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By Safe_Timber_Man
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They're still banging on about fucking Brexit stamps. I suspect this is partly a power trip by The Sun. Testing to see if they can still make demands from Number 10. The Royal Mail has clearly said no. The Sun now want the PM to over rule the Royal Mail so that The Sun get what they demanded. That's pretty fucked up.

First-class idea

ONE Sun-friendly announcement was ­missing. Where are our Brexit stamps?

We now know for sure we’re leaving on January 31. That will be two years since snooty Royal Mail chiefs refused to commemorate Brexit because it wouldn’t be an “important anniversary”.

It was rubbish then. And it’s even less tenable now Boris has romped home in a Brexit election.

Haul the Royal Mail in, PM. Let’s print those stamps for this historic moment.

THE SUN SAYS Boris is a blizzard of good ideas – if he pulls them off he will transform the country

THE blueprint for our future unveiled by Boris Johnson is a blizzard of good ideas. If he pulls them off — a big if, of course — he would transform our country.

His ten-year plan aims to make ­Labour, crushed at last week’s election, irrelevant at the next.

The policies of his reborn Tory Party are both centre-right and centre-left, like the electorate that voted them in.

So while the PM will hammer the destructive rail unions, forcing them to keep trains running during a strike, he also plans a huge boost to workers’ rights, especially in the gig economy.

There are harsher sentences for terrorists and new laws to prosecute them for attacks abroad.

Alongside those, a revolution in the rights of renters mistreated by dodgy landlords.

There will be an end to prosecutions of veterans from the Troubles. More money for schools. A massive annual NHS cash boost, set in law, and an invitation to opposition parties to help devise an agreed social care strategy if they are mature enough to take part.

Simpler planning laws will make developments quicker to build. We question if that will be enough for the millions of homes we need, but let’s see.

There will be legally binding targets on air quality and emissions, to achieve “net zero” by 2050. And of course there will be Brexit on January 31 and a new points-based immigration system that takes back control, as advertised.

Boris is parking his tanks on Labour’s turf as he repays voters’ trust. His chief aim: “To unite and spread opportunity to every corner of our United Kingdom.”

Yet Labour and the Lib Dems still lazily demonise the Tories as “hard-right”. It is a conceit, a false premise. On polling day it persuaded the few, not the many . . . but still they persist with it.

In doing so, Corbyn insults 14million Tory voters too, voters Labour needs to win, not alienate. His successor needs a strategy beyond juvenile name-calling.

We are witnessing the birth of a radical Government committed to massive change, including in Whitehall, and with the power to achieve it. We trust Boris will not repeat Tony Blair’s mistake after 1997 when so little got done.

Millions voted to leave the EU in 2016 hoping their lives would improve. It was an ultimatum to the governing elite that it could not ignore them any longer.

Looks like it has finally worked.
By Boiler
Haul the Royal Mail in, PM. Let’s print those stamps for this historic moment.
But surely you can't interfere in the affairs of a private company? That'd be Stalinist.

Or did you forget your preferred team privatised them?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The tabloids seem to have adopted a new tactic. They did it a few days ago with Mount Snowdon and now they've done it with the Tower Of London. They scour TripAdvisor and cherry pick "snowflake" reviews and then get angry about snowflakes.

THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson must steer our education system away from corrosive left-wing snowflakery

IT’S easy to laugh at snowflakes wanting kids banned from the Tower of London in case they are triggered by its bloody past. And, yes, we are doing just that.

But there’s a serious point. Years of left-wing dominance in schools and universities have produced a generation convinced they have a right not to be offended or hear a disobliging opinion.

That kids and adults must be shielded from life’s uncomfortable realities with trigger warnings and safe spaces. Boris Johnson has many battles ahead.

But he must not overlook steering our education system away from corrosive left-wing snowflakery and back towards common-sense teaching which equips young people for real life.

Besides . . . for some kids the horror is all that makes history interesting.
By Andy McDandy
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Asking annoying questions and casting doubt on the accepted narrative is all part of Just Not Getting It, which is vital if you want to Get With the Program and Get Shit Done.

TL/DR - thinking is for specky twats.
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By MisterMuncher
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Thing is, Lefty academia hasn't really got about problem with observing and noticing the violence of the past. When they place it in context of the different of those who aren't the pre-ordained "heroes", though, it's rather surprising how censorious the heroes of free speech in the great British press get about it.
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By cycloon
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Oh, quite. The Sun and co aren't interested in actual inquiry, only in having their narrative be the only narrative. 'Free spech' and 'academic freedom' my ass. There's also a complete disinterest (ignorant or cynical, both are shit) in the nuance: it's not like any and all lecturers teaching critical theory and discourse analysis etc etc are also saying to students 'trigger warnings omg' on all their stuff. I don't. Hah!

It's almost as if the Sun's story is reductive bullshit!

Also, dunno if anyone's noticed, but:

a) Universities aren't churning out Marxists, by any measure
b) Cherry picking examples is proof positive of how precious the Sun is, and how ironic is that?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Safe_Timber_Man wrote:
Thu Jan 02, 2020 1:02 pm
The tabloids seem to have adopted a new tactic. They did it a few days ago with Mount Snowdon and now they've done it with the Tower Of London. They scour TripAdvisor and cherry pick "snowflake" reviews and then get angry about snowflakes.

Looks like this tactic has impressed the Mail so they're giving it a go now:

While hikers moaned Mount Snowdon was too steep, and parents blasted the Tower of London for being too gruesome and not appropriate for children.
British holidaymakers slam 'snowflake' P&O Cruises for ditching patriotic singalongs and Union flags at its sail-away parties ... uises.html
Angry British holidaymakers have blasted 'snowflake' holiday firm P&O Cruises
The Great British Sail Away singalongs included rousing renditions of Jerusalem
But now P&O have ditched the patriotic songs for 'politically correct' pop hits

The only problem with the Mail hand wringing and mourning over the loss of this P&O Cruise 'patriotic party' is that this was their last article about it:

July 2019
Two are arrested after man dressed as clown sparks mass brawl on P&O cruise liner when guests at black tie gala took offence at his fancy dress and chairs and plates were thrown following all-day 'patriotic party' ... annia.html
By Andy McDandy
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Until recently this was all covered in pieces best summed up as "Stupid things people say on Tripadvisor". Wonder if they lump the Brit holidaymakers complaining about too many Spanish in Spain in with the rest of the "Snowflakes"?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Not referring to this case specifically, but am I alone in thinking this is a weird thing for The Sun to say with such certainty?
No one can prove what happened in that hotel, though it is highly doubtful a woman would consent to sex with so many men.
THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson must act now to persuade Cyprus to pardon the Brit in the gang-rape case

BORIS Johnson must act fast now to ­persuade Cyprus to pardon the 19-year-old British woman in the gang-rape case.

He and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab must read her and her friend’s interviews on Pages 4 and 5.

It is obvious she was appallingly treated by police and an angry, erratic judge who single-handedly convicted her of lying while ignoring her defence.

No one can prove what happened in that hotel, though it is highly doubtful a woman would consent to sex with so many men. We do know she was distraught and hysterical immediately afterwards and said she was gang-raped.

She was then bullied, treated as a criminal and denied a lawyer during a farcical police probe while the suspects flew home to a champagne reception.

There is outrage about this conviction in Britain and Cyprus. The woman is due for sentence next Tuesday, to compound the already obvious injustice.

It must not get that far.

Whitehall war

OUR civil service has been a byword for inefficient bureaucracy so long we consider it a permanent fixture of British life.

Forty years ago TV’s Yes, Minister lampooned its many ruses to thwart MPs elected to bring about change.

Many of its individuals do admirable work. But the institution is ripe for the revolution Boris’s top aide Dominic Cummings believes is now vital.

He aims to end a culture where plodding clock-watchers have jobs for life and failure is routine. Where regular promotions elevate staff beyond their competence and shield them from past mistakes.

Cummings wants a laser-like focus on delivering for voters — so that national renewal is achieved swiftly and extracts value for taxpayers from every Pound.

We welcome it, with one caveat.

The Government must not overlook our most urgent problems while bogged down by its vast reinvention of the civil service.

Keep killers out

THE prospect of IS terrorists using human rights laws to return here to join their children is repugnant.

We plucked these kids from the war zone in good faith. We must not also provide a home for monsters who committed atrocities in Syria and still wish death on us. If the Human Rights Act works against us, it must be repealed.

Nor, regardless of US pressure, should we fly jihadis back for trial unless we are certain they will spend decades in prison. Who believes that will happen?

Hundreds are already here, untouchable by UK law, with scores allegedly developing further plots. Cops are stretched enough without more to watch.

Trained IS killers are more risky even than London Bridge thug Usman Khan.

And look what happened when police lost sight of him.
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