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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Apparently, in Norfolk at least.

We've got loads in Normandy, and hunters get a bounty for them. I saw one (c1955) in a fairground, pitched as the world's biggest rat. A bit of a sad thing as I recall.
By Bones McCoy
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Killer Whale wrote:I thought they had been eradicated from the wild.


I always enjoy the word 'coypu' spoken in a Norfolk accent.
You'l be giving the Kippers ideas with maps like that.
By satnav
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I was led to believe that Richard Desmond wasn't a big fan of the German's. He once goosedsteeped around a boardroom hurling abuse at some German businessmen.

Nazi tirade Stream of abuse by Express owner provokes walkout ...

His change of heart as probably come about because sales of his newspapers are still in free fall.
By mr angry manchester
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Does the Daily Star actually count as a newspaper at all? I tend to totally ignore it when I am bracketing together the shit right wing press (Sun/Mail/Express)

I always think of it as a borderline porn mag with a bit of BNP bile added
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