom Watson remain deputy leader of a regime he now publicly denounces?

What is Yvette Cooper smoking if she believes she has a place in Corbyn’s “broad church”? It is a church so narrow only Corbyn worshippers get a pew.

Her party is over. It will never magically be handed back to Cooper and her pals. They are on borrowed time until Momentum oust the lot.

Yet in a snap election they would lie to you that this man they despise and distrust will make a fine Prime Minister.

Those more principled and brave, Jewish MP Luciana Berger especially, have finally leapt into the unknown.

Brexit aside, good luck to them.

Now the lifeboat is launched, it’s time the others clambered aboard.

A Right mess

LABOUR is in disarray. But things could soon be worse for the Tories.

Six of Theresa May’s Remainer backbenchers could join the new gang.

That’s bad enough. But if the Tories do not deliver Brexit on or soon after March 29 they could split in half, only to be eaten alive by Nigel Farage’s new party.

That’s why they cannot afford to let Remainers steal Brexit negotiations from the Government and postpone it.

And why backbench Brexiters MUST be sensible when changes to the backstop come.

It’s compromise, or catastrophe.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Whenever a big business announces plans to move or that they're struggling because of Brexit The Sun are very quick to call them liars who are just making excuses. It seems it doesn't work both ways. When a company claims something isn't to do with Brexit The Sun insists we must believe them.

THE SUN SAYS Remainers are lying again — and this time about Honda leaving Swindon because of Brexit

OUR minds boggle that the same Remoaners who claim Brexit was sold on “lies” now falsely blame it for Honda leaving Swindon.

They even dispute the car giant’s own bosses bluntly and repeatedly spelling out that it “is not related to Brexit”.

It simply must be. They need it to be.

The facts, though, are that Japan no longer needs to make cars in Europe because the EU trade deal it has finally signed will cut its export tariffs to zero.

Hence its Turkish plant closing too.

Meanwhile the UK factory has struggled for years, making far fewer cars than it once did, with sales falling and the war on diesels forcing Honda to refocus on electric vehicles.

It is vital that Government incentives and a low-tax economy lure another big employer to Swindon to prevent these devastating and traumatic job losses.

But it is grim to see some Remainers concerned only with weaponising them against Brexit, while sniggering that the Wiltshire town voted Leave.

Going strong

BREXIT uncertainty is spooking some firms. But they’re a minority judging by the remarkably rosy new pay and jobs figures.

Wages up 3.4 per cent, their fastest since 2008. And with inflation down to 1.8 per cent, those pay rises count.

Employment is at a record high of 32.6million. Falling unemployment, at four per cent, is the lowest since 1975.

How do Remainers explain it all, if Brexit is already destroying our economy? Oh, wait . . . we know this one:

Bad news is down to Brexit. Good news is because Brexit hasn’t happened yet.

Well done, The Saj.

Brit no more

SAJID Javid has done us a huge service by stripping Shamima Begum of citizenship.

She knew all about the atrocities of IS but flew out anyway to support them as they beheaded aid workers, raped children and burned women to death.

Even now this remorseless teenager justifies the Manchester bombing.

She must not return. So it is great to see the Home Secretary take such swift and bold action.

Well done, The Saj.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I don't think The Sun are taking the news very well...

But these three shameless defectors, puffed up on sanctimony and epic self-regard, were irreconcilable.

They have betrayed their party and their voters. And they’re not done yet.

Tory turncoats

IN some parallel universe the Tory party may have been “captured” by the hard right, as the three turncoats alleged yesterday. It sure as hell hasn’t in this one.

So forget their paranoid and baseless ­fantasies about Ukip infiltrators. Or about the Tories, under their most left-wing leader in a generation, in fact being ruled by compassionless brutes.

It’s window dressing aimed at disguising their sole obsession, a catastrophically divisive second Brexit referendum.

Perhaps they need to justify it to themselves. Because Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen backed the 2016 referendum, vowed to respect the result, voted for Article 50, then stood for election promising Brexit in full: no single market, no customs union.

They now consider it “extreme” to keep those promises instead of breaking them. Ex-colleagues honouring the referendum and manifesto are “anti-EU zealots”.

Wollaston and Soubry represent Leave constituencies. Wollaston even campaigned for Leave initially. How can these hypocrites deny their duped ­constituents immediate by-elections and a “final say” on their duplicity?

At least, though, we now know the new Independent Group’s only policy: to reverse Brexit. The Labour MPs mainly quit Corbyn’s party over its vile anti-Semitism and economic insanity. The Tories’ recruitment shifts the entire focus.

Their anti-Brexit arguments, though, are the same old Remoaner claptrap.

Soubry even trotted out the feeblest of all, counting non-voters to claim 63 per cent of us did not back Brexit: A child’s logic, applying to every election ever.

Allen claimed they heard the “clarion call for change” from 17.4million Leave voters. They intend to ignore them.

They said “compassionate Conservatism” had been sidelined, airbrushing out their own role as serial rebels helping to paralyse Theresa May’s Government.

But now they hope she will dump the DUP and make a pact with them in exchange for their “people’s vote”. She could, if she wished to destroy her party.

The Tories rightly aim to be a “broad church”. But these three shameless defectors, puffed up on sanctimony and epic self-regard, were irreconcilable.

They have betrayed their party and their voters. And they’re not done yet.

Brexit in peril

NEXT week backbench MPs could snatch power from the Government over Brexit in one of the most recklessly insane acts ­Parliament has seen.

A Labour-backed vote, joined by Tory Remainers, would “take No Deal off the table” and effectively end the PM’s negotiations. The fact this is the brainchild of Oliver “Poll Tax” Letwin should tell you what chaos it will unleash.

Which is doubtless why the EU is going cold on compromising. Why should it, if Remainers will postpone Brexit?

Tory Leave MPs must not assume this will fail. Brexit is in mortal danger.


I don't think anybody at all "supports" Begum. This is a strawman argument being used a lot. We want to continue living in a country where the law of the land is followed. Not a country where the rule book can get torn up on a whim to impress rabid tabloid rags and racists. But in the eyes of these morons that means "you support terrorists. Derp."

ISIS bride Shamima Begum doesn’t need help — but liberals who support her do

JUST how full is your reservoir of sympathy for Shamima Begum?

She’s the so-called “ISIS bride” who now wants to come back to civilisation, so she can have a nice life with her baby.

I have to tell you, mine’s looking a bit empty. Just a little bit on the dryish side.

And I was absolutely delighted when the Home Secretary Sajid Javid said she would be stripped of her British citizenship. Good for him. We have been patient with these scumbags for too long.

We put up with them loathing our way of life and everything the country stands for.

We look on indulgently when fellow Brits are blown up or stabbed to death with the inevitable moron scream of “Allahu Akbar”. But maybe we’ve now had enough. Maybe with Shamima, we’ve only just Begum. (Geddit)

Of course, already the liberals are whining that we’re being cruel. We should welcome her home and maybe offer her some counselling.

Up yours. It’s the liberals who need the counselling. Utterly out of step with what most ordinary British people think about this whole business.

When Begum — that’s enough of the Shamima stuff, by the way — left for Syria to join ISIS, she made herself an accessory to mass murder and a traitor to this country.

She had no problem whatsoever with the head-chopping slaughter of innocent people.

It was all for a vile cause in which she absolutely believed — and STILL believes.

She has no regrets whatsoever — she’s made that clear.

It’s just that things didn’t quite work out as she had hoped. ISIS has been obliterated and she’s now in a refugee camp. She ought to think herself lucky she’s not dead.

We’re hoping to send her to Bangladesh, where her family are from.

OK, she wasn’t born in Bangladesh. But that’s where the repulsive creed she believed in has a lot of supporters.

The toxic Islamism which has caused murder and mayhem across the world. On the streets of every European capital, in the USA, in Australia — and here in the UK.

A belligerent and fascistic ideology which has made much of the Middle East — though not Israel — the horrible mess it is today.

Which spreads murder and intolerance wherever it appears. A repulsive creed for which we should have no respect whatsoever.

Our one mistake was in trying to stop Begum and the rest heading off for Syria.

We should have encouraged them. Maybe even given them free plane tickets and a snack for the journey.

And we should have told them all at Heathrow: “Enjoy the flight. You are NEVER coming back.” Never.

We don’t want people like that living in this country. And the problem is we’ve got thousand upon thousand of them.

Perhaps Begum will be useful to us, in the end. Because it may be with this awful young woman that we’ve finally said: Enough is enough.

We’ve been indulgent for far too long, not realising that it doesn’t work. Indulgence just makes them worse.

Stay where you are, Begum. You gave up a comfortable life in the West to support murderers. This is where it’s got you.

Labour is party of hate

At last, eight brave MPs have got the hell out of the rancid, racist Labour Party.

It was a big step to take – they’ve devoted their lives to the party. But it is no longer the party it was.

It is led by Marxist infants who supported the IRA and still to this day support the appalling “socialist” regimes in Venezuela and Cuba. Morons who call the genocidal terrorists of Hamas their “friends”. Warped individuals who see only bad things in Britain’s history.

And the eight MPs leave a party which is riddled with anti-Semitism from top to bottom.

Led by a man who laid a wreath at the grave of a Palestinian terrorist. And stuck up for a piece of vile, anti-Jewish supposed artwork. And made the salute of the extremist, anti-Jewish, Muslim Brotherhood.

And – oh the list is endless. His excuse on every occasion is to portray himself as a cretin who didn’t know where he was or what he was doing.

Investigations into anti-Semitism within the party were an utter sham. Conducted by the ludicrous Shami Chakrabarti, who was immediately made Shadow Attorney General by Corbyn, so grateful was he for the whitewash.

And incredibly, even after the MPs resigned, Corbyn’s allies were saying they were all funded by “Israeli money”. They can’t stop themselves.

My only problem is why the eight didn’t immediately join the Liberal Democrats. They all believe in a second referendum on Brexit. They are all social liberals. Why form a new pro-Remainer party when there are so many others to choose from?

Eat rubbish — but move more

British children are the most unhealthy in the Western world, according to a new study.

Little fat lummoxes lying on their a***s all day playing computer games.

Ferried to and fro in their parent’s cars.

And that’s the problem – lack of exercise. It’s not the food they eat. Back when I was a kid I had an appalling diet. Remember Findus Crispy Pancakes and – oooh how I miss them – Toast Toppers?

Biscuits by the packet, sweets by the trolleyload.

And my mates ate exactly the same – and we were all whippet-thin.

Because we spent every moment we could playing football.

Both parents and schools have a responsibility to get the kids moving, playing competitive sports, or just – hell – walking.

Sexist Karl no legend

Deeply disappointed not to have been invited on to any radio shows to give my tuppence worth about fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Ah well.

I know you shouldn’t speak ill of the recently dead. But my contribution would have been to point out that Lagerfeld was a woman-hating, spiteful, obnoxious, preening and generally untalented t**t.

Like most people in the fashion industry, in fact.

A poet once said that the death of every man diminishes us.

That’s probably right. But still, I’m not feeling terribly diminished today.

Anything out there?

They're searching for aliens again.

Nasa, I mean. They’ve just launched a new programme to track them down, wherever they may be.

They can’t quite accustom themselves to the idea that there is NOTHING OUT THERE.

The universe is entirely empty of sentient – or insentient – life. It is a vast sphere of nothingness, like the inside of Gary Lineker’s head.

And if there were aliens, I don’t suppose we’d like them much.

Invite them here and there’d soon be graffiti saying: “Purple-headed one-eyed alien b******* go home!”

Best to leave well alone, I reckon.
By youngian
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Both Shamima Begum or those baying for her blood seem to have a limited understanding and respect for citizens rights, rule of law and separation of powers. Until they get caught. Didn't Rod get his collar felt for getting a bit handy with his girlfriend? You can bet he had an expensive liberal elite brief on hand to ensure all his rights are respected. And so he should.
By Andy McDandy
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He's got a point on aliens. It'd be him and his readers leading the graffiti spraying.

Still, comes across all a bit "bloody scientists, what do THEY know?". As opposed to market traders from Stoke.
By Bones McCoy
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KevS wrote:
Thu Feb 21, 2019 2:18 pm
So, eight Labour MPs leave: Upstanding, principled individuals.

Three Tory MPs leave: You duplicitous WHORES!

That's alright then.
Congratulations to the Independents (Sun 20/02/2019) - now merely wrapping your haddock and chips.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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I think it's dawned on The Sun that they may have been cheer leading something that could turn out to be illegal:

But if it turns out we cannot keep this wicked teenager out she must face years in prison.

Yes, that's what we've been saying all along...but you've been accusing us of "supporting terrorists", you fucking morons.

THE SUN SAYS Our terrorism laws are inadequate and there’s a case for nailing returning jihadis with a life sentence under treason laws

THE case for nailing returning jihadis with a new treason law carrying a life sentence is overwhelming.

A derisory percentage of British traitors who wage war against our troops, or support those who do, are convicted. Our terrorism laws are inadequate.

So Home Secretary Sajid Javid is right to consider a brand new Treason Act, as raised yesterday in the Lords.

One peer said anyone who, like Shamima Begum, justified the Manchester Arena massacre or who attacked our forces or civilians “betrayed this country, its people, its values and its laws”. That must carry a heavy penalty.

Jeremy Corbyn might want Begum flown home and supported — what else would we expect from the terrorists’ friend? Most people recoil at the idea.

But if it turns out we cannot keep this wicked teenager out she must face years in prison.

She eagerly supported ISIS as they committed unspeakable atrocities.

It would be appalling if she returned to London with near impunity.

Banana splitter

“THE minute we start ignoring the democratic will of the people we are slipping very quickly towards the kind of banana republic I don’t want to live in.”

The noble Brexit thoughts of Heidi Allen MP, with which we heartily agree.

She voiced them to reassure Tory ­voters 20 months before she flounced out of their party, swore to destroy it and joined a new Westminster group apparently dedicated solely to slipping us very quickly towards the kind of banana republic she doesn’t want to live in.

Meanwhile, her vindictive colleague Anna Soubry implies that Theresa May has a sinister fixation with immigration. And she is simply outraged that the PM ignored her sage advice to stay in all the major EU institutions we voted to leave.

So much for others being “extreme”.

But these are “moderate” views, as seen from inside the London Remoaner bubble.

Brace yourselves for some staggering hypocrisy:
This dangerous compulsion to spread unchecked “facts” or blatant lies that fit a poster’s worldview is rife in the UK too.

Web of deceit

NEVER was social media’s toxic power to spread lies better exposed than by TV actor Jussie Smollett’s apparent mugging by white racists in Donald Trump hats.

The gay star’s tearful tale was championed without question online by frothing left-wing celebs, politicians and journalists across America. It was clinching proof of their caricature of Trump ­voters as ­violent, bigoted homophobes.

How many will apologise now, or think twice, as Smollett is charged with staging the assault using two paid helpers to raise his profile and secure a wage hike?

This dangerous compulsion to spread unchecked “facts” or blatant lies that fit a poster’s worldview is rife in the UK too.

We dislike Trump’s gripes about “fake news” discrediting him. But this could not have been better scripted to prove his point.
By Big Arnold
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How many will apologise now, or think twice, as Smollett is charged with staging the assault using two paid helpers to raise his profile and secure a wage hike?
They may believe in the principle of "presumed innocent until proved innocent".
By cycloon
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The perennial flipside is whenever someone is done for racially aggravated stuff, the Sun et al see no need to worry about the wider position. 'Isolated incident, nothing to do with us'.

Also note Smollet's case highlights how this shit doesn't fly just cos libruls. In Rod Liddle world he would get away with it cos he's black. So which is it to be? They can't have their cake and eat it... Oh but they can. Hence the attacks by libruls on this conceit the Sun relies on.

It also doesn't prove Trump's line about his foes one iota. That is either intellectual bankruptcy or moral bankruptcy. Hell, why not both?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Too many Tories seem not to realise what damage they are doing to the party’s hard-won reputation for competence

:lol: :lol:

THE SUN SAYS The Brexit vote has been delayed again but this time it isn’t the PM’s fault

ANOTHER vote, another delay. But this one isn’t the Prime Minister’s fault.

The finger is firmly pointed at the Cabinet careerists who are making Government policy on the hoof, seemingly incapable of grasping even the most basic rules of collective responsibility.

The traitorous trio in her Cabinet — Amber Rudd, Greg Clark and David Gauke — sunk any chance of progress in Egypt this week with their demand for No Deal to be “taken off the table”.

What reason do EU leaders, who already need to be dragged to the negotiating table, have to give the PM any concessions when even her fellow Cabinet members are giving Brussels a wink that
Parliament wouldn’t allow a clean break? Is that helping or hindering our chances of a better deal?

We are entering a vital fortnight. The last thing Mrs May needs now is Cabinet rebellions, backbench grandstanding and a leadership beauty contest.

Too many Tories seem not to realise what damage they are doing to the party’s hard-won reputation for competence when they go completely off-grid.

Or to faith in politicians and our political process in general when they fight tooth and nail to stop Brexit, but aren’t even honest about their intentions.

Theresa May has a tough job for the next two weeks. The least her Party can do is let her get on with it in peace.

Quit! Jez do it

EVERY insight into what a Corbyn government would look like makes the prospect even more terrifying.

This weekend he, again, brushed off the anti-Semitism in his party as a matter of personal opinion. And then he had a go at the media for asking why more and more MPs in his shrinking party say he’s unfit to lead Great Britain. Approved questions only, please.

Even the supposedly sensible ones on his front bench appear to have left the reservation. Emily Thornberry reckons she’d rather die than join another political party. Eh?

To those Labourites who haven’t yet abandoned his sinister ship, we have one message. Make like the hard-working, decent MP Ian Austin.

And quit.
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