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By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Racism isn’t to blame for Meghan Markle’s soaring unpopularity — her treatment of the Queen and taxpayer is

WHAT is it that leftie nitwits still cannot grasp as they blame racism for Meghan’s plight — and lazily defame the most ­welcoming nation on Earth?

Skin colour has nothing to do with it. She and Harry broke the simple contract between the Royals and the public: We pay the money. They do their duty.

Many of those attacking our people and Press simply don’t understand the deal. This entitled pair want the lifestyle without the work.

And they have treated the Queen abysmally — as well as the taxpayers who bankrolled their lavish, ­joyous wedding and their luxury home.

Meghan’s soaring unpopularity is down solely to that. She could shore it up, if she still cares, by admitting racism played no part.

There is no evidence it did. But then it suits her political soulmates to pretend there can be no ­reasonable objection to her behaviour.

That may change once her case against the Mail on Sunday begins. It now seems her father was shabbily treated by this “woke” couple too.

And that Meghan’s pals used the dastardly Press to put out her own manicured version of the story. Indeed that seems to be all she thinks journalists exist to do: her PR.

Button it, Jess

MEMO to Labour’s Jess Phillips: The gobby ­teenager act will not win you votes. And you cannot demand more civility towards politicians, then brand Boris Johnson a “blond baboon”.

It is stunning hypocrisy to tearfully claim his phrase “Surrender Act” was “designed to cause hatred”, then hurl hate-filled abuse. You cannot be shrinking violet AND yob.

Oppose Boris — but grow up. A month ago he won five more years as Prime Minister with an 80-seat majority and 14million votes. Have a little respect.

Truth is, Labour are in a dire state if Phillips is a serious contender for leader. Her policy pitch is embarrassingly ­vacuous. But the rest are shocking too.

Lisa Nandy claims to accept Brexit — except she wants free movement and no trade deal with the wicked Americans.

Keir Starmer, even now, wants to stay in the customs union. Good luck selling that to an independent Britain in 2024. And he’s the favourite.

Party poopers

IT seems wrong to deny the Brexit Party a Brexit party. But the Government must take back control of what happens in Westminster at 11pm on January 31.

They want to be sensitive to Remainers. But, bongs or no bongs, this is indisputably a seismic event. A new era of independence. The triumph of our democracy over those who tried so long to thwart it.

Boris, Dominic Cummings and 17.4million voters brought this revolution about. If the celebrations are owned by Nigel Farage, with respect to him, it will confirm Remainers’ prejudices.

The PM must not shy away from it.
By Cyclist
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There is no connection between one of Britain's most popular newspapers, packed cover-to-cover with serious, hard-hitting, in-depth investigative journalism, and the tiny handful of mentally ill lone-wolf types who make the occasional rude tweet about BAME people.

I know this is true because that newspaper's editorials show genuine shock and surprise when something horrible happens to a foreigner.

If anyone believes that... I've got a lovely bridge to sell on behalf of a friend in the Nigerian government.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Crying fowl

IT would be madness to throw up barriers killing a US trade deal at birth.

So the new Agriculture Bill rightly gives the Government wiggle room over what food we could import.

Remainers’ scaremongering over America’s “chlorinated chicken” was a ruse to obstruct Brexit. The left piled in for another chance to attack Trump.

But it is simply not a “lower standard” of food, as 4.5million Brits who visit the US each year will attest. US chicken treated with an extremely dilute chlorine solution has a far lower rate of ­salmonella infection than EU chicken.

Nor is it credible to complain that the practice disguises unacceptable cruelty in the mass production of poultry, given how blithely we accept our own.

Brexit Britain must be open to deals with America and everywhere else. That involves importing their produce.

Of course consumers must not be exposed to inferior or unsafe grub.

But let’s deal in facts, not politically driven hysteria.

Perils online

THE evidence could not be more damning.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists says social media fuels self-harm among children and must be taken in hand.

Which means purging Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of vile content worsening mental health problems — and algorithms which promote it.

It means sharing their data so researchers can pinpoint problems.

It means submitting to a new online regulator, since self-regulation has failed.

We are all for an internationally agreed global tax on tech giants too, as tragic Molly Russell’s father suggests.

Social media can do so much good. As it stands, its damage is catastrophic.
By youngian
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There's some interesting stuff in the Agriculture Bill but it hasn't got much to do with Brexit as agricultural trade negotiations go to the back of the queue. What opportunities are opening up for East Anglian grain barons to export to Nebraska the Sun hasn't explained. As Ron Paul isn't standing, no presidential candidate is insane enough to go into an Iowa caucus telling farmers their subsidies are to be removed in order to have free trade with Blighty.
By satnav
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The whole problem with the chlorinated chicken argument is that as a country we currently produce and export lots of processed meals, once we start letting chlorinated chicken into our food chain many EU countries may be reluctant to import many of our processed products.

From what I understand from my wife who works in the food industry the governments cunning plan to deal with food regulations after Brexit is to basically adopt all the EU regulations but re-brand all the paper work to remove any reference to the EU. The big problem with this is that when a company is audited in future the audit will only really be of use to producers who supply the domestic market. Companies wishing to export to the EU could well end up having to have a second audit probably conduced by an auditing company based in the EU which could be very expensive if companies have to pay audit fees, plane fares and hotel costs.
By lord_kobel
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Not to mention that
Nor is it credible to complain that the practice disguises unacceptable cruelty in the mass production of poultry, given how blithely we accept our own.
has nothing to back it up. Are they claiming that the UK has more unacceptable cruelty of poultry than the USA? Where are they getting that from?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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On and on they go...

THE SUN SAYS The Queen should remind Harry and Meghan most British people work a lot harder, for a lot less

WE welcome the Queen’s decision to show Meghan and Harry the door.

Their plan to be half in, half out of The Firm was arrogant in the extreme, and would have set a damaging precedent.

But let’s not pretend that this is a “win” over the Sussexes for the public or the Royal Family.

Prince Harry and his wife gladly accepted fame and fortune in exchange for the responsibilities of royalty.

Now, they are choosing to shun those responsibilities, keep the fame, and cash it in for an even bigger fortune overseas.

And given that — as things stand — it’ll be us mugs back home footing their whopping security bill as they swan around North America striking lucrative commercial deals and preaching about climate change, it seems they’ve got themselves a pretty plum deal.

To put an end to this whole sorry saga, the Queen should adopt an even firmer line.

She must gently remind the Duke and Duchess that though they might have found their duties “soul-crushing”, most British people work a lot harder, for a lot less.

And they rightly expect some of the richest people in the country to stand entirely on their own two feet.

Which means no handouts from the Prince of Wales. No Sussex titles to trademark. And no funding of their police guards.

If those terms of abdication are proposed and accepted, then we, along with most reasonable British people, will wish Harry and Meghan Wales every happiness in beginning their new lives.

This can be completely ignored until The Sun mention Zac Goldsmith:

Peer pressure

A PEERAGE for any one of John Bercow, Karie Murphy or Tom Watson — let alone all three — would be a grotesque insult to the British people.

Brexit-blocking former Speaker Bercow stands accused of bullying Commons staff.

Murphy, Jeremy Corbyn’s bag-carrier, is being investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission for allowing anti-Semitism to fester in the Labour Party.

And Jezza’s slippery ex-deputy Watson egged on the bungled VIP paedo ring investigation that ruined innocent people’s lives — and cost the taxpayer upwards of £200million.

The Lords was meant to be a crucial chamber where the wisest in the land could check and amend legislation.

But it has mortally damaged its reputation by spending three years trying to thwart Brexit, the biggest democratic mandate in our history.

If it now adds any of this trio of scandal-drenched Corbyn nominees to its already bloated ranks, then frankly, it is done for.

Boris Johnson is said to be considering moving the House of Lords up to York.

If Bercow, Murphy or Watson are to be anywhere near it, we’d rather relocate it to outer Siberia.
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