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I feel a bit sorry for any student who's read the comments under that article, but I imagine I don't need to really. They probably won't give a shit what a bunch of Daily Mail reading cunts think. Jesus, though. It really is filled with the most nasty and vindictive pieces of shit.

Basically telling these happy and excited young men and women that their hard work means fuck all, the exams were too easy, and that back in their day the exams were so much more challenging and meant something.
Biggest drop in English GCSE A*-C grades in quarter of a century but overall passes leap as girls extend their lead over boys

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Miss HE didn't get oodles of 'A's and 'A*'s but she got good enough results to do the A levels she wants to do. She is happy with that, and therefore so am I. Fuck the naysayers.

But I was very happy that she achieved a B in maths as that is a subject in which she was never terribly confident.
I'm guessing the Bruce Foxton got better grades than Paul Weller.


Apologies for not finding pictures from Debbie Harry and Claire Grogan's graduations (I'll keep searching)...
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