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By Antigherkin
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mattomac wrote:
Antigherkin wrote:In April, didn't they have a front page story saying it would be the hottest summer since records began?
To be fair they probably followed it up about a week later with washout warnings.

They should just say........Summer will be mixed, it's Britain what do you expect.
Or "we don't acutally know what's going to happen, but making up shit about the weather is cheaper than hiring real journalists to report actual news".
By ManicMiner
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Did anyone see the Express headline today?


She *could* be a alive? She *could* be dead! Such a non-story. Here is the justification:

A SHOPKEEPER who insists she saw Madeleine McCann days after her abduction said yesterday the little girl “could still be alive”.

Anna Stam says she is haunted by the face “of the angelic child with the big sad eyes” who came into her shop near Amsterdam’s red light district.
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