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By Cyclist
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That's it! I'm now fully behind Cameron's plans to do away with my yooman rites if it means that anti-British Islamic Muslim not-a-proper-person don't get no rites neiver.[/Kipper]
By Messianic Trees
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Iain Duncan Smith must continue his benefit reforms, SAYS STEPHEN POLLARD
Take one of the most hackneyed clichés of politics: "Labour are the party of the poor, the Tories the party of the rich".

Or how about: "Labour are caring but ineffective, and the Tories are heartless but efficient".

We hear them all the time. But no matter how often they're spouted, they're both nonsense.

And there's one man who alone disproves them: Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary.

Mr Duncan Smith is hated by the left, who attack his every move.

Yesterday was a perfect example.

A speech in which he floated changes to the way sickness benefit operates was attacked variously as "evil", "sick", and "monstrous".

He is routinely portrayed as a heartless monster who exists only to attack the poor. But the attack says far more about those who make it than it does about Mr Duncan Smith or his reforms to the welfare system.

Because the facts show something very different. Since taking office in 2010, IDS has made moving people from welfare into work the key priority of his department.

It's astonishing, when you think about it, that this should be in any way controversial, as if a life on benefits is somehow an alternative that should always be available.

Under Mr Duncan Smith, welfare reforms have been designed to change the status quo that makes work seem like a less attractive option, changing the system so it no longer pays to be on benefits.

And that is working.

Since 2010 the number of people on Jobseeker's Allowance has nearly halved, falling by close to 700,000. That is 700,000 lives transformed.

Lives which, had it not been for IDS' reforms, would have remained trapped in the dependency culture the welfare state had bred for so long.
That's why many of us believe that, when the history books come to be written, his name will be regarded alongside the likes of Beveridge and Lloyd George as one of the true giants of welfare.
By Agnes
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His name will be written alongside Beveridge's in the history books. "The welfare state was set up by William Beveridge and destroyed by Ian Duncan Smith."
By Malcolm Armsteen
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The 2026 National Curriculum will have a history module on how Lord Duncan-Smith singlehandedly had the vision to save the Welfare State (Medicare, private unemployment insurance and work laagers for the poor) in the face of Trotskyite opposition.
By Messianic Trees
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Mass immigration will DESTROY Britain if we don't act now, blasts DOUGLAS MURRAY
Throughout recent years the Daily Express has constantly spoken out against such unsustainable migration.

It has argued this so that our public services do not buckle under the strain and because it knows that a country needs to be cohesive if it is going to have a future.

Of course this paper has been called all sorts of names for making this case - as has everybody who has who spoken out about this issue.

But the need to speak out has never been greater and is only highlighted by these latest figures.

The vast majority of British people simply do not want mass migration.
Our politicians remain terrified of this area.

But the public know something that the politicians do not: most objection to mass immigration is not something which is irrational or the result of "prejudice".

It comes from the fact that people can see what our politicians so unwisely ignore.
Ordinary citizens can see that we have reached that point because we see overcrowded hospitals and waiting rooms and know that many people are using our public services without ever having put into them.

They know that vast areas of our country have become unrecognisable to the people who grew up in them and wonder when this process will stop – if ever.
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