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By Safe_Timber_Man
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They seem a bit panicked, I think. From smug, sneering celebration to panicked ranting in just a few days:

THE SUN SAYS If the rebels force an election, all Brexiteers must get behind Boris Johnson — or we’ll be handing over power to Labour

BORIS Johnson will not be the puppet of Parliament’s anti-democratic Remainers.

If they defeat him today and tomorrow, he will have no choice but to reluctantly ­trigger a snap election.

It will be a huge gamble, forced on him by Tory rebels who have lost the plot.

We have always assumed the Tories could not win a national poll before Brexit has been delivered.

That was certainly true under Theresa May. But circumstances have radically changed.

Voters now see with crystal clarity Boris’s absolute determination to uphold our democracy and deliver on the referendum result, with No Deal if need be.

They see too, with visceral and increasing disgust, what he is up against.

The new Prime Minister is being sabotaged by Corbyn’s Remain-backing Labour and two dozen irreconcilable Tories who ultimately chose not to honour their manifesto promises on Brexit.

The true aim of this comically absurd Bill they have now tabled is not to stop No Deal. It is to stop Brexit.

It “compels” the PM to beg for another aimless delay — something he rightly refuses ever to do.

Why would Brussels offer us any ­better deal under those circumstances?

Some diehard Remainers don’t care. They don’t really want a deal.

These myopic rebels, if they will not back down, must be fired and replaced as Tory candidates.

They can hardly complain, if they try to defeat the ­Government’s single current purpose.

Others should ponder why many fellow Tory Remainers and voters sensibly concluded they had a duty to their party and country to deliver on the biggest mandate in UK history, come what may.

They should let Boris negotiate freely.

He has been in office seven weeks. He is already a far better PM than his predecessor: vastly more energetic, decisive, charismatic and optimistic.

He is resolute in carrying out what the public voted for in unprecedented numbers.

If the rebels force an election, that will be his simple message to the nation — and Brexit Party supporters specifically.

They must listen. Voting for Nigel Farage will not deliver the No Deal exit they want.

Unless he gets behind Boris to do so, he will split the Leave vote and probably gift power to a Marxist Labour Party now bent on reversing Brexit.

Farage’s lifelong Brexit dream will be dead and buried. Along with our economy, security and standing in the world.

The No Deal Brexit supporting Sun are suddenly worried about job losses, investment and the economy:

Hard Labour

THE mind-boggling £26billion-a-year tax rises we now know a Labour Government would need would be just the start.

Because the economy would be in meltdown within hours of a Labour win.

Which sane investor would keep funds here to be confiscated by Marxist revolutionaries?

Which employer wouldn’t shed staff to survive? The carnage, in wrecked lives and lost jobs, would be immense.

Will smug Tory Remainers still be slapping each other on the back then?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Yep, their gloating and sneering really didn't last long at all, did it?

We are repulsed by the self-satisfaction and sickening disregard for our democracy of those behind it: Marxist Labour, the Lib Dems, deluded Tory “rebels”, grandstanding ex-Tory defectors.

What happened to "let's all laugh at the Remainers spitting their dummies"? They don't learn :lol:

THE SUN SAYS Voters will take ballot box revenge on Remainers trying to stop Brexit being enacted

THE Remainer coup — to seize power and stop the biggest ballot box mandate in British history from being enacted — is now fully and shamefully under way.

The chaos, division and damage this could unleash is incalculable.

We are repulsed by the self-satisfaction and sickening disregard for our democracy of those behind it: Marxist Labour, the Lib Dems, deluded Tory “rebels”, grandstanding ex-Tory defectors.

Last week our streets were blocked by idiotic Europhile protesters, with zero sense of proportion or grasp of history, witlessly branding Boris Johnson a “dictator” orchestrating “a coup”.

He must be the first dictator defeated within days by a Parliamentary majority.

But how can the Remainer antics be called anything but a coup?

When MPs who once vowed to honour the referendum result vote instead to proceed with a dodgy Bill, enabled by their puppet Speaker, surrendering power to the EU to determine a delay of its choosing — to be rubber-stamped by our Remainer-dominated Parliament.

Will three months suit Brussels? Six, maybe? How about ten years?

Remainers will, have no doubt, sign off whatever the EU decides.

They have no plan, beyond the second referendum some want. As for the Brexit majority, the 17.4million little people who voted Leave, they don’t count. Westminster Remoaners despise them.

Yesterday the PM lost his Commons majority as self-aggrandising turncoat Phillip Lee threw in his lot with the Lib Dems.

What choice does Boris have but to trigger an election? He cannot govern. Remainers have forced him into it.

Yet Labour, incredibly, have bottled it, hiding their yellow cowardice behind a convoluted conspiracy theory. What an unprincipled joke of a party they are.

We will not mourn the disloyal Tories now being purged as Boris threatened. What did they expect?

What gives failed ex-Chancellor Philip Hammond a divine right to be a Tory after blowing up the Government’s central policy? His career deserves to end in treacherous disgrace.

Voters are watching with revulsion.

Soon, we hope, they will take ballot box revenge on those responsible.

In their rage, they lash out at Prince Harry:
The Sun misses the fun bloke he once was. We still admire his Army service. But Britain is sick of his “woke” sermons.

Shut it, Harry

WE “can all do better” on the environment and strive for a “bigger purpose in life”, pontificates jet-setting eco bore Prince Harry.

Speak for yourself, mate. You speak for no one else. It’s bad enough being hectored by globe-trotting showbiz hypocrites. Harry has a platform only through accident of birth.

The Sun misses the fun bloke he once was. We still admire his Army service. But Britain is sick of his “woke” sermons.

More mature Royals know better than to lecture those who keep them in clover.

They must take Harry in hand. He’s doing the family untold damage.
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By Andy McDandy
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From the film "Layer Cake"
They're too long in the tooth to go round the country looking for revenge. Look at 'em. A bunch of under-endowed ageing fuckpigs.
By youngian
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What choice does Boris have but to trigger an election? He cannot govern. Remainers have forced him into it.

Yet Labour, incredibly, have bottled it, hiding their yellow cowardice behind a convoluted conspiracy theory.

Not trusting a word Johnson says is not convoluted, a conspiracy or theoretical.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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As you'd expect, The Sun have not exactly reacted in a calm and measured way.

"the wretched, snivelling coward Corbyn"
"his greasy sidekick Keir Starmer"
"unpleasant dimwit and a liar"
Now, no matter what your thoughts are on the person in question, I really do not think this sort of language is acceptable in a national newspaper. I don't care if a columnist giving his opinion or an editorial - a newspaper should not mindlessly fling insults at people. I know it's nothing new, but it never ceases to amaze me when the pages of a national newspaper read by millions resembles the deranged rantings of randoms on social media with personal insults being chucked around. They could be talking about Boris or Farage and I still wouldn't agree with it.

Still, it is fucking hilarious watching them have yet another epic meltdown so soon after laughing and sneering at Remainers when they thought Boris The Ledge had done a number on us.

THE SUN SAYS Corbyn was always an unpleasant dimwit and a liar – turns out he’s chicken too

FOR two years Labour has goaded the Tories into calling an election. Now, incredibly, the wretched, snivelling coward Corbyn runs away from one.

Every day he and his arrogant Marxist mob sneered “Bring it on!” Until the moment they were finally offered the chance to stand before the electorate.

Corbyn and his greasy sidekick Keir Starmer have concocted wafer-thin excuses for this monstrous U-turn. The public won’t buy them.

Boris Johnson has reluctantly accepted that voters must now decide whether to go ahead with Brexit, deal or No Deal, on October 31.

Or whether Labour and treacherous ex-Tories should be able to enforce an aimless further delay, condemning an exhausted public to more bitter division and costly uncertainty.

Labour isn’t as scared of No Deal as it is of a ballot-box reckoning. Mainly for its MPs in Leave marginals, faced now with campaigning for Remain. Labour no longer respects the 17.4million Brexit voters it has betrayed. But they have to face them in the end. Why not now?

If Corbyn truly believed he was a shoo-in for No10 he would bite Boris’s hand off for the chance to snatch the keys. But his ratings are at historic lows.

He feebly tries to claim the PM wants “to avoid scrutiny”. But Boris is literally inviting it from voters. Corbyn is chicken.

Labour knows its Brexit “policy” — “we’ll negotiate a new deal, then campaign against it” — is comically ridiculous. It knows it is grievously wounded by its anti-Jewish racism, its ruinous economic policies, its fondness for tyrants and terrorists and its idolising of collapsed Latin American dictatorships.

It fears Boris’s Brexit-backing Tories, no matter how weak they now appear.

Corbyn was always an unpleasant dimwit and a liar. Turns out he is a bottler too.

Remainiac slur

SACKED Tories have lost the plot calling Boris’s team “right-wing extremists”.

It simply is NOT extreme to decide to fulfil the biggest ballot box mandate in our ­history, come what may.

It IS extreme to promise voters one thing and do another. To set fire to our democracy. To vote alongside Marxists­­ . . . out of fear for our economy!

These Remainers had their moment, their Brexit “compromise”. It failed.

What real choice does Boris have now?

Brexit crazies

FEW more shocking cases of Brexit derangement exist than one-time Tory ministers Nick Boles and Anna Soubry.

The former advises Marxist Labour how to topple the Tory PM. The second claims Britain needs “a say” on Brexit — but not an election which could cost her seat, naturally.

Oh no . . . a new referendum blatantly skewed for Remain.

These were sensible, credible politicians once. Can they not hear themselves?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Just more angry ranting:

THE SUN SAYS The anti-Brexit Remainer MPs have broken politics more than the expenses scandal

WE thought MPs’ stock hit rock ­bottom with the expenses scandal. We were wrong.

Voters are now violently repulsed by their sickening parlour games. They cannot believe what they’re witnessing.

It was bad enough that millions were systematically lied to by Remainer MPs promising to respect the Brexit verdict, then refusing to fulfil on it.

Now, outside of Boris Johnson’s Tory ranks, almost every politician seems bent on cancelling 17.4million votes they disagree with, apparently oblivious to the potentially terrible consequences.

They have crippled our pro-Brexit Prime Minister but refuse to replace him. They will make him beg Brussels for yet another humiliating delay. And, since this PM refuses, every witless Tom, Dick and Harriet in Parliament is branding him a liar, dictator and worse.

Each melodramatic, hate-filled ­Commons speech is a Bafta-worthy performance designed for their social media feeds. It is pathetic and juvenile.

But look at the polls. Outside the Remain Twitter bubble where these third-rate no-marks seek validation, Boris is easily the most popular leader.

Corbyn is fourth behind “don’t know”.

The “worst possible Brexit outcome”? Corbyn as PM. No Deal, voters say, pales into insignificance after that. Overall the Tories also have a big lead. The hate campaign against Boris is, so far, a dud.

All the division, anger and political carnage of these last three years boil down to this: Too many Remainers — including a few Tory MPs, most of ­Labour’s and all the Lib Dems’ — don’t respect our democracy unless it delivers what they want. No wonder they care so little about destroying public trust in it.

A new election, to choose better and more honest MPs and a majority ­Government to finally deliver Brexit on October 31, must happen.

Corbyn, the most hated leader in our modern history, is too cowardly to agree.

End of Tory

WHY should Boris reinstate the Remainers who crippled him?

We’re all for a Tory Party with a range of opinions on most issues. Brexit is different. It must be delivered. With no deal Parliament will back, No Deal it is.

How could the PM hand back the whip to those who crashed his Government? How could they stand on a new manifesto with No Deal in it?

Consider, too, their demeanour since defeating their PM: Smirking on TV, branding ex-colleagues “extremists”, vowing to fight them at election time.

What rehabilitation do they deserve?

The hen party

A QUESTION for Labour’s chickens:

If Boris is so terrible, what are you scared of? You’ll beat him easily, right?

It’s either time to change your tune — or your party’s defiant little song:

“We’ll keep the white flag flying here.”
By The Rationalist
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Wow! It is just a stream of consciousness rant. I wonder which they are more afraid of - No Brexit or Corbyn. I wonder if they can see through their vitriol that Brexit has actually allowed Corbyn to become almost a credible player. In the Kingdom of the Blind, the One Eyed Man is King!

And why do they insist that everyone is a remainer?. Quite a number of the 21 Tory MP's voted consistently for May's deal which is more than can be said of some of the new cabinet and the lunatic fringe of the ERG.

It would the most delicious irony of all, if the ERG, in voting out May's deal, missed their only opportunity to get Brexit done. Almost too funny.
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By youngian
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They have crippled our pro-Brexit Prime Minister but refuse to replace him. They will make him beg Brussels for yet another humiliating delay.
No begging will be required as 27 leaders and the EP will be delighted to shaft Johnson.
If Boris is so terrible, what are you scared of? You’ll beat him easily, right?

They can’t even bring themselves to even mention why the opposition want a November GE after Johnson’s do or die deadline has failed.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Indeed. This whole "he's a chicken. A coward." is disingenuous bollocks. They're being misleading and they know it. It's exactly the same as them keep banging on about chlorinated chicken being perfectly fine because we already consume chlorine. Intentionally missing the point because they know their readers are too thick to know any better.
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