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By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Remainers have lost the plot over Brexit and EU vote should be a wake-up call for Westminster

THE Remainers have lost the plot.

Laughably, they claim that they somehow “won” the European elections.

All you need to do is combine the votes of a bunch of different parties, pretend the Tories don’t back Brexit and, hey presto, you’ve got a crushing victory.

It’s time for a reality check. The public have just made the Brexit Party the biggest party not just in Britain but in the entirety of the European Parliament.

The message from the electorate was frustration with the dog’s dinner that Britain’s two biggest parliamentary parties have made of Brexit. Nothing more, nothing less.

It wasn’t a demand to revoke Article 50 or for a second referendum. It wasn’t a sign people have changed their mind.

It was simply a damning verdict on the collective incompetence of Britain’s two establishment parties, and one that will almost certainly be repeated at a General Election if it happens soon.

Nigel Farage managed to build a brand new party out of the ashes of Ukip and turn it into a juggernaut, with one clear policy: to leave the EU.

By contrast, the Remainers in Change UK — or the Independent Group, or whatever they’re called these days — barely limped over the finish line.

What does that tell you?

Westminster has one last chance to honour the largest democratic vote in our history.

Or the two-party system is finished.


TORY leadership candidates should be paying close attention to their ballot-box battering.

It’s not just the old Ukip voters who switched to Farage’s party. It’s the thousands of Tory voters who have lost their enthusiasm for a party that has failed to deliver its Brexit policy and has precious little to say about anything else.

It’s true that untangling the web of our EU departure is the first priority. But displaying some leadership, ambition and vision beyond Brexit is vital too.

Corbyn’s Labour are locked in yet another leadership brouhaha. But that should be no reason for any Conservative to be complacent. On crucial topics such as health and transport, Labour are ahead of the Tories — and down that path lies ruin. Where are the ideas?

Whoever wins MUST take the fight to Labour – on Brexit but here at home too.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I love how rattled they get by Brecow. For years they've been demanding he goes yet due to their increasing impotence nobody pays any attention to their deranged screaming:

THE SUN SAYS John Bercow’s bloated ego used to be written off as just tiresome but it’s serious

WON’T somebody rid us of this troublesome Speaker?

John Bercow has spent months putting centuries of Parliamentary convention through the shredder with one goal in mind: to stop Brexit and overturn the largest democratic vote in our history.

The Speaker’s role demands impartiality. Our fragile “unwritten constitution” relies on the good faith of individuals. Bercow’s bias risks the whole thing collapsing.

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that this political pygmy has now shamelessly decided to stay on.

He didn’t resign when it became apparent he’d allowed a bullying culture to prosper under his watch.

He didn’t resign when he was accused of physically intimidating staff.

Nor did he go when he appeared to call a female Cabinet Minister — who has risen to heights he can only dream of — a stupid woman.

According to tradition, Speakers have to be dragged to the Chair by MPs. With this one they’ll have to take the Chair out of the Commons with him still in it before we see the back of him.

For years, Bercow’s bloated ego was written off as just tiresome Parliamentary panto from a man so painfully self-centred he would have been in the first lifeboat off the Titanic. But the consequences now could not be more serious.

This odious toad is turning democracy upside down.

Basket case

IF the anti-Brexit lobby think dragging Boris to court will hurt him politically, they’re more deluded than we thought.

It’ll only serve to remind Leave voters — who, in case anybody forgot, represent most of the public — that BoJo and the campaign took on an establishment hell-bent against Brexit. And won.

The case is a waste of time and energy.

If we did want the courts to start deciding what’s fair game in politics, there are plenty of others who would be in the dock.

George Osborne’s predictions of mass unemployment? The rest of the Project Fear merchants?

The only winners if the courts get involved would be those with the deepest pockets.

"We welcome immigrants...but not really"

Skill repute

IT’S a damning verdict on our education and training that we’ve had to expand our skills shortage list for foreign workers.

Web designers? Vets? Can we not train our own?

Let’s be clear: it’s a wonderful vote of confidence in this country that the best and the brightest want to come here. They’re more than welcome.

But as this move proves, we need to get our own house in order.

Do any of the Tory leadership candidates have a plan?
By Zuriblue
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Big Arnold wrote:
Thu May 30, 2019 5:51 pm
Do any of the Tory leadership candidates have a plan?
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
If they have Baldrick would be embarrassed by it.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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After a couple of weeks of derange rants The Sun went quiet on the "nanny state and junk food" but it's obviously time for another go:

THE SUN SAYS Any Tory leader must kill off the nanny state brigade’s snobby war on treats

Do they really think kids are seduced by the wrapper? D’oh! It’s the taste....

I imagine there is multi-billion pound branding and marketing industry that'll disagree with that statement.

ANY new Tory leader must kill off the nanny state brigade’s snobby war on treats.

George Osborne’s fizzy drink tax was idiotic enough. What has that achieved?

Yes, some manufacturers cut sugar and wrecked their drinks. Brilliant.

Is anyone even an ounce slimmer? If not, what was the point?

The Sun predicted the health zealots would not stop there, whether they succeeded or not.

Now these new Puritans want punitive taxes on sweets and crisps too — and plain packaging, supposedly to make them less enticing.

Do they really think kids are seduced by the wrapper? D’oh! It’s the taste, as Christopher Snowdon says on this page.

And here’s a handy solution for parents facing “pester power”: Just say No.

Which goes equally for aspiring Tory Prime Ministers browbeaten by centre-left “public health” meddlers obsessed with bullying and fleecing the low-paid as a weapon against obesity.

The Tories have swallowed their junk ideas far too long.

Labour’s loser

DONALD Trump has the measure of Corbyn.

Never has Labour’s leader looked less like a PM-in-waiting than yesterday.

Despite repeatedly insulting the US President and snubbing his State dinner, Corbyn secretly begged to meet him. Rejected, he slunk off to an anti-Trump demo to make a “speech” that must have had even his staunchest ­supporters dying with embarrassment.

At tedious length he barked his stock list of leftie gripes, never troubling ­himself to offer solutions. But that’s all Corbyn is... a career protester, only truly at home when ranting to cheering socialists as angry and dim as he is.

A small, dreary figure who rails against “hate” despite his entire movement being fuelled by it (as sniggering Corbynistas chanting “Nazi” later proved after finding a Trump supporter to attack).

He is a man who denounces racism while blind to his own. Who abuses the President to excite his fanbase, with no regard for the relationship between our great nations, so vital to the free world.

Trump is right: Corbyn is a “negative force” for Britain. We pray voters never have to find it out the hard way.
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