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By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun are in a jubilant mood and celebrate by flinging insults at people, as usual:

THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson is not a dictator, he is defending democracy from Remoaners

WE’VE seen infantile antics from Remainer MPs and pundits before, but nothing to match yesterday’s deranged mass tantrum.

Boris Johnson is entirely within his rights to suspend Parliament, effectively for four sitting days after conference season, to put forward a new programme for post-Brexit government.

It doesn’t deprive Remainers of yet another chance to stop Brexit or vote him out . . . more’s the pity. It does make it a bit harder. But so what?

They are, after all, trying to block a decision most voters backed and which THEY put into law. They even made No Deal all but inevitable too, by defeating the only deal on the table. How clever this smug bunch thought they were then.

Up against Theresa May’s supine Government these saboteurs and their biased Speaker Bercow gleefully used every ruse to negate 17.4million Leave votes.

Now, confronted by a new, driven No10 fighting fire with fire, they clutch their pearls and demand the Queen intervenes.

One Labour moron threatens the monarchy. Another virtually incites a riot.

But their professed concern for our democracy is utterly false. These same MPs have plotted a coup in which Boris is replaced by a stooge PM and a Remainer Government literally no one voted for, to stop the biggest ballot box mandate in our history being enacted.

These charlatans will lie, cheat and scream blue murder to reverse Brexit.

Boris is not “running scared of our democracy”. Nor is he harming it.

He is defending it from Remoaners.

Job revolution

TORY benefit cuts enrage the Left, but ­voters back them and here’s why:

The Blair and Brown governments encouraged a life-wrecking culture of welfare dependency. The dole paid more than some jobs. Many chose idleness, supported by Labour who cynically knew they could count on their votes.

The Tories turned that round, cutting payments and propelling the unemployed into vacancies created by a recovering economy and lower taxes.

Now, happily, record numbers of children live in working households — a huge increase on nine years ago.

Work is the best route out of poverty. The Tories alone seem to grasp that.

And Rod Liddle implies Guy Verhofstadt is a paedophile:

Nasty Guy

THE liberal Belgian politician Guy Verhofstadt is a strange-looking bloke.

Bit of a wrong ’un, in my book. If you saw him lurking outside a school you’d probably ring the Old Bill.

He’s also a nasty piece of work. When we voted to leave the European Union, this a***hole said: “Britain has shot itself in the foot. We intend to shoot you in the other one.”

So right away we should have known where we stood. Now Verhofstadt is whining about Boris Johnson’s intention not to pay the £39billion we supposedly owe the EU if we leave with no deal.

“Britain is better than that,” he said, pompously. Stuff it, Verhofstadt. There is a good case for saying we don’t owe a single penny to the EU.

And threaten us with no trade deal all you like – let’s see how the big European companies who send their exports to the UK like that idea.

Your days are numbered, Guy.

Count them.
By Watchman
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Liddle's last two lines (in his article) are particularly sinister as well
Your days are numbered, Guy.

Count them.
And threaten us with no trade deal all you like – let’s see how the big European companies who send their exports to the UK like that idea.
Does the thick twat honestly believe that the likes of Merkel, Macron and Tusk, over the past 3 years, have not been in conversation with the likes of Airbus, BMW, Peugeot etc.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Only 1 day later and The Sun seem less cocky:

THE SUN SAYS Tory rebels must back Boris Johnson or they risk unleashing Marxist chaos on the economy

MAYBE Tory Remainers are past caring about their party and Government.

Maybe these grey old men are too intoxicated by the apparent romance of their deluded revolution against Brexit.

They should sober up and heed their soulmate Ruth Davidson’s parting shot:

That Boris Johnson IS seeking a new deal and they and Labour moderates must back him — because only then will Brussels think it’s worth offering.

The Sun would go further.

We don’t believe the EU will significantly improve the current agreement. But Philip Hammond and his co-plotters must get behind Boris, deal or not.

He is their party’s last and only hope.

Vowing to “stop No Deal” is already damaging our negotiating hand by removing any EU incentive. And what it really means is “stopping Brexit” on October 31 and bouncing us into the horror of a second referendum.

Either would destroy the Tories. The Brexit Party would mop up their voters, gifting power to hard-left Labour.

For now, the Tories have only one mission, which Boris has fully grasped and his rebels have not: to deliver Brexit come what may. If any of his MPs vote to obstruct it, it must be their last act as Tory politicians or members.

They will have mortally wounded their party, unleashing hideous new division on society and Marxist chaos on the economy they claim to hold dear.

Ruth repairs

RUTH Davidson is almost solely responsible for the Tories still being in power.

Her charisma, humour and good sense won the party 13 previously unlikely seats in 2017, without which Theresa May’s ­election calamity would have been an outright, catastrophic defeat.

So her resignation as Scottish Tory leader, for family reasons, is a blow to Boris even if they did not see eye to eye.

But the PM does seem lucky in his enemies. Labour now backs Remain AND another Scottish independence vote.

Which leaves Scotland’s unionists with only the Tories on their side. Likewise its million-plus Brexit supporters.

Ruth’s replacement will need to match her charm and modernising zeal.

But her departure need not doom her party north of the border.

Planes pain

ANYONE deliberately grounding a flight from Heathrow must face a long jail stretch and punitive damages.

Concern about the environment is not an excuse for authorities to tolerate the militant wrecking tactics of the hard-left doomsday cult Extinction Rebellion.

Their hysteria about imminent mass deaths is not backed by science. Nor are their stunts, like using drones to cripple our No1 airport, remotely justified.

Britain must not pay a price for these idiots’ gullibility.
By bluebellnutter
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Of course the Sun are worried. They thought this would be the final nail in the coffin for the "Remoaners", but it turned out to just make them more determined. They hadn't expected that, and when The Sun doesn't get things the way it wants it panics.
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By Snowflake
The Mail has also been indulging in an orgy of full on, pass the bottle, finger pointing and laughing at the anger being expressed by remainers, but the underlying message is likewise a bit more sober.

They know the game could finally be up. I'll have another look when Jez is, albeit temporarily, installed in number 10.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Snowflake wrote:
Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:08 pm
The Mail has also been indulging in an orgy of full on, pass the bottle, finger pointing and laughing at the anger being expressed by remainers

Indeed. As illustrated by this pathetic sniggering article:

They're HYSTERICAL: If you're still wondering what to make of the PM's bold gambit, revel in this over-the-top outbursts of anti-Boris weeping and wailing from Remoaner luvvies ... iling.html

Smug twats. As has constantly happened throughout this shit show, their smirks will be wiped off their faces soon enough.
By Andy McDandy
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A few showbiz luvvies in there for sure, but also a fair few politicians, political journalists, civil servants and so on. Kind of undermines the statement at the top of the article.

Oh yes, and nice use of the embarrassing photo trick. Pricks.

And as pointed out on Twitter, Hugh Grant got a blowie off a sex worker 25 years ago. Piers Morgan hacked phones and lied about war crimes. Which is worse?
By Dan
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This is exactly it.

They underestimated the reaction. Now, they're panicking. They are no longer in control. They thought there would be a few isolated bouts of weeping from "hardcore" Remainers and that Parliament would perform their usual trick of complaining aimlessly before turning on each other.

They have misjudged it, brought Remainers, soft leavers and all defenders of parliamentary democracy together far better than they could have done themselves. They, in their arrogance, could be the ones to destroy themselves.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS The rank dishonesty of Tory Remainers is finally laid bare — they aren’t trying to protect jobs, they’re trying to stop Brexit

THE rank dishonesty of Tory Remainers is laid bare as the bloodiest political week of modern times begins.

Philip Hammond and his suicide squad say Boris Johnson must set out a clear plan for a new EU deal, or they will defeat the Government, make No Deal “illegal” and trigger election mayhem.

But any idiot knows “stopping No Deal” destroys all incentive for Brussels to negotiate. So this is not some noble Remainer mission to protect jobs. It’s an excuse to halt Brexit, enforce another referendum or just revoke our decision.

Besides, the only deal Hammond and his pals want is one that, like Theresa May’s, would bind us to the EU forever. Every Tory MP faces a stark choice.

Merkel and Macron will only negotiate seriously over this next crucial month if we will otherwise leave with No Deal on October 31.

Removing that option will trigger a chain of seismic events probably costing scores of Tory seats and resulting in a Marxist Government. Tory rebels will rightly be fired.

Even allowing for Brexit derangement, it is mind-boggling that any of them still think this hissy-fit is worth it.

After supporting the idea of potentially just ignoring laws and supporting suspending Parliament in order to push Brexit through The Sun go on to accuse Remainers or not caring about democracy:

Law’s an ass

WHY should the Government promise to enact some as-yet-unwritten and arguably illegitimate law being cooked up by Remainers with their rogue Speaker?

The Government runs the country, not a cross-party rabble. And this legislation would no doubt fly in the face of every commitment Boris has made.

Besides, let’s face it, all bets were off once Remain MPs promised voters they would “respect the referendum”, voted it into law, then betrayed every pledge.

The truth is they simply cannot stomach abiding by the will of 17.4million voters who disgust them. But they can hardly bleat if the Government refuses to go along with their parlour games.

Boris’s position has unassailable logic: That the strongest expression of ­democratic will in UK history MUST be respected in full if our democracy is still to command trust and respect.

Forget the Remainer excuses. It comes down to that.

Well said, Ant

FEW showbiz stars have the guts to rail against the “victim culture” spreading like a plague across Britain and the West.

Hyper-sensitive snowflakes, full-time social justice offence-takers, “trigger warnings” at university, “safe spaces” to hide from contrary opinions.

And people claiming victimhood, for sympathy or cash, over the tiniest perceived slight, disadvantage or mishap.

So when Ant Middleton says that this is a denial of the realities of life, and that it’s profoundly damaging to wrap kids in cotton-wool, he hits the nail firmly on the head.

No doubt the nail will sue.
By cycloon
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That 'victim culture' thing is such horseshit. Sure, there are some attention-seekers: not least those making a killing out of posing as anti-PC heroes.

There are also people suffering, from contemporay and historical injustices. What you gonna say about it, Sun? What you gonna scream? 'PC gone mad'? You gonna investigate, explore, consider? Or are you going to fall back on 'common sense innit, life's tough, never did me no harm' as if that's an adequate response to that same 'tough life'?

Cunts. Callous, ignorant, wilfully mendacious cunts. You just know for every example given and defended as part of the supposed 'snowflake' culture they'd say 'fine, but those other ones... they're the bad ones' (in public, in private they'd still sneer) and point to an egregious example as if 'the rest of it' is a waste of time.

In a slightly different light, it'd be 'what does Ant Middleton know of the trials of life?!!?!?!?' etc etc etc.
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