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If you're an occasional listener to LBC like me - I'm listening increasingly to James O'Brien and Eddie Mair in particular - and if you occasionally experience bouts of insomnia or restless sleep that find you listening to the radio in the far reaches of the night, you might have come across this guy :

As you see, he is on when sane humans are properly unconscious, and I'd recommend giving him a listen. Apparently, he has been at LBC for forty years.

His show is quite surreal. It's mostly just him, rambling on in a slightly camp manner about whatever takes his fancy. The occasional insomniac rings in every now and then to chat about something or other - not usually politics, but literally anything. But these are few - for the most part, he keeps up a solo monologue for three solid hours, and it's a quite remarkable performance. Quite often, it's a little dead-of-night joy, and can be hilarious in a gentle way.

Do give him a listen, if you can.
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