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By Safe_Timber_Man
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DEEP SENSE OF FEAR' Archbishop backs Chief Rabbi claims ‘majority of British Jews’ live in terror of Jeremy Corbyn winning election ... -semitism/
A few choice words The Sun had to say about Welby before now holding him up as someone to pay attention to regarding Corbyn:
Not for the first time, the interfering Archbishop has got it all wrong.
The Remoaner Archbishop is part of the problem.
Time he stopped meddling in politics and got back to his dwindling flock.
His simpleton’s-eye view of left-wing politics.
If Justin Welby is bored trying to entice people to fill his emptying pews he should be honest, enter politics instead and campaign for votes.
Not use the Church’s dwindling authority to endorse a Marxist roadmap to ruin.

THE SUNS SAYS: Racist Left

A VOTE for Labour is a vote for racism.

Each one tells Jews: “We don’t care that you’re terrified of Corbyn’s anti-Semitic thugs taking power. Go ahead and leave.”

How has Britain sunk so low? With an institutionally racist party, infested from top to bottom, in sight of Downing Street?

With the chief rabbi saying the official Opposition has been poisoned, that ­Corbyn is “unfit for high office”, that the “very soul of our nation is at stake”? When the Archbishop of Canterbury warns of the “fear” Jews have of Labour?

Corbyn couldn’t care less. Yesterday he defiantly defended his party, without remorse and alongside two known anti-Semites, as his online trolls smeared the rabbi as a Tory stooge or Mossad agent.

These same lefties insist any “hate crime” is real if the victim perceives it so. That clearly doesn’t count when they are the perpetrators and the victims are Jewish. For them, Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis is not to be believed, he is to be vilified.

These jackals would once have ­disgraced Labour. It is a cesspit now, beyond disgrace.

Its leader’s anti-Semitism is indisputable: His Jew-hating terrorist “friends”. The racist mural he admired. Jewish MPs forced out. MPs and activists suspended. The ongoing Equality and Human Rights Commission probe. Ten election candidates now up to their necks in it.

“Moderate” MPs like Jess Phillips, Wes Streeting and Yvette Cooper noisily abhor it. But we know these moral bankrupts will clink champagne flutes if their racist-in-chief gets into No10.

What of the SNP and Lib Dems, who look sure to prop Labour up if need be? Imagine those “progressives” empowering a racist Government as Jews flee.

Their shame, and Britain’s, will be total.

The Sun are worried about the fate of immigrants:

It’s not fare

WHO speaks for 45,000 mainly immigrant Uber drivers about to be fired thanks to London Mayor Sadiq Khan? They made a decent life here, working for the taxi app.

The Sun has great respect for the drivers of black cabs — but for Londoners on a budget, Uber is quick and cheap.

Khan’s Transport for London has thin grounds for pulling the plug. And millennials still smitten by the hard-Left can now see where that dogma leads: the crushing of enterprise and convenience.

Just imagine Labour’s rage if a Tory Mayor threw so many migrants on the dole.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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This could have been a good opportunity for The Sun to completely debunk Labour's NHS claims. Instead they simply dismiss it as rubbish but make no attempt to explain why it isn't true or why people shouldn't be concerned. Just resort to flinging insults instead.

And for a paper who loves to dismiss racism accusations as Lefties crying about "raaayists" they sure do accuse people of being racist a lot.

THE SUN SAYS Jeremy Corbyn’s dossier of lies proves Labour’s rancid campaign is panicking

THE rancid and dishonest Labour campaign reeks now of desperation and panic.

It has been torn apart by anti-Semitism and the many tax rises for low-earners exposed in its mad manifesto.

Millions saw Corbyn’s TV humiliation on Tuesday night. Yesterday he hoped to throw up a smokescreen with a pack of lies over the NHS.

But the “secret dossier” he dramatically unveiled reveals nothing to counter the Tories’ manifesto pledge that the health service will never be part of a US trade deal. Labour’s claims have not a shred of truth and, worse still, they know it.

Hard-left conspiracy cranks may swallow baseless anti-Tory fantasies. Voters are too shrewd — indeed they turn against those who spread them.

On TV they saw a man vying to become PM who is clueless about basic economics. Who, asked if he could give the split-second order to kill a terrorist leader, preferred to “look at how we created these dangers”. Get that? How WE created them.

A man who would plug a pension gap with £58billion he has no idea how to find. Who would strike a new Brexit deal but would not campaign for it and cannot name anyone else who would.

A liar, a racist, a fantasist and a fool.

Keep Corbyn out on December 12.

And Rod Liddle just being a twat, as usual.

Dyslexia is a "fictitious condition" according to him.

We don't need no education

NEARLY a fifth of children sitting exams get extra time to complete their work.

This is because they are the victims of one of a growing number of often fictitious conditions.

That is, stuff which makes them no good at academic work.

Such as dyslexia, which is what middle-class parents say their kids suffer from when they’re not as bright as they had hoped they might be.

It will not be long before intense stupidity and bone idleness are also recognised as certificated conditions.

By which point, 60 per cent of students will be getting extra time to finish their tests.

BBC has to put boot in

IT’S BBC Election Watch time again.

Auntie got very upset when the Conservatives changed their Twitter handle to “FactcheckUK”.

The Beeb made the story the most important issue of the day.

On Newsnight, Emily Maitlis, acted like someone had done a poo in her handbag. She was outraged.

But it was perfectly clear the post in question came from the Conserv- ative Party. Because it said “from CCHQ” immediately below the headline.

It was a non-story, then. Unless you’re the BBC.

Meanwhile, they’re also getting very worked up about the idea that Brexit could be “done” by January 31.

“It won’t!” they shriek. “There will be loads of trade deals to sort out!”

Yes, but Brexit being “done” means we at last leave the European Union. How can the BBC not understand that – unless it is just, as ever, desperate to stick the boot into the Tories?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I don't know if they know something we don't but they seem very rattled and angry considering the Tories are seemingly on course:

THE SUN SAYS Don’t believe the election is in the bag for Boris – Remainers will ignore Labour’s racism and lies just to stop Brexit

FORGET the polls. No one should believe the Tories have a majority of 68 in the bag.

This election is far, far closer than that. Many seats look impossibly tight.

Boris Johnson’s Government is in ­danger — and Brexit with it.

The survey predicting his victory may or may not be an accurate snapshot of the current mood. What is certain is the race will now tighten as a direct result.

Remainers, sensing defeat, will vote tactically for whichever party can oust the Tory candidate. They will ignore the sickening racism, the lies, the terrorist friends and the economic lunacy of Corbyn’s Labour and back them anyway.

Some Tory Remainers may vote Lib-Dem, complacently thinking Boris will win anyway. That may prove fatal.

Tories, and all Leave voters, must be resolute. Only a Tory majority will secure Brexit and defeat Corbyn. If you want it, you MUST vote for it.

The Brexit Party will not win anywhere. Unless you are a lifelong Labour voter who would NEVER vote Tory, ­opting for Nigel Farage over Boris now actively threatens Brexit. Indeed, Mr Farage should urge his ex-Tory voters to back Boris. Because this is not over.

And if the Tories fall agonisingly short, Brexit will be lost and Mr Farage’s party will deserve the blame.

Do Leave off

HOW can Labour, panicked by the polls, seriously now hope to pass themselves off as a Leave party? They betrayed their Leave voters and everyone knows it.

Corbyn wants his Remainer lackey Keir Starmer to “negotiate” a new deal tying us into Brussels’ customs union forever. That’s Remain in all but name.

He would then hold a rigged second referendum pitting this Remain option against actually Remaining in full. His party will campaign for the latter — and give children and EU migrants the vote.

Labour are simultaneously posing as a Remain party in the South while trying to masquerade as Leavers in the North.

Candidates like Ed Miliband, who have fought ceaselessly to halt Brexit, pretend they voted to make it happen. It is an appalling, jaw-dropping deceit.

To Leave you have one option: the Tories.

Lefties’ loss

WHY do the Tory-haters of Channel 4 News think Boris Johnson would bother attending their biased and little-watched debates?

Their Head of News publicly branded him a liar. Presenter Jon Snow chanted “f*** the Tories” at Glastonbury.

Channel 4 doesn’t want to “scrutinise” the Tories in the public interest. It seeks solely to damage their election chances.

TV’s best journalists are inscrutable. We can barely guess how they vote. Too many others, not just on Channel 4, now openly flout supposedly binding laws on broadcasters’ impartiality.

Why should MPs waste time on them?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Newspaper that constantly complained about the Left politicising the murder of Jo Cox politicises terrorist attack:
spare us the left-wing politicians complaining about the London Bridge attack being “politicised”.

THE SUN SAYS If Jeremy Corbyn is elected PM, our national security would be brutally compromised

TALKING about politics while two families are mourning goes against the grain.

Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt were wonderful young people with their whole lives ahead of them. In the wake of their tragic deaths, the General Election feels trivial.

But the miserable truth is that it has never been more important. A Marxist clown who has spent his life cosying up to terrorists is now in charge of the Labour Party. And if he made it into No10, Britain’s national security would be brutally compromised.

So spare us the left-wing politicians complaining about the London Bridge attack being “politicised”.

Hours after the incident, London Mayor Sadiq Khan shamelessly pointed the finger of blame at Tory cuts.

Yet the moment a Conservative points out the obvious — that Jeremy Corbyn’s penchant for terrorists would make him dangerous in Downing Street — hypocritical Labour shrieks in faux outrage.

It takes a twisted soul to see Friday’s heinous attacks and argue — as Mr Corbyn did on Sunday — that terrorists shouldn’t have to serve their full sentences.

For the sake of our children’s safety, his MPs should abandon their blind loyalty.

"Boris should only do interviews with broadcaster that won't ask him questions" Says The Sun:

From now on, Mr Johnson should follow his instincts and steer clear of Left-biased TV interviews.

Marr's attacks

THE BBC’s farcical interview of Boris Johnson left viewers rolling their eyes in frustration.

More often than not these over-staged “grillings” tell us more about the interviewer than the interviewee.

We now know, for instance, that Andrew Marr loves the sound of his own voice, intensely dislikes Boris, and is partial to pointless repetition.

What the PM thinks about the issues of the day remains a mystery: he wasn’t allowed to get a word in edgeways.

From now on, Mr Johnson should follow his instincts and steer clear of Left-biased TV interviews.

Voters are sick of pompous broadcasters aching for a scalp and won’t thank the Prime Minister for playing their games.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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install a Prime Minister who blames Britain and the West for all the world’s ills and wants to END our defensive alliances.

Who wants to shut down Nato, which has kept peace in Europe for 70 years and is currently meeting in the UK.
Errrrm? And what about wanting to leave the EU and see it collapse? Didn't the EU perhaps pay a bit of a part in keeping peace in the Europe?! Fucking cretins.

THE SUN SAYS Our four closest allies fear they cannot trust Jeremy Corbyn with classified intelligence

JEREMY Corbyn scares millions of voters. Understandably so. But it is terrifying for our military allies too — and that should worry anyone still wondering how to vote.

If the polls are right, one third of our country wants to install a Prime Minister who blames Britain and the West for all the world’s ills and wants to END our defensive alliances.

Who wants to shut down Nato, which has kept peace in Europe for 70 years and is currently meeting in the UK. Who directly threatens our security because our four closest allies fear they cannot trust him with classified intelligence.

Why would they? Corbyn backed the IRA against Britain, the Argentines after the Falklands invasion and the Kremlin after the Salisbury poisonings.

He is hopelessly weak on terrorism. He would negate our nuclear deterrent.

How can the Lib Dems and the SNP even think of propping up this anti-Western Marxist wrecker and his racist crew?

They pretend they don't understand the simple concept of encourage more people to use trains therefore less need for road upgrades. They even highlight the fact not enough people use trains.
Loco Labour

IS there no limit to Labour’s bribes to ­middle-class voters at the expense of the poor? If it wasn’t illegal they’d just hand out cash on suburban doorsteps.

The latest ruse is arguably their most idiotic yet. Four in ten of us don’t use a train from one year to the next. Only five per cent do so more than once a week. Vastly more people,
especially outside the capital, rely on the roads.

But Corbyn would cut a third off rail fares by stripping money from road upgrades: A £1,000 bung for well-heeled London commuters, taken from the low-earners his party once championed.

It’s “for the few, from the many”.

Perhaps Corbyn hopes to distract us. Because we can now see exactly what the trains would be like under Labour.

Just look at the sickening month-long South Western Railway strike now unleashed by his RMT union buddies.

And imagine them paralysing an entire renationalised network.

I really hope I live to see the day our tabloids are completely reformed. They are just so utterly fucking thick. Their 'arguments' are either the result of journalists who are unspeakably stupid or they know their readers are unspeakably stupid and won't question the bullshit. Either way, they're getting worse.
By Andy McDandy
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Well-heeled London commuters? More like the poor sods who work within the M25 but can't afford to live there. Like nurses and police officers. Hell, public transport within the capital is perhaps one of the few affordable things about it.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun are lauding it over Trumps comments about not being interested in the NHS and completely ignoring the fact he'd already said on live TV that the NHS would be on the table.

I'm also wondering if this "not for sale" stuff is just intentional weasel wording.

THE SUN SAYS Jeremy Corbyn’s NHS lies are just scaremongering – our health service will NEVER be for sale

OUR Government and America’s could not be more emphatic: Under the Tories the NHS will never be for sale.

It is pathetic to see Corbyn, his social media propagandists and his pet ­“journalists” persist with their baseless and utterly cynical scaremongering.

The health service will not form part of any post-Brexit trade deal. Not if it was offered “on a silver platter”, according to Donald Trump. Boris Johnson says it is off-limits anyway.

Corbyn pretends even that isn’t enough. Why? Because that really IS all he has.

His manifesto is a dishonest dossier of ruinously costly bribes likely to destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs. More vast, uncosted freebies are produced daily as Labour’s desperation grows.

But the most deceitful ruse of all is the big lie on the NHS. Remainers never tire of pronouncing that Boris, whom they would hero-worship had he sided with them in 2016, cannot be trusted.

Yet these same people will back ­Corbyn despite knowing his manifesto is a destructive fantasy and his main anti-Tory attack a total invention. He is a liar, but he’s THEIR liar, and on him rests their last hope for Brexit’s reversal.

Imagine the pig-headed stupidity of it: Believing Brexit will harm the economy, but voting for a Marxist who would bankrupt it.

Schools uptick

UNDER the Blair and Brown Governments our pupils plummeted down global league tables for maths and literacy.

Labour ploughed money into school buildings but forgot the point of them.

It is good news to see that depressing trend reversed under the imaginative reforms of Tories such as Michael Gove.

In latest tests, our 15-year-olds climbed eight places to 14th in reading, nine places to 18th in maths and one place to 14th in science.

What a moment for Labour to reveal it would scrap Ofsted because inspections are “too stressful” for staff and pupils.

The Tories’ rigorous regime is demonstrably improving kids’ life chances.

Does anyone seriously believe that would carry on under Comrade Corbyn?

After hearing about Labour's spending plans on train services The Sun, just YESTERDAY, gave it the whole "well hardly anyone uses trains anyway" guff. Now, they think it's a brilliant idea...

The latest ruse is arguably their most idiotic yet. Four in ten of us don’t use a train from one year to the next. Only five per cent do so more than once a week. Vastly more people, especially outside the capital, rely on the roads.
So the £4.2billion revolution for buses, trams and trains the Tories have now announced for the North, West Midlands and Bristol is music to our ears.

Just the ticket

WHAT a difference it would make to businesses and to people’s daily lives if public transport in the regions worked anywhere near as well as London’s.

So the £4.2billion revolution for buses, trams and trains the Tories have now announced for the North, West Midlands and Bristol is music to our ears.

Bridging the huge divide between the capital and the rest of Britain must be their priority if they win the election.

What’s Corbyn’s transport offer? Oh yes . . . a £1,000 bribe for rich London rail commuters, funded at the expense of roads used by millions of low-earners.

A car crash of an idea.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I get the impression Sun columnist Jane Moore has made a conscious decision to try and be noticed more and perhaps get some gigs as a Right wing gobshite.

She use to be just fairly pointless and unnoticeable and stuck to talking shit about Z-List celebs but over the last year she's increasingly trying to be Hopkins or Hartley-brewer.

Today's offerings:

JANE MOORE Guy Fawkes today would get six years in jail and a laptop like London Bridge terrorist ... st-prison/

Give us a break

THE Duke and Duchess of Sussex have posted to Instagram, “an inspiring quote that encourages people to do good”.

Aren’t we supposed to be having a six-week break from them?
Throw in towel, Monique

FORMER masseur Monique Giannelloni says she was booked to give Prince Andrew a massage in the summer of 2000.

Apparently, she felt uncomfortable that the massage took place in a bedroom at Buckingham Palace (would she have preferred the corridor?) where he said: “Hello”, then took off his robe to be massaged while naked but for a strategically placed towel.

And, er, that’s it.

In other words, just like every other massage that takes place in a private room – be it in a spa or at home.

Monique’s over-egging of a perfectly innocent scenario simply serves to detract from the very serious issue of whether a 17-year-old girl was trafficked to have sex with a member of the British Royal Family.

Shelby is Little Miss PC

STUDENT Shelby Judge finds herself irritated by the children’s book Mr Men In Scotland.

Why? Because Mr Clever is explaining to Little Miss Curious how the Forth Bridge got its name – a scenario that 24-year-old Shelby, from Glasgow, captioned “Mr Mansplain”.

Alternatively, given that Mr Clever is wearing a top hat and is clearly an adult, and Little “Miss” (there’s a bit of a clue) Curious is obviously a juvenile, perhaps it could simply be interpreted as an adult educating a child.

But then that would rob Ms Judge (nominative determinism?) of the chance to virtue-signal her PC credentials.
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