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Colin Mafham wrote a piece in The Express regarding the Roma hooligans attack Liverpool fans.

It hasn't gone down well and he's been rightly suspended.

“No one is suggesting that the violence that erupted on Tuesday night was solely the fault of Liverpool fans … But there are suggestions that the reputation of Liverpool supporters had gone before them and Roman yobs had simply decided to get in first, and with such awful consequences. It’s not right, but it does again highlight a common denominator”.

“Why does trouble seem to follow them like bees round a honey pot? That’s why I urge Liverpool Football Club to condemn, rather than giving succour to excuses like ‘it’s society’s problem’ and ‘all the world’s against us’”.

The Express tried to distance themselves with the usual "He's a Freelance guy" excuse. Didn't wash:
As both Journalisted and LinkedIn confirm, Colin Mafham may technically be a freelance, but he has worked for the Express for more than eight years. He is effectively their main man for top flight football opinion pieces

Liverpool Smear - Express Deception ... ption.html
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