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By Bones McCoy
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It's a funny old world.

The once rising star of the Thatcherite right.
The one who dismissed black entrepreneurs as "Rastafarian arts and crafts workshops" interested only in the "Drug and disco trade".
Now finds himself aligned with the extreme left of his party.

It's a measure of how far they've shifted.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Bercow must not snatch away Boris Johnson’s last chance to get his Brexit deal through Parliament

IT WAS said that this miserable excuse for a Parliament might finally rally round and deliver the result of the referendum — but we thought it too good to be true.

And so it has proved.

Puffed-up backbencher Oliver Letwin put a dirty great spanner in the works on Saturday, giving Speaker John Bercow the chance to twist it by refusing to allow MPs to vote again on the deal.

We are used to Bercow disgracing his office, but this would be a new low even for him.

The EU has given the PM 48 hours to get his deal through Parliament, and if Bercow uses a legal loophole to scupper him, it will go down in history as an act of grave constitutional vandalism.

Aided and abetted by Bercow, smug Remainer MPs have spent three years betraying the people who elected them.

With this new deal, Boris Johnson has given them one last, shining chance to redeem themselves.

For the sake of democracy, the Speaker must not snatch it away.

Labour chaos

EARNEST Labour never stop telling us that they are terrified of a No Deal, but their actions defy their words.

Three times they’ve been given an opportunity to see it off for good, and three times they have rejected it.

First they put the kibosh on Theresa May’s deal. Then they chickened out of a general election. And now — surprise surprise — they are doing their utmost to wreck Boris Johnson’s deal, our last hope for an orderly Brexit.

Weary EU leaders will now decide whether to grant the PM the pointless Brexit extension he has been strong-armed into requesting.

But they are heartily sick of watching our preening MPs toy with the future of their countries, and might well refuse.

Should Britain then accidentally fall out of the EU without a deal — a situation for which the Government is now being forced to prepare — Labour MPs will be left squirming.

For the sake of embarrassing a Conservative Government, Her Majesty’s rotten Opposition will have sent the country spiralling into chaos.

Bed of fails

A DIRE safety crisis is blighting our A&Es.

The solution, of course, is more beds — something the Prime Minister has already promised in the shape of a major hospital building project.

But while MPs continue to indulge in ever more ludicrous Brexit shenanigans, this plan, along with hundreds of others, has been shoved on to the back-burner.

MPs neglecting their constituents is nothing new.

But when that neglect leads to death on hospital corridors, something’s got to give.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Voting to stay in an EU customs union is a vote to stop Brexit — not soften it

DO not be duped by weasel politicians. A vote to stay in an EU customs union is a vote not to soften Brexit but to stop it.

Ditching it is almost the ENTIRE point of Boris Johnson’s deal. Under Theresa May’s we could have been trapped in it forever, unable to do global trade deals.

To put it back into the agreement kills it. Not least because the deal agreed with Brussels is merely the mechanism by which we leave — it is not meant to determine our future relationship.

One Labour MP vows to support Boris’s Bill, then back this amendment destroying it. If the public considers MPs ocean-going idiots, this is why.

But the EU should help get the deal over the line by rejecting the extension Remainers forced the PM to request.

MPs would have to pass it or revoke Brexit. They lack the guts for the latter.

Come orf it

HARRY and Meghan are not victims. Not of tabloid “bullying”. Not of racism.

Their claim that they are “existing, not living” is a tin-eared insult to millions who find joy despite daily struggles dwarfing those of this cosseted pair.

The Sun could not have been happier for them when they married. We called their magical wedding “a wonderful symbol of the country we have become. Open, warm-hearted, brilliantly diverse”.

We’re sorry if they didn’t understand that along with the adulation would come other stories in the public interest — and scrutiny if they chose to lecture the public on how to live their lives.

Instead of maturely accepting it, or ignoring it, they declared war on the Press and indulged in a giant whinge.

No, Royals with publicly-funded mansions, fabulous holidays and staff are not disqualified from being unhappy. Harry and Meghan do seem to be ­vulnerable and need help. But they should count their many blessings too.

And spare a thought for those who endure crippling rents, mortgages, bills and tough, low-paid jobs with far more fortitude and less self-pity.

Vote dodgers

FUNNY how so many MPs trashing our democracy no longer have skin in the game.

Take giggling birdbrain Oliver Letwin whose calamitous career, a bulging ­dossier of catastrophic failure, will end before the next election. Or Speaker Bercow — the grandiloquent, circumlocutory, periphrastic, tautological Remainer slug — who is off soon too.

Also going are many ex-Tory Remainers, while their soulmates who flounced off to other parties are still denying their outraged constituencies a by-election.

Meanwhile Labour is now openly betraying its 2017 Leave voters while desperately trying to avoid an election.

So many politicians — unaccountable and yet key to thwarting the 17.4million majority. It is horrific and shameful.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Don’t believe rancid Remainers’ lies – they have no motives to ‘scrutinise’ Boris Johnson’s new deal

WE didn’t think this rancid Remainer ­Parliament could get worse. But MPs topped it all with last night’s pantomime.

Don’t believe their lies. They have no genuine, principled motives for demanding more time to “scrutinise” Boris Johnson’s new deal.

Corbyn and his acolytes condemned it before they even read it. The Lib Dems want simply to revoke Brexit. The SNP does too. The ex-Tories sacked ­by Boris took their chance for childish revenge.

This new delay the PM is now forced to secure from the EU, on whatever terms Brussels imposes, simply buys those wreckers more time to fabricate excuses to block Brexit.

But we pay tribute to the PM. He HAS achieved something incredible.

He proved everyone else wrong. He pulled off an improved new deal which saw the EU rewrite a treaty it vowed it would never reopen. And where

Theresa May failed three times to get her deal approved by the Commons, Boris succeeded and with relative comfort.

A proper Brexit deal with a majority now exists. Which means Remainers will wage all-out war on it — via fatal amendments like a permanent customs union and a second referendum.

We would have more respect if they simply put revoking Brexit to a vote. Everyone knows that is what they want. At least it would be honest. Instead they sneak around behind toxic amendments and the absurd fiction that a second referendum, biased for Remain, would somehow be unifying and democratic.

Amid this new chaos, only one thing is certain: there is no hiding place left for Jeremy Corbyn and his petrified party.

Labour have fled from an election, claiming they first needed a Brexit deadline extension. That looks nailed- on now. They are out of excuses.

Boris needs a majority to govern and move Britain forward. Voters are desperate to fire this abysmal Parliament.

Labour must agree an election now. Corbyn’s cowards cannot cripple the country any longer.

Clown Khan

HOW proud London’s feeble, posturing Mayor Sadiq Khan must be that he jumped on Extinction Rebellion’s bandwagon.

Their brainless chaos has cost his Met Police £37million this year, £21million from this month alone. Add to that the losses to disrupted businesses and public services. And the clean-up bill for the 80 tons of filth the mob left behind.

How quick Khan was to support them on October 6 and to attack police for shutting them down. How startled he then was when Londoners at Canning Town Tube showed what the public really thinks of this eco cult.

This vast bill should be claimed back from every idiot celebrity and tycoon who donates to these weird hysterics.

And those protesters paid £400 to break the law should have their cash confiscated under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
By Bones McCoy
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youngian wrote:
Wed Oct 23, 2019 2:22 pm
Take giggling birdbrain Oliver Letwin
Did they hear that insult from Dick Dastardly? Is Letwin prone to giggling and is he even a birdbrain? He’s probably puffed up as well.
Maybe that's his natural expression.
Those are sacrosanct, and can't be subject to comment.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Despite the title and the attacks on Corbyn for not wanting a General Election the Sun is actually arguing against a General Election:

THE SUN SAYS The public wants General Election — Jeremy Corbyn cannot hide from it

MOST Leavers want Brexit sorted before an early election. Boris Johnson should plough on and get it over the line.

We know he is desperate to crush Corbyn and secure the majority he needs to govern. That is totally understandable. But there is a risk to attempting it before delivering Brexit as he promised.

There is a danger too, of course, that Remainers will kill his deal in the next fortnight via fatal amendments. Most Labour “moderates” in Leave seats cannot be trusted to back it, however much they hope to pull the wool over their constituents’ eyes.

But the PM can then go to the polls promising that a Tory majority will reverse their tricks and finalise his deal.

As it stands, Labour must agree to any election. And it is truly jaw-dropping to watch them running away, having screamed for so long for the chance to replace the dastardly Tories.

With their ratings in freefall and in mortal fear of Boris’s popularity, they concoct ever more ludicrous excuses to dodge a reckoning. It is shredding the last remnants of their credibility.

The public wants an election, by 50 per cent to 23. Labour cannot hide from it.

They are stricken, divided and handicapped by the most unpopular political leader in UK history — but they will be seen too as snivelling cowards who put their party before their country.

For the moment, though, Boris’s best bet is as his slogan says: to get Brexit done.

Fracking failure

IT is a scandal that the fracking revolution was strangled at birth.

The Whitehall report saying it is “years behind schedule” doesn’t nearly cover the failure.

Shale gas could power Britain cheaply for a generation, lower bills and create thousands of jobs. It would be far more eco-friendly than burning coal.

But the Tories lost the PR war against a green social media campaign which terrified the public using debunked and out-of-date US scare stories. Most people know little of fracking except that they are meant to despise and fear it.

The Cameron Government could have pushed back hard. Instead it buckled and hit fracking firms with regulations making exploration all but impossible.

What a calamitous missed opportunity.

Truck horror

IT is impossible to imagine the terrifying ordeal of the 39 migrants who died in a refrigerated truck.

Or the trauma suffered by the police who found them. Our hearts go out to them all.

And we recoil at the evil and greed of the traffickers who have profited from this appalling tragedy.

The only comfort is that there is every chance, from the details already known, that they will be brought to justice.
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