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By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Britain has had enough of these childish eco-warriors who won’t deal with reality

BRITAIN has had enough of childish eco-warriors who’d rather indulge in flashy stunts than deal with reality.

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing the planet — but the privileged anarchists holding London hostage are doing nothing to tackle it.

While performing their latest stunt — lying underneath the Natural History Museum’s famed whale skeleton — they failed to mention that Britain is
already a world leader on climate change.

We go days at a time without using a single lump of coal, and our carbon emissions are back at Victorian levels.

It’s now developing countries — above all China — that drive global warming.

If we help other nations follow our lead, the problem could be brought under control. But the Extinction Rebellion rabble would rather spout the usual anti-capitalist drivel than engage with real-world solutions.

It’s no surprise to see their ringleaders unmasked as middle-class hippies. The likes of Hayley Pinto, an NHS doctor who has splashed £80,000 on electric cars, can afford their virtue-signalling — a criminal conviction will only be a badge of honour to them.

But in the real world, the games these fantasists are playing do nothing to stop climate change. Time to grow up.

Scrambled Brex

FINALLY MPs are getting back to work on Brexit.

It’s not a moment too soon after an inexcusable ten-day break. Let’s only hope the time off has given the political class time to reflect on just where its behaviour is leading us.

To the Remainers trying to sabotage Brexit altogether: the rebirth of Nigel Farage shows you can’t ignore 17.4million voters without provoking a response.

To the ERG hardliners: if you continue to block the only deal on offer, don’t be surprised to see the prize of Brexit slip from your hands.

To Theresa May: it’s time to name a date for your departure and use your final weeks in power to save your legacy. Looking at new ways to replace the Irish backstop is a good start.

One thing is now crystal clear: if the Tories don’t pull together and deliver Brexit, the country will never forgive them.

Saint ’n’ sinner

JEREMY Corbyn is often accused of hating this country.

Now his shambolic PR team have managed to get the date of our patron saint’s day wrong.

We’re happy to point out to Red Jezza that TODAY is St George’s Day.

We hope our readers make the most of it. Before the miserable Marxists get into Number Ten and — whatever their claims to the contrary — try to ban it.
By spoonman
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Cyclist wrote:
Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:39 pm
Why would Scotland, Wales and Norn Iron want to calebrate England's patron saint's day?

Ingerlund =/= Grate Britain
Grate Britain =/= Yoonited Kingdum
Boiler wrote:Wasn't so long ago that there were definitely different public holidays for Scotland and the rUK...
Still does AFAIK.

A public holiday for St. George's Day in England only sounds reasonable to me, after all St. Patrick’s day over here is a bank holiday. But I'm not sure why there is a need for a bank holiday in NI for St. David's day, as an example, as the only ones that'll mean something to will be Welsh exiles resident here.

I'd rather they moved the late May Bank Holiday to some point in June. And if they were looking to add one more bank holiday then late September or October would be my pick.
By Big Arnold
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St George's Day: Genius Prank Teaches Nationalists About Ethnic Origins Of Patron Saint
unexpected history lesson about the ethnic origins of England’s patron saint.

Representatives from anti-hate crime charity Tell MAMA handed out 100 heat-reactive T-shirts which, at first glance, simply display the red cross associated with the historical figure.

Yet, once worn, the words “St George was Syrian #DefendDiversity”, appear. ... k-homepage
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS If virtue-signalling gnome John Bercow still insists on insulting the US by snubbing Trump then he must finally be ousted

IT is horrifying that apparently serious politicians are now demanding the US ­president be refused a state visit.

We expect it from idiot Corbynistas. They somehow justify a “protest” against Donald Trump despite belonging to a party so racist towards Jews it faces formal investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

But if Corbyn was ever elected, Emily Thornberry would be Foreign Secretary. And she too claims it “beggars belief” Trump will get a full state visit in June.

Labour afforded Vladimir Putin the same honour, naturally. Likewise the human rights tramplers of China and Saudi Arabia and a corrupt South ­African president once tried for rape.

America is our No1 friend and ally. We won two world wars together. If Brexit ever happens, that relationship will grow even stronger. But if Labour’s US-hating Marxists take power it will be wilfully destroyed.

Neither must happen. And if the ­verbose, virtue-signalling gnome John Bercow still insists on insulting the US by snubbing Trump he must be finally ousted.

Commons Speaker he may, sadly, still be. But he does not speak for Britain.

Dinner Party

CONGRATULATIONS if you’re a rich, smug Remainer know-all. Chuka Umunna is designing his new party in your image.

Look at the candidates for MEP his anti-change movement has unveiled:

Two Twitter bullies, including ex-BBC man Gavin Esler, who contribute to national harmony by unleashing sanctimonious abuse on Brexit supporters, then patting each other on the back.

And how about the former deputy to EU chief Donald Tusk?

This isn’t a political party. It’s a London dinner party. The last thing these highly paid, comfortable people want is “fundamental change”, or they would be FOR Brexit. The sole real change they crave is to our referendum decision.

They even intend to keep the Tories in power, aiming to blackmail them into adopting Chuka’s policies.

These self-styled agents of change wouldn’t even change the Government.
By youngian
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America is our No1 friend and ally. We won two world wars together. If Brexit ever happens, that relationship will grow even stronger.

Swell. We know from Vietnam that Trump wouldn't have been on the Normandy beaches due to his bad feet. Gallagher or McKenzie would have had a similar war to Mr Dacre Snr who fought the good fight as a showbiz correspondent in New York.

Introductory IR lesson for Anglosphere fantasists
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