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By oboogie
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satnav wrote:Looks like 'The Sun' are using the story to do a bit more BBC bashing.

Off topic, but in what way is that prank phone call treason? Sounds like just the sort of thing the Sun would have done pre Leveson.
By mattomac
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As I commented on the Express, the youngest Girl is alleged to be 9 not 8 and as he faced another charge that was dropped I do wonder if this is the one that was dropped.

It's horrible either way but it could be a problem with a independent... oh wait they forgot about that.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Big Rob wrote:
smod wrote:
Big Rob wrote:Charged now apparently.
Lets hope the media behave themselves since he has not been convicted. Especially post-Leveson.

The media don't know what good behavior is, at least the grubbier end of Fleet Street don't.

I think Cameron's spineless refusal to act is a bit of a green light to getting back to business as usual.
Dead right. We always hear about the need to "send a signal" to people who take MDMA etc. And apparently the statutory press body would have "sent a signal" to Vladimir Putin that he could execute Pussy Riot.

On other occasions we hear less about what signals are being sent.
By Kreuzberger
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Big Rob wrote:
crabcakes_windermere wrote:Poss. too early for jokes, but surprised The Sun didn't go with "It's a cock-out!"
Jokes sans frontieres.
Summink to do with an "up and under". Sorry, that was his oppo on a totally different show.
By oboogie
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Arnold wrote:
Broadcaster Stuart Hall admits indecent assaults" onclick=";return false;
The timing's handy for the Mail, means they can drop Bill Roache and go back to attacking the REAL enemy.
By Lord Brett
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mattomac wrote:I see Guido is going after him being a member of the Labour Party, the guy seeks out the gutter and decides to go lower.
I've not read the article, but bearing in mind the number of mentions Thatcher's friendship with Jimmy Savile has racked up from various media sources, perhaps something along those lines was always going to be brought up when the opportunity arose.
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