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By The Red Arrow
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Sun reporter Harry Arnold's Hillsborough headline regret

The Sun journalist who wrote a story alleging drunk Liverpool fans abused victims and police during the Hillsborough disaster said he was "aghast" when he saw the headline.

Reporter Harry Arnold told the BBC his story had been written in a "fair and balanced way" and the controversial claims had been "allegations".

He said it was editor Kelvin MacKenzie who wrote the headline "The Truth".
Requests have been made by the BBC for a response or comment from Mr MacKenzie, but he has so far not responded. ... e-19507065" onclick=";return false;
By Bones McCoy
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Projective Unity wrote:The Sun's editor has put this on the website ... eport.html
What a shame a publication that claims to be a newspaper didn't bother with a bit of elementary investigation 23 years ago.
By satnav
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It was pointed out that on Sky News that Mohan was reading his statement from an auto cue so it can hardly be classed as a sincere apology from the heart. Why didn't he appear in person on the various news programmes tonight where he could be asked specific questions about his papers conduct. Even the story on the papers website has the by line 'Staff Reporter' surely it would be more appropriate if the story was filed either by the editor or a senior reporter.
By satnav
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Spotted this story in 'The Sun' it's the main story on the back page of the dead tree edition and is described as an exclusive.

Spurs in turmoil
'Tired' stars slam AVB ... stars.html" onclick=";return false;

In the comments someone suggests that the story may have been prompted to write the article after being taken down a peg or two by AVB at a press conference.
From the same journo that was owned by AVB hmm funny that

Spurs boss Andre Villas Boas tied a journalist up in knots during a press conference after he was asked if he understood Hugo Lloris’ frustration over not being in the team.

AVB soon turned the tables by asking a few questions of his own. The journo was left backpedaling furiously and claiming to have asked a different question than the one he had actually asked!

The original question was: “Andre, do you understand Hugo Lloris’ frustration about the situation, because you did pay a lot of money for him?”

That prompted the following exchange:
AVB: “What is the frustration?”
Journalist: “Well, the frustration at not being in the team.”
AVB: “How do you know?”
Journalist: “Well, he didn’t play last night, did he?”
AVB: “How do you know he’s frustrated?”
Journalist: “No, I’m asking you, do you find him frustrated?”
And so it continues until AVB wins by way of technical knockout.

Read more: ... z27sO3vaeJ" onclick=";return false;
By MacGuffin
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Dog-whistle article on immigrants and benefits on the front page of the Sun today:

You’re a soft touch: Immigrant on £14k benefits refuses full-time job

But it doesn't feel right, as presented.

Significant amount of her £279-per-week benefits is housing benefit. Also mentions, deep in the article, she has three credit cards. Doesn't mention at all that she's an actress and model:" onclick=";return false;

Doesn't mention she seems to have been here, working, since 2005, either:
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Now effectively Fisked by Tim Fenton at Zelo Street. ... ch-up.html" onclick=";return false;

This is a bloody disgrace - though why I should expect any better from News International I don't know - it has already been quoted as gospel by some lunkhead on Sky News papers review this morning, and no doubt it will gain the same currency as the undeported illegal and his mythical cat.
By Big Arnold
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The Mail wasn't going to miss churnalising it.
'There's no chance we're leaving': Lithuanian single mother buys designer clothes and enjoys lavish holidays with more than £1,000 a month in UK benefits ... z2IWaSzfKc" onclick=";return false;
By Lord Brett
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How much is her rent? A flat in Luton will be at least £700pcm so that will be her Housing Benefit paid directly to her landlord. So she gets £300 pcm (£75pw) to pay for utilities, water and for herself and her child. Gosh I wish I was as rich as her. Why don't stop picking on the poor and start running articles about the Tories millionaire mates who are paying no tax in the UK?
- Abernathy, Birmingham, North Korea, 20/1/2013 11:28
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