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By Safe_Timber_Man
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So The Sun have constantly demanded to know what Labour's stance is on they don't like the answer.

WREXIT Jeremy Corbyn backs second Brexit referendum as Emily Thornberry confirms Labour will campaign to REMAIN in betrayal to 17.4m Leave voters

SO that’s that. Labour WILL betray 17.4million Leave voters, as The Sun long ago predicted.

Corbyn has already committed to trying to postpone Brexit on March 29.

His conditional agreement to back a second referendum is a sickening reversal of his manifesto pledges to honour the first.

Imagine how Labour’s millions of duped Leavers will feel if his duplicity ends up negating their Brexit vote — after they helped him to a half-decent election performance in 2017.

Most of Labour’s at-risk marginal seats, and those they need to win, voted Leave. But Labour’s more paralysing fear is more Remainer MPs abandoning the party. They have clearly decided to throw their Leavers under the bus.

The party is now in desperate straits.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun have been getting bolder and bolder about potential libel and are now outright calling Corbyn a racist:

He is up to his neck in anti-Semitism. It comes so naturally it has apparently never occurred to him he’s racist.

Party of hate

JEREMY Corbyn finally abandoned all pretence to be purging his party of racism by failing to sack Chris Williamson MP.

After a day-long dither, Labour has reluctantly suspended him.

Don’t expect that to last long.

Williamson may be an odious liar who shames Parliament. A man who backs Venezuela’s socialist tyrant even as he starves his people. A man now caught claiming Labour was “too apologetic” about its widespread anti-Semitism.

But his leader secretly agrees with him. If Labour really acted after reviewing Williamson’s “pattern of behaviour”, they should see Corbyn’s.

He is up to his neck in anti-Semitism. It comes so naturally it has apparently never occurred to him he’s racist. The same goes for the Momentum mob who cheered on Williamson’s Jew-baiting.

Anti-Semites and extremist cranks have poured into Labour since one of their own became leader in 2015.

And it is clear — from the whitewash report that secured Shami Chakrabarti her shameful peerage, to yesterday’s reluctance over Williamson — that the party just doesn’t care.

Some decent MPs have quit already. Others need the same guts.

The Sun have been trying to distance themselves from the No Deal nutters recently:

Brexit killers

THE price of rejecting Theresa May’s deal, even with an improved backstop, is now depressingly clear for Tory Brexiteers.

Remainers will then force through a delay to Brexit which, according to President Macron, will be agreed by the EU only if Britain produces a new plan.

Indeed if we go cap in hand to Brussels, begging permission to let us stay in a bit longer, they can impose any terms.

In panic, MPs will approve a much softer Brexit — maybe a permanent ­customs union — or a second referendum. They will instruct the Government to negotiate a long enough delay for either.

Some of the same Brexiteer MPs who helped bring about our historic decision in 2016 are now in grave danger of destroying it, along with their own legacy.

Out of order

IMAGINE if our country’s future came down to one MP’s vote on March 12.

Imagine if it belonged to an ex-con, freshly released from prison for dishonesty, still wearing an ankle tag in the Commons chamber.

Corbynista Fiona Onasanya should have had the decency to resign when she was banged up for perverting justice.

But she didn’t. So now we are exposed to the scandalous absurdity of a ­disgraced politician returning from prison to make laws . . . while still being monitored by police.

A jail term should end an MP’s career.

If Onasanya plays any influential role in Brexit votes, or any others, it will be the last straw for our democracy’s credibility.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun on knife crime: Lock 'em up. Harsher punishments. DO SOMETHING!!

The Sun on Bloody Sunday: Aw leave 'em alone, they're old and it was a long time ago.

THE SUN SAYS PM’s £1.6bn forgotten towns fund is not good enough for loony-Left — they would go for bottomless borrowing

NOTHING’S ever enough for ­Labour, is it?

Theresa May dishes out £1.6billion to “forgotten” towns and MPs merely gripe that it’s “pathetic” and “embarrassing”.

In loony-Left land you can just print more money. Or borrow half a trillion pounds. In the real world £1.6billion may not be a king’s ransom, divvied up among dozens of Brexit-backing ­communities, but it’s not nothing either.

As Mrs May says, it’s just a first step to boosting areas left behind by successive Labour and Tory Governments — a Sun demand the day after the Leave vote.

More radical action must come. Deprived areas outside the North must benefit too.

As sensible Labour MP Caroline Flint says: “It isn’t enough — but it is a step forward.” Exactly.

Old technology

IN the smartphone era it seems shocking that five million Brits have no web access.

But many cannot afford broadband. Others, old folk especially, find tech confusing. Some just have no interest.

They must not be discriminated against by shifting some public services entirely online. Broadband giants could help, with dirt-cheap rates for over-75s.

But OAPs who choose to shun the web should not endure a lower quality of life.

Knives crisis

MORE cops, more stop-and-search and harder sentences can conquer knife crime.

The failure on all three fronts, and the rise of “county lines” drug gangs, have been a deadly cocktail.

Scotland cut offences dramatically with new violence-reduction units liaising with social services and schools to target kids early. Courts also imposed much harsher sentences.

Ours are far too lenient. Many ignore the “two strikes and you’re out” mandatory jail rule for offenders over 16.

Neither the Government nor Labour’s holiday-loving London Mayor Sadiq Khan seem to grasp how bad this crisis is.

The Home Secretary must get a grip.

‘Sunday’ farce

WHAT is the point of stirring up a hornet’s nest by trying four old soldiers over the Bloody Sunday killings 47 years ago?

These pensioners would be answering for split-second decisions taken in their 20s under extreme pressure.

And there would rightly be a clamour to try scores of IRA suspects too. Especially now a Dublin court has ruled that the letters the Blair Government sent them, saying they were not wanted men, do NOT constitute an amnesty.

Bloody Sunday was a day of shame for the Army. It was examined in minute detail by the Saville Inquiry, blame was apportioned and David Cameron apologised on the Government’s behalf.

Leave it at that.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS President Macron has neatly summarised the reasons Britain is right to leave the EU

WE should thank the megalomaniac French President Macron for neatly summarising the reasons Britain is right to leave the EU.

His magnificently self-important ­letter to the “Citizens of Europe” inadvertently gives the game away.

“Europe is not just a market. It is a project,” he says. Well, yes. That’s the problem. It’s a project to create a European superstate we never consented to.

He credits the EU with bringing “peace, prosperity and freedom”. But Nato is responsible for the peace and freedom. And prosperity hasn’t found its way to, say, Greece, or the vast numbers condemned by the euro to unemployment.

And it’s hard to swallow anyway from a man whose economy is flat-lining and his cities under siege from enraged, ­yellow-vested anti-EU protesters.

Macron admits the EU has problems and speaks of the “European trap”. But, incredibly, it turns out this trap is “NOT being part of the European Union”. And off he goes into a tantrum about Brexit.

The icing on the cake, though, is his idea of EU reform: more Brussels control.

Brilliant, Emmanuel! A few Leavers might have been wobbling. No longer.

Nail Corbyn

ONLY one result will prove Labour’s proposed new anti-Semitism probe has merit: if Corbyn and his aides are found guilty.

They and their racism are responsible for drawing Jew-haters like flies to the dung heap this once-great party now is. And some of this inner circle, claims Labour MP Margaret Hodge, intervened to weaken punishments for those racists — despite what Corbyn himself told her.

He is up to his neck in anti-Semitism. Any probe exonerating him will be as worthless as Shami Chakrabarti’s. Indeed, the fact Labour needs a second one at all proves what a sham hers was.

Her reward for it was a peerage, with all its unelected power and money.

Can Britain have a refund?

PM’s copout

THERE is no point in Theresa May denying it. We need more cops.

It’s not the only cause of soaring knife crime. But it’s a big one. More stop-and-search and less lenient judges will help.

But police need more manpower both to patrol the streets and take down drug gangs — with charities given more resources to stop kids joining them.

Act, PM. Don’t quibble over historic data.
By cycloon
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This NATO shtick is irritating. It's a superficial assessment of the historical root causes of European conflicts, at best.

Also: Oh NOW the police need more funds, do they? Get tae fuck you absolute fucking weasels. Jesus Christ I know this is well established but lord they are such hypocritical shits.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun goes on some weird fantasy rant about unicorns again:

THE SUN SAYS Leaving the shackles of the EU is a chance to really kickstart Britain’s economy

LEAVING the European Union is a chance to kickstart Britain’s economic engine.

We’re fully behind the Government’s not-so-secret plan to get rid of tariffs on thousands of items coming into the UK in the event of No Deal.

Even if we strike a deal, our economic policy MUST be focused on playing the biggest possible part we can in global trade. That’s what made Britain great.

At home, the Government — preferably without Philip Hammond anywhere near it — must reboot our regions. The “Towns Fund” is only a start.

Let’s turn some of our old industrial areas into free ports, revitalising the manufacturing economy.

We should experiment with enterprise zones in poorer parts of our biggest cities, similar to that used in London’s Docklands in the 80s, to encourage investment in exciting new technology.

Slash business rates for the high street to allow it to compete with online rivals, reinvigorating our town centres.

The PM and others have too often seen Brexit as a damage-limitation exercise. It’s that sorry attitude, in large part, that has led us to where we are today.

Actually, it is a chance for us to up our game as a nation, to embrace the free market red in tooth and claw. To reap the benefits it can bring for businesses, consumers and our public services.

Ambition is not a dirty word.
Ambition is not a dirty word

That fucking deluded list of shite you pulled out your arse is not "Ambition".

Nanny state stuff, as usual. Or just another cheap shot at Sadiq?

Butter knobs

WHEN did butter and bacon become forbidden fruit?

The offending items are now considered “junk food” and, thanks to Nanny State zealot Sadiq Khan, an advert including them has now been banned from the capital’s Tube network.

Not as if London’s Mayor has anything else to do, with a knife crime crisis on his doorstep…

As Christopher Snowdon argues on this page, successive governments from Blair onwards have done little better.

In a crowded field, the Sugar Tax was George Osborne’s biggest mistake.

And the current Prime Minister has barely announced a single domestic policy that doesn’t involve banning or taxing something. Where will it end?

For five minutes, can the Authorities just trust us to make our own educated decisions about what we eat, what we drink and how we live our lives?

Crying about the BBC, us usual:

Licence to kill

THE communications regulator Ofcom MUST put the BBC back in its box.

Online, the Beeb’s scandalous subsidised over-reach has cost thousands of rival journalists their jobs, while its “local journalism” has directly led to the closure of dozens of papers.

The licence fee is supposed to fund public-interest journalism.

Yet Auntie’s imperial ambitions are strangling the independent media.
By Samanfur
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I'm forty minutes' rail journey from Manchester, and you can already see the effect of rising property prices there.

Don't get me wrong, it means that nightflife is good and there's a reasonable choice of shops, but I'd better not having any ideas of being a second-stepper (at least to anything that wouldn't be a downgrade from where I live now) anytime soon.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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It seems that after many warning shots The Sun have now officially declared war on their previous golden boy, Prince Harry.

Comments he made about tabloids being dishonest appears to have been what sparked this massive tantrum. I wonder how much of a flying fuck Harry gives?

harry.jpg (374.96 KiB) Viewed 1116 times


Clown Prince

THE Sun has always liked Prince Harry. But he needs to remember who he is — and stop talking out of his backside.

It is not the job of the Royals, living an immensely privileged life on taxpayers’ money and goodwill, to preach vacuous politics to children.

We don’t know, though we can guess, where Harry gets hollow profundities such as “every blade of grass, ray of sun and raindrop is crucial to our survival”. But at least that does no actual harm.

Unlike telling kids the media “distorts the truth”, “tries to manipulate the power of positive thinking” and should be ignored. Or to imply the young generation are morally superior to those who, for example, fought the war or suffered the bleak economic hardships since.

If he wants to be a social justice warrior regurgitating fashionable conspiracy theories and hippie banalities, so be it.

But we can’t help feeling Harry and Meghan are riding for a fall.
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