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By The Red Arrow
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Yet again, many a true word...

Tuesday 1 March 2016 by Neil Tollfree
Inquest into Jimmy Savile’s friendship with Royals and Tories ‘probably coming soon’ ... ming-soon/" onclick=";return false;
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Just as South Yorkshire Police are all over the news cycle following the Hillsborough inquest and other events they suddenly find that they've got a serious case against a well-known and liked figure and they chuck it up to the DPP thus ensuring massive headlines.

Coincidence, you say? I couldn't possibly comment.
By KevS
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Somewhere in the depths of the BBC, someone is taking the tapes of several episodes of Just A Minute to be placed alongside "Scouts earing lunch on rollercoaster" and Animal Hospital in the "Never broadcast again" aisle....
By Andy McDandy
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#461382 ... nch-after/" onclick=";return false;

Could be coincidence, but Freud had a holiday home close to where the girl went missing. He had some contact with the family after the disappearance. If this were a TV drama, it'd be played for all it was worth (see characters played by Ken Stott in The Missing, George Costigan in Line of Duty etc). Anyway, the papers are predictably taking the angle of he's dead and can't sue. Plus playing up his connections to Cyril Smith, Rolf Harris etc.
By Bones McCoy
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The Red Arrow wrote:The late Sir Clement Freud. I dread to think of the wankfest going on at the Express over the McCann link.
I wouldn't go near their website to find out, but it looks as through a few fortunate coppers will be spending summer in the Algarve investigating any possible link.
And we pay.
By KevS
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Deep beneath Broadcasting House, some unfortunate BBC employee enters a cavernous warehouse space (the one at the end of Raiders Of the Lost Ark springs to mind as a template) carrying dozens of episodes of Just A Minute, to be placed alongside It's A Knockout, Animal Hospital and footage of boy scouts eating their lunch on a Blackpool rollercoaster in the section marked "NEVER BROADCAST AGAIN"....
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