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By The Rationalist
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Productivity, I don't think, is the same as output. Productivity is producing the same number of items in a shorter time or more items in the same time. Personally, I think trying to legislate for this across the board is crazy - too many variables both in terms of what both employees and employers want and best to negotiate this collectively sector by sector or individually. Personally, I am happy to put in more hours because I enjoy my work but I am lucky to work in a clerical role that excites me.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson needs a dynamic manifesto that radically improves public services

BORIS Johnson needs to do more than just attack Corbyn and “get Brexit done”.

In 2017 Theresa May squandered a poll lead bigger than his by offering nothing to Sun readers, many of whom stayed at home on election day.

No, she had none of Boris’s charisma — and her manifesto was suicidal. And many more working-class voters are wise now to Corbyn’s economy-wrecking, aspiration-crushing extremism.

But they DO want change. As a new PM, Boris is well-placed to bring it. But he needs a dynamic manifesto that lets us keep more of our money, radically improves public services including policing and injects life back into towns left short-changed for years.

A national insurance cut will be hugely welcome, the sort of affordable boost a sound economy can provide. Welcome too are his plans to help renters and liberalise planning laws to get a million homes built fast.

What else is Boris offering voters?

Over-caution could hurt the Tories against the tsunami of Labour bribes.

Mad manifesto

CORBYN’S manifesto today will be the most ­irresponsible and dangerous ever ­published by a mainstream party.

It will be stuffed with freebies, based on fantasy figures and all “funded” by repeatedly spending the same taxes extracted only from the “rich”.

A blueprint for bankruptcy. The disastrous Marxist destruction of property rights, repelling job-creating investors.

Corbyn poses as a peaceable old hippy. In fact he is a short-fused extremist seeking to profit by stoking division.

Take his absurd caricature of our “society of billionaires and the very poor” where housing is merely “a speculation opportunity for dodgy landlords and the wealthy few”.

How do home-owners, perhaps in our most deprived towns and cities, feel about this class-war poser — this Islington millionaire hypocrite raised in a country manor — revoltingly branding THEM “the wealthy few”?

This manifesto will be launched in Birmingham, 40 years to the day since the pub bombings there in which 21 were slaughtered by the IRA Corbyn backed. How does he have the nerve?

Ignore his bribes and his lies. Never forget who he is and what he truly believes.

Prince’s shame

FINALLY he’s done the right thing.

Not that Prince Andrew had much choice but to cease all duties and wait for a knock from the police or FBI. He is a busted flush who has brought the Royals their gravest crisis in years.

His statement is a desperate attempt to fix the appalling failures of his TV interview over the Epstein scandal.

But if Andrew thinks this will draw a line under it all, he is delusional.

His woes, we fear, are just beginning.
By Andy McDandy
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When Bozo suggested compulsory purchase of long term empty houses in London, it was hailed as a great idea. When Miliband suggested the exact same thing, it was a Mugabe style land grab. Round about the same time too.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Would you believe it? The Sun don't like Labours manifesto...shocking...

Note how they seem to be getting angrier and angrier as the rant goes on.

THE SUN SAYS Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘unifying’ Labour Party is infested with Jew-baiting racists

LABOUR’S manifesto is a cynical dossier of lies, distortions and ruinous fantasies insulting the country’s intelligence.

Corbyn pledges “freebies” galore, from uni fees to broadband to childcare to dental check-ups. Vast, pointless nationalisations would return us to the bleak, strike-torn 1970s he and his Marxist nutters recall with misty-eyed fondness.

The cost is unprecedented and deranged. Hundreds of billions in “investment”, plus £80billion a year more on welfare and so on. And Corbyn still absurdly claims only the rich and big business will pay. It is a blatant con.

None of it would be “free”. Everyone would be poorer. “It is not credible,” says the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies. “It can’t be ‘someone else’ who pays for it. We collectively will pay for it.”

So, huge tax hikes. Then soaring prices as Labour wages war on business, snatching private property and imposing the world’s “most punitive corporate tax system”, in the words of the IFS.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs lost as investors and businesses flee, as the manifesto admits some would. The oil windfall tax alone would send pump prices soaring and put thousands on the dole.

National ruin would be rapid. Savings and pensions would be wrecked.

Sentient adults see through all this, as they do Corbyn’s caricature of modern Britain as a Victorian dystopia in which a nation of noble paupers beseech him to save them from evil Tory billionaires.

Corbyn actually told yesterday’s audience of gullible students and spittle-flecked cranks: “The Conservatives want to use Brexit to inflict more pain on communities, to benefit the billionaires they represent.” Aren’t Labour MPs mortified to stand beside this old fool as he spouts such juvenile drivel?

Working people are grafters, not charity cases. They do not want the pity of Islington posers. They aspire to a better job, car or holiday. They may not earn £80,000 but they’d love to — and don’t much like seeing those who do, or have kids at private school, punished for it.

Corbyn’s Labour gets its momentum from division and hate. It is a party falsely pledging to unite us while vilifying those who disagree with it. A “unifying” party infested with Jew-baiting racists, which viscerally detests opponents and boos disobliging journalists.

A “patriotic” party led by a man who backed the IRA and Kremlin against our country and who lacks the guts to come out for Leave or Remain yet seeks to impose a second referendum on us.

Vote against this malevolent mob.

And what the actual fuck is this? A completely random spiteful attack on Harry and Meghan instead of Prince nonce?

Rogue royals

EVEN at 93 the Queen has acted decisively. But Andrew is not the only Prince doing her damage.

She is right to warn Harry and Meghan too.

She should demand they keep out of politics, cease the “woke” lectures and the needy self-pity — and buckle down to some royal duties.

Or they can sling their hook too.

Yep, campaigning against climate change is surely just as bad as fucking teenage girls and rubbing shoulders with a paedophile...
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun try and paint Boris as someone who is trustworthy and a man of his word. They're just taking the piss out of their own readers at this point.

THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson has reminded us what proper, grown-up politics looks like with his common-sense Tory manifesto

THE common-sense Tory manifesto will have Brits up and down the country sighing with relief.

It was a dose of reality after Jeremy Corbyn’s ludicrously overblown wishlist.

Labour committed to lumbering Britain with catastrophic extra debt to deliver a socialist “revolution”. The absurd levels of spending were deemed “not credible” by impartial experts the party itself cited.

Boris Johnson reminded us yesterday what proper, grown-up politics looks like.

He will not raise income tax, VAT or National Insurance, seize control of the railways and hand benefits to all.

And if you’re a grafter, his practical, pragmatic pledges look infinitely more enticing than Labour’s.

Under a Tory majority your child will have a great chance of getting a place at a good local school, you’ll get a GP appointment, and visiting a sick relative in hospital won’t cost an arm and a leg.

With Boris Johnson at the helm, precious taxpayer money will be spent not on an “audit on the impact of Britain’s colonial legacy” - the Marxists’ latest bizarre wheeze - but on reinvigorating the front line of Britain’s public services.

The armed forces will not be hollowed out, the NHS will be turbocharged with 50,000 new nurses, and the police force will swell by 20,000 officers.

These are big, important investments, but Boris has found a way to make them without bankrupting the country: staggeringly, for every extra £1 the Tories spend running the Government, Labour is planning to spend £28.

And crucially, because Boris is prepared to say no to unfulfillable promises, his pledges are actually deliverable.

When a woman on TV asked him to compensate people who believe they lost out due to pension age changes, he gave a sympathetic but honest answer.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, a professional protester with no experience of governing and a loose relationship with the truth, pledged an eye-watering £58billion more to solve it.

It wasn’t in Labour’s manifesto. It’s EXTRA. Where that vast sum will come from is anyone’s guess.

And if the gap in credibility between the two manifestos is gaping, it is nothing to the gap in motive.

Where Corbyn is motivated by grievance, hatred and score-settling, the PM wants to unleash Britain’s potential.

Boris might not have all the answers, but what he has given us is a firm promise to deliver Brexit in two months, and rebalance spending towards those who have suffered the worst during ten years of fixing Labour’s last economic disaster.

And with his infectious optimism, sunny disposition and unshakable patriotism, we believe he can deliver.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson needs your vote in 16 days to finally get Brexit sorted – if you haven’t registered yet, sort it today

IN 16 days you can vote for Boris Johnson and finally get Brexit sorted. We urge every Sun reader to do just that.

Many of you stayed at home in 2017. Most disliked Corbyn — but Theresa May did nothing for you either.

But this isn’t 2017. Boris Johnson isn’t Mrs May. And his manifesto, unlike hers, is full of energy, optimism and reasonable pledges to keep taxes low and spend more on public services.

Corbyn is still Corbyn. Except two more years of scrutiny have revealed the true extent of his extremism, his economic madness and his party’s sickening racism.

That’s why only seven per cent of Sun readers will now back him, while 52 per cent support Boris. But turnout is crucial. Boris is ahead in the polls, but they are tightening. The Tories do not have victory in the bag.

You can help them. It may be the most important vote you ever cast.

If you’re not yet registered to do so, sort it today. The deadline is midnight.

They accuse others of smearing and attacking political opponents...

War on Boris

THE Remainer panic is off the scale.

They will devote the next fortnight to anti-Tory smears, abuse and lies hoping to prevent the PM winning a majority.

Hence their absurd new scares about “No Deal”. Boris HAS a Brexit deal — so now “No Deal” means the remote chance of “no EU trade deal by 2021”.

Remainer chief Tony Blair seriously wants a hung Parliament. Changeling MP Chuka Umunna, currently a Lib Dem, begs voters to stop Boris winning big. As if we need MORE paralysis.

But the Remain diehards know that may bring about the rigged second ­referendum they crave.

If Boris wins a majority he will carry out immediately what the Tories and Labour pledged after the 2016 referendum — and we CAN then move on from the misery of the last three years.

The People’s Vote and Remain ­campaigns will be history.

We can do a trade deal with the EU and all those outside it. The Sun can’t wait.

The country is clearly very united right now and The Sun is concerned about divisions...

A year of hell

LABOUR’S two referendums next year, on Brexit and Scottish independence, would come with a £155million bill. But that’s not the real cost.

Besides, what’s a mere £155million to a party which invents a £58billion spending pledge on a whim AFTER publishing its manifesto? The real cost would be the hideous division these new votes would unleash.

An independence referendum half of Scotland doesn’t want. Labour’s Brexit vote giving Leavers a choice of permanent EU customs union or Remain.

Both catastrophic for social cohesion — and amounting to the most horrifically divisive year of modern times.

Yet to so-called “pragmatic, moderate” europhiles, this nightmare is the dream.
By Bones McCoy
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If voting's so bad for social cohesion, then why do we permit the X Factor, Love Island, Council Elections, Britain's got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing, General Elections, I'm a Celebrity, Blue Peter pet naming, Sports Personality of the Year.....
By Kreuzberger
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Do people who don't live in Scotland actually realise that they don't live in Scotland, and therefore will have no skin in the game because it is in Scotland, where they don't live?
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