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By Kreuzberger
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The core of the Sun's model must be close to meltdown at the moment. Spinning, lying, breathless 180°s, all the stuff that preys on the trust that they build with their readers.

To understand that trust, you have to read the paper from back to front.

Football; knowledgeable, ahead of the curve, quick to run with the mob (Raheem Stirling) and ever-ready to celebrate victory (Raheem Stirling) or apportion blame, (guess who). The high-wire act is remain broadly non-partisan at club level. This engenders respect and an underlying feel that you would happily go for a pint with the "writer" who is actually collectively understood to be the paper itself.

Racing; nowhere near as important as it was but there is lots of it. The impression of being an authority is further cemented.

Stars & Strips; we all laugh together.

Telly; see football.

See where I am coming from? The bond of trust is already there, even before politics is on the table and even if it is not something about which the regular reader gives two hoots. However, this is where the club-level non-partisanship isn't needed. Not when you swap in a good dollop of common-sense and the low-hanging fruit of racism.

Hell, you do enough of that and you can even start to rehabilitate Dom Cummings.
By Kreuzberger
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Boiler wrote:
Fri Jul 26, 2019 8:49 am
Is anybody else finding this level of sycophancy afforded to this amoral shit both disturbing and massively emetic?
Yes, "disturbing" is the keyword here. On successive mornings, we have had Justin Webb and Martha Kearney virtually ejaculating the press headlines during the newspaper reviews. It's a triumphant "See? A nation celebrates!" vibe that should have no place in programming like this.

Rather than report what the press are saying, they are endorsing it and amplifying it. Tone is everything.
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By Kreuzberger
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youngian wrote:
Fri Jul 26, 2019 7:46 am
Bernie Winters signs up for the Teletubbies
Back in the old days, they used to think that you couldn't have too much good, healthy sunshine. Now we have skin melanomas and melting railway tracks.

Still, wottevs...

By Safe_Timber_Man
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More wanking over Boris in their editorial. It's not just this ridiculous worshipping of's the fact they're also attacking "The Left" for not getting on board with it. It's as if they've forgotten they did this exact same thing with Theresa May and we, "The Left", said the same thing back then, too.

We aren't "sneering" because we're unpatriotic, we just know full well how this is going to turn out, just like we did last time. And we were right last time and The Sun were wrong, yet that doesn't stop them doing this all over again.

THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson is off to a flying start after crushing Jeremy Corbyn during their first meeting in Parliament

THE glum faces of Labour MPs revealed it all as Boris Johnson went head-to-head with Jeremy Corbyn for the first time and crushed him underfoot.

The new Prime Minister’s utter dominance was a stark reminder of the ­feeble debating skills of every main party’s leader before his arrival in No10.

Jeremy Corbyn winced as Boris machine-gunned his record.

He had grown ­comfortable with Theresa May’s faltering defence and joyless, scripted snark.

Boris’s many tedious critics may roll their eyes at his ambition for Britain as “the greatest place on Earth” by 2050.

But how much more powerful it is than Mrs May’s cautious defeatism.

And how much more seductive to voters than Corbyn’s absurd caricature of our great country as a Dickensian nightmare where Tory toffs herd the poor to food banks while “selling our NHS to Trump”.

Fewer and fewer are buying it.

If Boris gets the Tories a poll bounce, his rebellious Remainers will find it far harder to topple his Government in a confidence motion, even if he heads for No Deal.

Sacrificing themselves could merely secure him an election majority.

Yes, we are still in his honeymoon period and a mountain of problems lies ahead. But Boris is off to a flier.

EU can stay

SO much for the “bigot”, the “racist, ­fascist, white-supremacist dictator” of bedwetting Remainers’ fantasies.

Virtually Boris’s first act, after handing British Asians two of the highest offices in the land, is to guarantee EU citizens the right to live and remain in Britain even if there’s No Deal.

He’s even considering an amnesty for long-term illegals with clean records.

The Sun called for a unilateral pledge to legal EU migrants after the referendum. Theresa May shamefully kept them in limbo as a negotiating tactic.

But it was always fanciful that we would ever deport millions of hard-working and talented people. Some, sadly, left anyway, in fear of it.

Boris must give the rest absolute legal certainty without delay.

Voters will soon see the truth behind the hysterical hatred the Left is whipping up.

BBC’s suicide

WITH its betrayal of OAPs, the BBC has put a gun to its head and fired.

Not only is forcing over-75s to suddenly buy a £155 TV licence outrageous, it is unworkable — as Age UK says.

More than a million too mentally or physically challenged to fill in the relevant forms would be at risk of prosecution. That cannot and will not happen.

So our new PM should swiftly decriminalise non-payment of this ancient tax on our tellies. And the BBC should finally accept reality:

That slashing its services and costs, and establishing a subscription model like its rivals, is its only future.
By SoulBoy
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More than a million too mentally or physically challenged to fill in the relevant forms would be at risk of prosecution.
Didn't stop them crushing people claiming Disability Allowance.
By Kreuzberger
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:48 pm
Sadly? Which paper was crowing over kicking the Poles out and shutting down their delis, right until some guy got knifed in Essex?
Is it the same one that ran welcoming front pages in Polish until the Express cottoned on to the fact that their were more papers to be sold in being beastly to Stanislaw and co.?
By Boiler
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SoulBoy wrote:
Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:30 pm
More than a million too mentally or physically challenged to fill in the relevant forms would be at risk of prosecution.
Didn't stop them crushing people claiming Disability Allowance.
Didn't I fucking know it :cry:
By KevS
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youngian wrote:
Fri Jul 26, 2019 2:39 pm
off to a flying start after crushing Jeremy Corbyn

Slightly better than Corbyn* which is a very low bar.
* Not sure he was even that but I can’t see the world through the goggles of someone impressed by Johnson
The thing is, Corbyn, for all his numerous faults, can be pretty forensic and persistent with his questioning on one particular matter. At first, Cameron would regularly take him apart at PMQs, because he had the gift of the gab and had done his research.

Then along comes May, who unfortunately kept repeating the same old soundbites, but because Corbyn was hopeless as well at this point, PMQs sort of died a long lingering death.

Which brings us to what will happen in September. Johnson, as we know from his time in the Foreign Office, doesn't really do the detail and the research. And he's not quick witted enough if Corbyn suddenly throws a curve ball. Cameron would knock it away with ease, May would be a turgid defender but could get by.

Remember, Corbyn has six questions at PMQs. If he's wily enough, he could get a comment out of Johnson on question one, go back to it on question five and chances are Johnson will have forgotten it, and slip up.

Ian Blackford showed yesterday that it is relatively easy to get under the skin of our new PM. By rights, Corbyn should be knocking it out of the park when PMQs returns. If he doesn't, we may as well give up and go and live on The Mailwatch Community Farm somewhere near Ullapool.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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"Not our fault, guv".

Entirely predictable but no less infuriating.

It’s EUR fault

THE world should be under no illusion whose fault the potential chaos of a No Deal Brexit will be. It will be squarely down to the EU and the Irish prime minister.

Boris Johnson and the Brexit Government he has assembled have both democracy and cold logic on their side.

The referendum verdict wasn’t specifically for a deal, or No Deal. It was just for Brexit. But the only meaningful and complete exit now possible, thanks to EU intransigence, is a clean break.

Boris would rightly prefer a deal. But Brussels seems staggeringly slow to accept that Theresa May’s is dead. It struggles even to grasp why it is toxic.

Eurocrats who cannot compute why anyone would want to leave the EU seem even more baffled that, yes, that means all of it. It’s not hard, though. The Irish backstop carries the risk that we would never escape the customs union, crippling our economic future, and thus never truly leave at all.

For three years Brussels has played hardball, convinced that like all previous inconvenient votes ours could be reversed. Failing that, the plan was to keep us permanently half-in, half-out while politically powerless to escape.

Ireland’s rookie PM Leo Varadkar championed this strategy. So it is notable, now we finally have a Government serious about No Deal, that he is being implored by some in Ireland to rethink.

No Deal will hit us and the Continent hard. Even the Europhile CBI admits that “the EU is behind the UK in its plans to prevent the worst effects”.

Ireland is likely to suffer worst. Is Varadkar ready for the political damage of the economic harm he will have inflicted on his people? It will vastly outweigh any bounce from being tough on the Brits.

Time Brussels made Boris a better offer.

Meg it stop

MEGHAN isn’t learning, is she? Her virtue-signalling Vogue is an epic ­misjudgment.

Almost every woman she featured is, like her, a fashionable leftie Trump-hater. Some, worse still, disapprove of our monarchy. You know Harry is the Queen’s grandson . . . right, Meghan?

One of her “stars” once poked fun at the Queen’s breasts. Another said Meghan, not Prince Charles, should be Head of the Commonwealth. However did she get picked?

A woman who genuinely wants to be a Royal, championing society’s poorest, shouldn’t guest-edit a glossy mag stuffed with overpriced fashion for the world’s richest people.

And she should be non-political. Yet it is a very political act to promote, for example, the cult of Greta Thunberg, the child climate activist whose naive demands would impoverish billions.

Meghan captured our nation’s hearts at her wedding. But she seems to have fundamentally misunderstood her role in the Royal Family.

We fear she is heading for a fallout with the public which now funds her.
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