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By new puritan
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Some interesting discussion of Kincora at about 57 minutes in here. Harbinson is incredibly pissed but did pursue this matter for years.


Incidentally, this is also worth watching for the chat about Hilda Murrell after about 2:20.
By Bones McCoy
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lord_kobel wrote:Saw there was something about him in the Guardian earlier today....
There was some store about him on the Radio.
I regret feeling no better informed after listening then I had been beforehand.
The whole thing played out like a dialogue between a couple of bus nutters.

So he says he was there doing this, but I'm like - no you were taking to Jim.
I never said anything to Jim said he, but he's off in a huff.
So then he'd gone off and told bob that Jim didn't know anything and....
By Big Arnold
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Something you may not read in the Mail.
In 2012, Mr Collins spoke to the press, as mentioned above.His story, as published, is consistent with what he told us. Mr Collins also told us that he had recently tried to contact the four journalists to whom he had spoken in 1973. One of them has ied. One is now well in his 80s and does not remember a conversation relating to Savile. Mr Collins claimed that the other two contacts remember speaking to him about Savile. One is Mike Day, who worked for the Press Association. He has told us that he recalls talking to Mr Collins about Savile and a story relating to possible misbehaviour with children; there was reference to a caravan. He thought that the concern was that the Daily Mail might publish an exposé of Savile. He said that there was a lot of talk about Savile in press circles at that time but that no one had any actual evidence and no one was prepared to print a story without an affidavit.
By Killer Whale
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I'm sceptical that the caption on that is original. I think it's been 'shopped on afterwards.

Firstly, it's grammatically incorrect - missing a comma. Secondly the "in 2010" looks redundant - would you need to be told what year it is? And thirdly it's all squashed in using a very narrow font - not the work of a professional.

Maybe it's the work of a local party, but I'm not convinced.
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