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"Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away!" is another one. Even the title is gleeful with the exclamation mark.

Not only do people have the stress and humiliation of having the bailiffs turn up, they also have a camera shoved in their faces so everyone knows they are in debt. I would assume Ch5 would have to ask them to sign a form first before they could feature them on tv. Unless there is an element of staging or pre-planning I can't see too many people willing to say yes. Maybe Ch5 offer to pay the debt if they are allowed to show them having goods removed. That's broadly how Judge Judy works. Neither plaintiff nor defendant on that show pays what Judge Judy orders them to, the show covers it.
And, believe it or not, the very people who are the targets of the programme. Because however bad their lives are, they can comfort themselves that at least they're not in that bad a mess or being humiliated on TV.

To be fair, the programmes do try to show some sympathetic cases. The problem is the title - it tells viewers exactly what attitude they should approach the programme with.
I've watched a couple. There are heart warming moments sometimes, such as with one case where one of the repo men, an older man, goes above and beyond to help a woman and her young children who are being harshly evicted by a private landlord. I suspect those aren't the type of moments Channel 5 are trying to sell to the viewer, though.

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