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By youngian
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No that wouldn't be Corbyn's style. More McDonnell's

Having a winge here. Its soo unfair
But despite the fact that all of this information is freely available online, the Express and their apparently ‘trained journalists’ were a little too eager to smear Corbyn, publishing fake news without doing any proper research whatsoever.

It is astounding that organisations like Evolve Politics and The Canary get continually delegitimised and accused of running fake news, whilst mainstream media outlets like The Express are allowed to get away with precisely what the right-wing Tory media accuse us of.
As its headline today is "Coffee will make you live longer" I would say that the Daily Express is not a legitimate news source. Tomorrow it could be "Coffee will kill you" followed by "Migrants steal your coffee" and, maybe on Friday, we could have "Diana - was coffee involved?"
See what the free offer with the coupon in Saturdays Express is for.

Annoyingly, they are quite often for slightly obscure shops like Budgens or Forbuoys, neither of which have a branch near me. Too much to ask for it to be Tescos or Spar
By mattomac
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Look at the state of that...

Doctor Who is an alien, it's suggested the tardis masks the real gallifreyean form. On regeneration the whole body is reshaken thus they all have different faces.

So explain to me why this is PC, it's a science fiction drama you cunts.

As for the rest....yawn what do you think these trade deals will demand?
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