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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Fucking hell...are The Sun stuck in some sort of inane cycle they can't get out of? Another banal rant about climate change with slightly different wording:

Cleaner Britain

HOW many teachers have told their class that, for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, Britain has been powered for a week without burning ANY coal?

Or that we have cut our carbon emissions more than any other G20 nation?

Or that, by contrast, China is considering building a new coal-fired power plant every FORTNIGHT until 2030?

Vanishingly few. Instead, leftie teachers tell kids Tory-run Britain is a filthy polluter, frying the planet. No wonder children flock to hysterical eco marches.

And our cowed Government makes ­matters worse, telling clueless “Extinction Rebellion” mobs they have a point.

On the environment, Britain is doing its best . . . and better than most.

Who will tell our young people?

They're clearly worried about UKIP splitting the Tory vote. Still, a fairly bold move:

What’s the point of Ukip? It’s just a dustbin for extremists and thugs

WHAT’S the point of Ukip now, other than as a club for thugs, racists and assorted idiots?

Millions protesting about Brexit can back Nigel Farage’s new and vastly more serious and professional outfit.

Ukip candidate Carl Benjamin tweeted that he 'wouldn't even rape' MP Jess Phillips.

Ukip, by contrast, offers candidates such as Carl Benjamin, a self-satisfied misogynist oaf who believes his obnoxious “jokes” about raping Labour MP Jess Phillips are part of some noble stand for anti-PC free speech.

It employs as an adviser “Tommy ­Robinson”, the criminal yob who stirs up hate against Muslims while masquerading as a fearless truth-seeker.

Ukip is a dustbin for extremists and conspiracy theory cranks. Abandoning it was Farage’s smartest move yet.

Suicide pact

STAYING permanently in the EU’s customs union after Brexit IS worse than our ­current deal. Liam Fox is right about that.

Why? Because leaving Brussels’ political structures, and losing our voice there, only makes sense if we are ­economically independent too. Without that we are hobbled — and must powerlessly swallow EU diktats forever.

Some deluded MPs consider this a “compromise” to appease Remain’s 48 per cent (as if they would have thrown Leavers a bone had THEY won). In fact it is an insane and unsustainable position for an economy the size of ours and a nation as eurosceptic as we are.

Indeed Labour adopting it as policy must be a ruse by its Remain wing to ensure a deal so bad even Leavers long for the past.
By Bones McCoy
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When I see the "How Many Teachers" stuff, I say to myself.
One of us is a reader and one of us is a self-described journalist.
So jog off and find the answer - like you didn't at Hillsborough.
By Andy McDandy
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They want tame Tories who know how high to jump. Fargle and Tommeh are attack dogs - Good to set on people but you'd not want them in the house.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS PM ‘has chosen to appease Sinn Fein’ instead of doing right by our brave veterans

SHE has failed on Brexit and on social ­justice. Now Theresa May looks like she has chosen to appease Sinn Fein instead of doing right by our forces veterans.

Old soldiers are being hounded over disputed actions in the white heat of the Troubles nearly half a century ago.

Instead of leaving them to a comfortable retirement with a nation’s thanks, our Government’s spineless complicity is putting them through hell.

Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley plans a huge, five-year inquiry by a ­Historical Investigations Unit into hundreds of killings in the line of duty.

And while new Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt rightly wants a ten-year limit on prosecuting ALL troops, the PM herself appears to have capitulated to the IRA’s former political wing and exempted Troubles veterans.

We thought this appalling witch-hunt would die with the demise of shyster Iraq lawyer Phil Shiner. We were wrong.

Mrs May’s replacement must defend those who risked their lives defending us.


IF politics is unstable now, just wait until the Tories’ last roll of the Brexit dice fails.

Why wouldn’t it? Precious little has changed since the last vote. And Parliament, as Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay says, will then face a momentous choice: No Deal, or revoke Brexit.

We doubt this crop of MPs has the courage to make it.

They have scared themselves witless over No Deal. But they should fear pulling Article 50 more.

If already disliked politicians defy our democracy and the referendum result, the consequences will be seismic — for Tories most of all.

Outside Westminster’s Remainer ­bubble, the anger is everywhere.

Next week’s thumping victory predicted for the Brexit Party may focus MPs’ minds.


FOR a glimpse of the madness Corbyn would inflict on Britain, consider the leaked plans to nationalise our energy supply and hand it to local politicians.

Labour would seize the privately-run National Grid and electricity network, paying negligible compensation: Simple theft, from 800,000 Brits with shares.

Businesses and investors would flee as the Marxists snatch private property. Jobs would be lost in colossal numbers.

This shambolic new energy industry would dance to the tune of hard-Left unions given massive power.

Blackouts in the 1970s turned off the lights and TV. Imagine them now, in a country utterly reliant on computers and smartphones.

So why do it? Would it improve efficiency, or cut our bills? Of course not.

It’s not about improving lives. It is about blinkered ideology.

It’s a giant, economy-destroying experiment, establishing the pure socialist society Corbyn has fantasised about since his teens.

It would be a dark place in every sense.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun are so bloody sensitive. They do nothing but fling insults at people and mock them yet the second anyone dares take the piss out of the disaster that is Brexit they have an almighty tantrum. The nerve of them calling people 'snowflakes'. And what sort of grown man or woman writing for a national newspaper thinks they're winning by calling somebody a "Euro muppet"? Christ sake, do better you fucking school children:

Stark raving

CAN Brussels’ posturing clowns not hear how absurd they sound bad-mouthing us?

Euro muppet Frans Timmermans, deputy to the drunk Juncker, claims Brexit divisions have turned Britain into “Game of Thrones on steroids”.

Really? Pitched battles? Streets ablaze? We don’t see them here. We DO in France. The only epic fantasy we can see is Brussels’ belief that the continent is a comparative haven of calm sobriety.

Most Europeans know it too. More than half believe the EU will implode in 20 years. A third fear it could mean war.

One day, men like Timmermans will realise their religious devotion to an anti-democratic superstate destroyed it.

Get Brexit, in any form, now — or the country faces having Jeremy Corbyn in No10

THERESA May’s time is almost up — and as it stands her party looks doomed too.

The chances of her Brexit deal passing in three weeks are zero, or close to it.

A new Tory leader and PM is desperately needed, to inspire some hope in the country, the Government and party.

Maybe he or she can reset Brexit talks, or even steer us out with No Deal. But they will face the same problems and the same Commons mathematics.

Even now The Sun believes getting Brexit over the line, even via Mrs May’s deal, is the best option. Why? Because not doing so leads almost inevitably to a Corbyn Government.

And that is worse than anything Brexit, in any form, could throw at our country.

Beeb Huff puff

ANYONE still in doubt about left-wing bias at the supposedly impartial BBC?

Yesterday it let leftie website Huffington Post run Radio 5. Were the Beeb’s army of young left-wing hacks all off? Why did they need to call in their soulmates from this online outfit?

But it’s not just the bias. It’s that they handed a commercial organisation free publicity worth a fortune. How is that within the remit of a “public service” broadcaster funded by a compulsory fee?

Imagine the Left’s outcry if the Beeb handed over 5 Live to The Sun for a day.

Defend her

OUR Armed Forces now know whose side Corbyn’s supporters are on. Not theirs.

Labour activists’ plot to sack Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith should terrify anyone who fears for our national security and our troops’ welfare.

Ms Griffith backs our nuclear deterrent and solid defence spending — and supports our military against false claims like those that saw our Iraq ­veterans wrongly accused.

So Corbynistas want her out. And these idiots hold sway over a party that the Tories’ implosion could put in power.

Britain will not be safe under Corbyn’s feeble pacifism.
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