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By Malcolm Armsteen
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He has a blog. Oh Jeebus, he has a blog...
I saw it referred to on The Twitter and had a look...

This is an example of his wit and wisdom (all spellings are his own work).
Nik Nik wrote:Sol Cambell has warned fans to stay away from Ukraine because of violance. I have been to Ukraine (it is not The Ukraine);it is a fascinating place full of great people.I suppose there are arseholes every where.Now, here’s the thing.This Racism stuff. I’ts no good hiding away because you are black.The Ukrainian racists are tossers but hiding lets them win.Look,the fact is there are not many black faces in that country so they behave in away that we all behaved here in the past.We have stopped looking at black Brits as unusual.They haven’t.They will as time gores on and the bigots in that country will find,as funny as bigotry appears to be it is also dangerous. Not so much for the victim but for the perpetrator., filling ones heart with hatred and fear will eat away at your soul and make you arseholeish!! let us all condemn these racist thugs but let us not condemn a nation because of them.And Let us be proud that in Our country we respect all the people what ever the colour.take the piss yes by all means.Have fun with our differences of course, because to not do so would alienate groups of us and cause a separation. If we are all the same then let’s be all the same.The same rules for all no-mater what colour.Not doing this is silly , causes grief will eventually turn us into the bigots I have been talking about. Bigotry is fed by the liberal elite telling us who we have to like. Leave us alone..take your PC and shove it up your bottoms We’re doing ok us Brits
If you would like to immerse yourself in this appalling puddle of Nº7s aim at" onclick=";return false;
By shyamz
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Bugger me on the barge, is he still wanking on like the hated out of touch tossrag he is? When will he take the hint that most of us find him a laughable excuse for an entertainer who is hated for been crap and racist, not because of lefty PC nonsense?

Seriously Jimbo, go do one.
By Abernathy
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Nik Nik wrote:filling ones heart with hatred and fear will eat away at your soul and make you arseholeish!!
Jim Davidson - a living, breathing, salutory warning against filling one's heart with hatred and fear.
By ponce on the heath
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Jim Davidson struggling to get his head around the fact that no-one cares. Falls back on his tried-and-tested material that served him so well in the good old days, namely, insulting anyone more (or less) successful than him and pursuing some sort of vendetta against television executives and the BBC. Looking forward to the new series you rectal prolapse.
While we’re at it Who booked those fucking comics? Special need comedian Jimmy Carr excelled him self in cuntishness.Why do they all take the easy shot at HRH?It’s just so bad taste.What were they trying to achieve? apart from preening the fact that they were there and others(ME!!!) were not. Lennie Hennry was inspired .I don’t think I’ve seen him better.The way he said “Let me hear yer say yaer” three times was a bit of comic genius. Come on Lenny The Game’s up!

Poor old Rolf.Lenny should have not stopped him.But ever the professional, he listened to the little no nothing voice in his ear!!. The show was Exec produced by Guy Freeman. Well Guy ,old pal how was it for you? Let me hear yer say YAER!!!

Elton was great as was Paul. My favorite was Tom Jones: Class act and respectful to the Queen. Why did they put Cliff on so early? and really really bugger up his sound? Still all in a typical BBC tv show. Well done Garry Barlow. Its not your fault mate.

Another week in Scotland then of to The Falkland Islands. here’s a little thing…The truly unfunny Miranda Hart is the daughter of the captain of HMS Coventry sunk on the 25th may 1982.I met her Father a while ago .A great guy. bye bye
By shyamz
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Jim Davidson getting pissy about a comedian making jokes about disabled people.

At least Carr only made a joke, not an outright insult you fucking- oh I can't be bothered, what possible insults could I aim at him that haven't been done to death already.

It must really spunk on his teacakes that Lenny Henry has made something of a comeback in recent years, on TV of course but most notably in the theatre.
Just goes to show that if you have something directors or audiences still want that you can always make a comeback.

Which gives Davidson no excuse for his bitterness and accusations - if he were wanted, we'd be seeing him more. Quite rightly we aren't.
By Andy McDandy
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Not to mention that Carr's notorious joke originated among soldiers, the ones Carr supports with a hell of a lot less publicity than Jimbo makes such a song and dance about.
By Abernathy
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Davidson's over the top denunciation of racist attitudes in the first blog piece brings to mind the remarks of Hamlet's mammy.

He really is none too bright at all, isn't he?
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