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By Boiler
youngian wrote:
Thu May 02, 2019 7:59 pm
Funny enough the local Chinese is where I catch up with the Sun. The curry house has it but also leaves out their trade mag Tandoori News which is a much better read.
The chippy I visit with my mate in London has both it and the Star.
By spoonman
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youngian wrote:
Thu May 02, 2019 7:25 pm
Does anyone under 40 have a clue who Swampy is?
As someone under 40, wasn't he an "eco warrior" back in around 93/94 whose presence helped at least temporarily halt the construction of a new by-pass. I've deliberately not bothered doing a web search or gone to Wikipedia so I'm just hopefully going on memory here - think it involved a tree and near the town of Newbury?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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This is quite amazing. The Sun have spent the last few months telling us that Britain is a crime ridden hellhole and you're basically going to get stabbed every time you step out your door. Knife crime is an out of control epidemic and Khan should step down because of it. Yet today they also smugly celebrate the fact crime, including stabbings, is actually down!


WE branded London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan a wretched defeatist when he whined that it would take a decade to turn round the capital’s soaring crime.

And it turns out that simply increasing Stop and Search by 30 per cent has cut murders by a quarter and knife injuries by 15 per cent in one year.

Met chief Cressida Dick says cops are “continuously taking weapons off the street and locking up the most violent people”. It’s not rocket science.

Just less hand-wringing, more pro-active policing.

Imagine what more could be done if the eco “rebellion” morons hadn’t swallowed up half the new budget for tackling violence.

The evidence behind Gavin Williamson’s sacking needs to be made public as haste is indecent

THERE is a rancid smell around the sacking of Gavin Williamson that won’t go away.

The leak for which he was fired did not damage Britain.

Quite the opposite. It exposed a blunder by the Prime Minister over Huawei that could cost us dear.

But Williamson was targeted within hours by Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill, who convinced the PM her Defence Secretary was the mole.

Well, that’s one less pro-Brexit voice they have to worry about in Cabinet.

The Sun holds no special brief for Williamson. His time at the MoD was mixed, though few can dispute his ­commitment to our troops.

But if he is innocent, as he still claims, he has every right to be outraged. He wants the evidence made public... so do we.

And let’s see the same zeal applied by the Cabinet Office to uncovering how Sedwill’s own “confidential” Brexit warnings find their way into the Press.

Don’t get us wrong. The Sun likes a leak.

It is laughable that anyone, journalists especially, wants Williamson prosecuted over Huawei.

The haste to sack him looks indecent, self-serving and hypocritical.

But if proof exists, let’s see it.


WE so rarely agree with Corbyn’s aides.

But when Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald says it is “abundantly clear this country can no longer afford Chris Grayling” it’s hard to argue.

In one day we are told that Grayling’s catastrophic, rushed probation service shake-up cost taxpayers almost half a billion pounds when it collapsed.

And that billions more have been blown on his watch as Transport Secretary, bailing out London’s Crossrail network as its delivery date slipped three years.

This is the same man who paid Eurotunnel £33million compensation after bungling No Deal ferry contracts. And then there’s the state of our railways.

The complete catalogue of his costly calamities would be too long for this column.

Yet Theresa May keeps her old campaign chief in place, while sacking Gavin Williamson in a hissy fit.

The wheels are well and truly off.
By Boiler
cycloon wrote:
Wed May 01, 2019 7:31 am
The Sun with their finger on the pulse of the real issues: snowflake Sun readers who love M&S sweets

The fact the first person quoted is a cabbie is too much.
Just had a packet - in the interests of science, you know. The flavour's the same, but the texture is slightly different; they're not as firm/dry as they used to be.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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This climate change frenzy The Sun have got themselves in is getting really weird now. They're basically just repeating the same thing every few days. The "Extinction Rebellion schoolkids" have seriously rattled their cage:

THE SUN SAYS: Coal comfort

BRITAIN’S five consecutive days of coal-free energy is an unqualified triumph.

It demonstrates just how green we have become, going far beyond most other Western countries.

But are ministers all over the airwaves fighting back against the climate loons who brought the capital to a halt? No.

Just as on so many topics, the Government doesn’t have the confidence to speak up.

Back in the bunker, they’re so desperate to avoid confrontation that they just give in to the Twitter mobs. Inviting the Extinction Rebellion schoolkids in for tea was the worst example of the lot — firing Roger Scruton not far off.

The Tories need to rediscover their backbone.
By cycloon
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I don't get it. Obviously their cherry picking is going to suggest Brits are great at everything and the RotW is a pack of scum who don't care for the environment like wot the Sun does because it said so, but even by this logic... There's more to do. 5 days coal-free? Great! How bout 50 days? KEEP GOING.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Some of their rants and hit jobs are infuriating but others, like today, are simply laughable and highlight just how fucking pathetic and unhinged they are. The "We saved them in the war" part is indistinguishable from parody.

THE SUN SAYS Curtain-haired slimeball Guy Verhofstadt proves he’s the most repugnant figure in Brussels

NO more repugnant figure struts the ­corridors of Brussels than the curtain-haired slimeball Guy Verhofstadt.

Try as they might, even the drunk Juncker or the peacock Barnier cannot match the Belgian’s detestable blabbermouthed arrogance.

And his top aide plainly shares his superiority complex. “I’m most proud of you when you take on a Tory and win,” coos Edel Rettman Crosse sycophantically to her ageing boss. “You should shoe the f***ers out.”

“That’s the game,” replies Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit chief.

So it wasn’t just Britain they set out to humiliate. It was Tories specifically.

Indeed the new fly-on-the-wall EU documentary is a revealing portrait of the pompous, sneering, undemocratic bureaucrats 17.4million of us voted to leave: mocking Brexit, our country, even our “war spirit”. That’s right, the war spirit that served us well as we helped to liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny.

But for an insight into Verhofstadt’s blinkered stupidity look no further than a remark he made only yesterday.

Turkey, he said, was “drifting towards dictatorship” as its president orders the re-run of an election he lost.

Precisely as Brussels does with its own defeats and is desperate to do with Brexit.

You May go

WHAT is going through Theresa May’s mind? She cannot rescue this.

Brexit deadlines come and go. More are set. Empty promises are made. They’ll be broken too.

Her party and country are baying for her to step down. Her aides threaten legal action against her own MPs — as she tries to stitch up a deal with Corbyn neither his party nor hers will back.

This utter shambles would be catastrophic enough for the Government without Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. But, as predicted, he is hoovering up Tory voters, members and maybe donors.

This existential threat can only be fought under a new leader. Those closest to the PM should talk sense to her
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