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By Safe_Timber_Man
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More deranged "remoaner" "project fear" ranting:

THE SUN SAYS There’ll be some disruption in the event of No Deal but it won’t be Armageddon that Project Fear promoters would like you to believe

YOU can just imagine the Remoaner MPs rubbing their hands in glee at the leak of a secret Government report warning of food, fuel and medicine shortages in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

Predictions of doom and gloom suit their smug pretence that they are only trying to block our departure from the EU for our own good.

The truth is they would rather see the country in chaos than accept the referendum result, with or without a deal.

Ironically, it is their signals to the EU that they can stop Brexit which make a No Deal Brexit more likely.

The leak of the classified “Yellow-hammer” documents was doubtlessly designed to sabotage the Prime Minister’s efforts to get an agreement, but the information is already out of date.

The dire warnings were of likely outcomes while the previous administration was dragging its heels and actively delaying No Deal preparations.

Under Boris Johnson, there is now a real urgency about planning for the consequences of the EU refusing to negotiate a reasonable deal, and serious money being invested to mitigate the effects if that happens.

It would be unrealistic to say there would be no disruption in the event of a clean-break Brexit, but it would not be the Armageddon that Project Fear promoters would like you to believe.

Recall 2016?

THE stench of hypocrisy from the 100 MPs who have demanded the recall of Parliament from its summer recess is truly nauseating.

They claim that “the people’s parliament” is needed to deal with Brexit “so that the voices of the people can be heard”, and they question whether Boris Johnson is a true democrat.

This is from politicians intent on sticking two fingers up to the people who voted to leave the EU.

The people’s voice was loud and clear in the 2016 referendum but the arrogant, anti-democratic Remainers refuse to listen.

TREVOR KAVANAGH Wake up, Remainers – Brexit IS happening and Boris Johnson WILL win the election immediately afterwards

WELCOME to Project Fear MkIII, nightmares version. Under Downing Street’s Operation Yellowhammer, Britain faces a food, fuel and medicines famine.

This scary portrait, which predicts border chaos, factory closures, wartime rationing and street riots, was almost certainly leaked by a sacked Remain Minister.

Until Phil Hammond was dumped as Chancellor, this was an alarmingly realistic prospect.

Today it is totally obsolete.

Everything changed when Boris Johnson picked Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings to mastermind planning for No Deal Brexit.

Billions of pounds were suddenly made available by Chancellor Sajid Javid to speed up help for supermarkets, hospitals, industry and small firms to cope with Brexit.

It will not be plain sailing. But there is now no prospect of Yellowhammer’s national emergency. By Halloween, we will be ready to go.

There will be no public demand for bird-spotter Ken Clarke to volunteer as caretaker PM “once I find out what the Devil’s going on”.

We now have TWO Magic Grandpas! One, an endearingly dotty optimist who has lost count of the times he’s run for PM, the other a malfunctioning Marxist misfit.

And if these two old geezers need help, political harpy Hattie Harman is ready for her comeback as unwanted baggage.

We must be in desperate times if this trio, accompanied by Green MP Caroline Lucas and her All-White Women’s Unity Band, think they can stop us honouring the 2016 referendum.

As a sideshow, Oliver Letwin, who once invited burglars into his home at 5am, came close to a repeat offence last week by offering to help Jezza into Number 10.

Jeremy Corbyn, for all his slippery twists and turns, is a lifelong EU-hater.

He worshipped at the feet of Tony Benn who fought Brussels until his dying day. Corbyn will do nothing, either as Labour leader or — heaven forbid! — as PM to stop us leaving.

By contrast, Speaker John Bercow will “fight with every breath in my body” to stop Parliament being shut down so Britain can slip across the Halloween deadline and out of the EU.

This egomaniac, known as The Poison Dwarf, is the most powerful figure in Westminster — and the most dangerous.

His ambition is to go down as the most famous Speaker in House of Commons history.

His hero is said to be illustrious predecessor William Lenthall, who four centuries ago backed Parliament against King Charles I, triggering the Civil War which cost Charles his head.

This time, though, it will not be Parliament against the Crown. It will be rebel MPs versus the democratically expressed wishes of their own voters.

Boris Johnson will not resign if he loses a confidence vote. He will call a general election immediately after Britain has left the EU on October 31.

There is talk about a challenge to the Supreme Court but judges are unlikely to intervene against a PM executing the will of the people. Only the Queen could stop him — and there’s no chance of that.

Would Bercow take this clash to the bitter end, sending in troops to drag Boris out of Number Ten — and providing a springboard for a Tory election landslide?

It is hard to know what goes on in the heads of fanatical Remainers.

What if they get their own way, delay Brexit and leave a humiliated UK swinging half-in, half-out of the EU, coughing up a £40billion lump sum and paying £15bn a year for the privilege?

Imagine the bomb-site political landscape after a Parliamentary lynch mob sabotages the wishes of 17.4m voters.

We would be looking at another civil war, Mr Speaker.

Brussels and Remain diehards need to wake up. Britain WILL leave the EU as promised. And Boris WILL win the election immediately afterwards, almost certainly by a wide margin.

Any MPs who flirt with Corbyn’s Marxists or Hammond’s subversives will be purged.

They will look back from the ashes of their political careers to a Britain which has cut free and prospered in open trading waters.

And they will see arrogant EU leaders steering their vaunted Grand Projet on to the rocks of broken dreams.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Lifelong no-mark Jeremy Corbyn is a phoney — the contrast with Boris Johnson couldn’t be clearer

THE sheer brass neck of Jeremy Corbyn labelling anybody else a “phoney” chancer is staggering.

A lifelong no-mark who became leader of the Labour Party by accident, he should be very careful about hurling stones from inside his glass house.

He’s spent his life appealing to the same tiny band, and until the past few years has never been trusted with the slightest genuine responsibility.

He’s been able to spout off about everything from the IRA to the Middle East without ever having to actually act on his wrong-headed convictions.

And, with Corbyn now Leader of the Opposition, his mindless and dangerous cult brook no dissent. Labour MPs who disagree with him are Tories in disguise.

The media daring to ask him questions are “a disgrace”, as one of his barmy army put it yesterday. Voting Conservative makes you just plain evil.
The contrast between Magic Grandpa and Boris couldn’t be clearer. While the latter can deliver a good gag, his record also bears the most serious scrutiny.

Two terms as Mayor of London. A former Foreign Secretary.

The only person around Corbyn with the slightest experience of actual power is his Shadow Chancellor.

That’s John McDonnell, who was fired as London’s finance chief by Ken Livingstone for being too left wing, which is some feat…

So when Corbyn claims to be a more serious, trustworthy figure than the current Prime Minister?

Give over, Jezza.

Docks away

CRIME is an increasing worry for Brits.

So it’s a scandal that almost half of UK courtrooms were out of action yesterday. What’s the excuse? That it’s August?

Victims of crime deserve better.

The new Justice Secretary, Robert Buckland, has a job on his hands. The CPS is wobbling, with prosecution levels at record lows.

The prison system needs root and branch reform. And violent crime blights our streets.

Delivering our exit from the EU is the Government’s number one priority.

But it needs to find time to deal with domestic issues, too. And quickly.

MMR madness

IT is madness that Britain has lost its “measles-free” status.

We’ve got one of the world’s largest economies and a health service which is funded to the hilt.

The PM is right to put more effort into ensuring every child has their MMR jab.

GPs have a part to play, as do social media firms who let crackpot anti- vaxxers spread unscientific nonsense.

All — all — of the genuine science points to the jab being the best way to prevent devastating diseases.

Those avoiding it are endangering all kids, not just their own.
By Daley Mayle
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Just a quick scroll through The Secret Barrister's and David Allen Green's twitter accounts demonstrate the facts about how the CPS and the criminal justice system have had their budgets slashed since 2010 and law courts are either crumbling or have been sold off. Court rooms have been left empty because judges and recorders are not available or twiddling their thumbs because cases are adjourned because the CPS/CJS have not produced the goods for a case to be heard.

How can the government meet its crackdown on lawbreakers when not only has the criminal law infrastructure no longer has the capacity for sending chummy off to chokey but there are no places in prison for them?

The 10000 extra prison places that were announced in 2016 and reannounced twice in 2017 has produced roughly a third of that extra 10k. Now the government are announcing another 10,000 prison places.
By SoulBoy
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his record also bears the most serious scrutiny.

Two terms as Mayor of London. A former Foreign Secretary.
Ha ha ha, that's a good one. Even the most cursory scrutiny throws up the Boris bridge, water cannon and Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.
By Andy McDandy
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Mayor of London based on his maverick image. Foreign secretary because it was that or have him wreaking havoc on the back benches. And he was crap at it, save for using it to boost his profile. MP for a series of safe seats. Give us one example of something he actually earned.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Whether intentionally misleading their readers or just plain thick, The Sun are failing to grasp the simple fact negotiations are finished. We signed off on them. It's done. THAT is why the EU are not negotiating with us anymore. It's not the EU's fault our Government did such a shit job of them.

THE SUN SAYS Us Brits aren’t negotiating with the EU over Brexit, we’re talking to a brick wall

THE EU’s immediate rejection of Britain’s border compromise was as inevitable as it was depressing.

As soon as the ink was dry, the predictable response: non, nein, no.

Since the 2016 referendum many across the Continent have assumed that the EU’s leaders would come to their senses and put pragmatism ahead of their devotion to the European project.

They were wrong.

The EU simply hasn’t tried to negotiate in good faith, even though a mutually acceptable deal would be in the economic interest of both sides.

They refuse to budge on the backstop — designed to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland — even though it’s so toxic that it may lead to Ireland having to build that very border.

And despite the fact that Parliament has made it clear it won’t accept the bad deal we’ve been offered, their only response is to demand Boris tries again.

We’ve come to accept that leaving without a deal seems the likeliest path.

So the Cabinet needs to redouble its efforts to prepare us for October 31st.

A clean break will be bumpy. The EU has tied us in so much red tape over the past few decades that untangling it won’t be an overnight job.

But Britain has survived far worse.

So they've gone from Brexit being wonderful for Britain to "We've survived far worse".

You’re wrong, Elt

ELTON John’s “defence” of Harry and Meghan’s private jet jollies completely misses the point.

It’s not about privacy. It’s about how the great and good lecture us on the evils of flying — and then do exactly the opposite of what they preach.

The rock star says he paid the Royal couple’s climate offset charge. That’s easy enough if you’re a multi-millionaire. Most of us can’t afford to do that.

The rise of low-cost flying has been one of the great democratising forces of the past 20 years.

The environmental impact has been more than offset by the benefits it brings millions of people, from students being able to study abroad to foreign workers being able to see their families.

Travel isn’t just for the elite anymore.

Spare us the lectures, Elton.
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