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By Daley Mayle
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This was on yesterday on Radio 4 and is really worth the effort to listen to. It explains how our minds filters what we hear, see and read and how even the most open-minded person can trick themself into accepting as truth as long as chimes with what we already believe. It also looks at how facts are now being trumped by feelings, the rational replaced by the irrational.

If you do take the time to listen to it you might well be surprised by how gullible we all are.
Are we really living in a post-truth world? It has been an extraordinary year for the concept of veracity. Brexit. Trump. Experts have taken a beating, facts have apparently taken second place to emotion and feeling. And what about truth? It seems like fewer and fewer people, whether voters or politicians, care what's true anymore. Step forward the Oxford English Dictionary's word of 2016: "post-truth". Is this just shorthand to help liberals make sense of a world they don't like? Or does it mark something more meaningful? Are we really no longer interested in truth or is our toxic political climate clouding our ability to agree on what the facts are? In a series of special programmes as 2017 begins, Radio 4 examines inflection points in the world around us. In the first programme, Jo Fidgen explores how our brains process facts when they become polluted by politics." onclick=";return false;
By youngian
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That was a very useful programme in defining what post-truthism is and reflecting on whether my own prejudices win out over evidence-based enquiry. I recalled the debate on joining the Euro which was high quality. My gut judgement told me to join it for strategic, political and idealistic reasons. Once the number crunching came the economic damage that could be inflicted on working people told me that this was probably not a good idea like the Gold Standard wasn't in the late 20s and decided against. I changed my mind in the noughties as Greece and Ireland growth fuelled by low interest rates were telling me that my original fears were unfounded. And then I changed my mind again in 2008 when I discovered I was right in the first place.

The Brexit debate was different because there was no compelling grown up economic or political case to challenge my feelings about being part of international institutions being the future. Just bad poetry. So I found the programme somewhat patronising to suggest clever clogs liberals were really indulging in the same kind of gut feeling judgements as Brexiters.
By Bones McCoy
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I read a similar thing, but it was a marketing document about brand loyalty.
It cited examples and psychological work about how a custmer will keep returning to a bad product, and the ways they find to justify it.

I'll see if I can dig it up today.
My Google-fu isn't all it should be.
By Bones McCoy
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Not the original article, but one that covers the same ground.

* Baylor University Coke / Pepsi trials.
* Endowment effect - It's better because I own it (A sort of ontological argument about stuff).
* Sunk Cost Fallacy.
* Choice Supportive Bias. ... d-loyalty/

Plenty of good links to follow from this one.
By Kreuzberger
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Boiler wrote:Found this to be a good listen on the way home:

What's New about the New Far Right?

Adrian Goldberg investigates the current face of the far right in the UK today and hears from their victims." onclick=";return false;
I'll give it a go if Goldberg is not doing his capslock "foive loive investeykates" schtick and his "onbeloivable" eyebrow.raising routine. (He really is unremittingly shite.)
By Boiler
Kreuzberger wrote:I'll give it a go if Goldberg is not doing his capslock "foive loive investeykates" schtick and his "onbeloivable" eyebrow.raising routine. (He really is unremittingly shite.)
Not being a listener to Five Dead And Buried, I didn't know he did such stuff... the last time I listened to Radio Five it was just that - Radio Five! I sat with Mrs. B. and listened to Accidental Death Of An Anarchist, with Adrian Edmonson in the lead role.

If nothing else, it'd be interesting to know what others thought of the programme, both in terms of content and presentation...
By Boiler
youngian wrote:
Littlejohn's brain wrote:Is that wank stain Paul Joseph Watson interviewed?
Is there any evidence he’s a real person?
Well, Fenton obsesses about him but as ever it is incredibly difficult to tell what's real and what's not now, especially in the world of Faceache and Twatter. Vide the race-baiting of the woman on Westminster bridge.
Jeremy Corbyn.

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